16-year-old Assyrian-Christian girl abducted in Baghdad


By Mark Ellis

Juliana George, 16
Juliana George, 16

A 16 year-old Assyrian Christian girl, Juliana George, was kidnapped from her home in Baghdad seven days ago, according to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA).

The abductors knocked on the door of her house and when she answered she was kidnapped by four men and placed into a taxi that sped away. Her grandfather Joseph, who is a priest, chased the taxi on foot and grabbed on to the door, but as the taxi sped away he could not hold on and fell to the side, according to AINA.

A man riding a bicycle witnessed the abduction and followed the taxi. He recorded the license plate of the vehicle and returned and gave it to Fr. Joseph.

The police located the taxi and its owner, who was arrested, but the man has refused to provide any information to the authorities.

In a phone conversation with AINA, Juliana’s father said she placed one call to him in the last seven days, but he had not heard from her or the kidnappers again.

“I used to tuck her into bed and cover her every night,” he said, weeping. “Who is doing that now, who is feeding her? It has been seven days now and no one seems to care, no one is doing anything.”

There is no information on the whereabouts of Juliana and the kidnappers, according to AINA.


  1. I have stopped to pray for Juliana and I will continue to do so. After reading about her being taken away by these sons of satan, I thought about the fear that I would have had, if the same
    had happened to me when I was a young girl, as she is. I won’t quit praying for her and her
    family. They must be so very grieved. God answers our prayers so I hope that others will join
    me in praying for her soon release, back to her family. God performs miracles, and Julianna and her Loved Ones need one right now. Grant her freedom, please, Dear Jesus. In your precious name I pray. Also Heavenly Father, save the souls of those horrid people. I also pray for that in Jesus Name. Amen


  3. ABBA YOU know where this precious child is and we ask YOU now to keep her safe, unharmed and returned soon to her father. Comfort her and her family, give her favor with one or all of the kidnappers – we pay from justice for her and her family and all the other families that are subjected to this needless actions of thugs… may YOU touch their hearts and minds with YOUR sweet love and unit the family again.. In the NAME OF YOUR SON YESHUA. Let it be soon ABBA.

  4. 24 Can plunder be taken from warriors, or captives rescued from the fierce ? 25 But this is what the LORD says: “Yes, captives will be taken from warriors, and plunder retrieved from the fierce; I will contend with those who contend with you, and your children I will save. 26 I will make your oppressors eat their own flesh; they will be drunk on their own blood, as with wine. Then all mankind will know that I, the LORD, am your Savior, your Redeemer, the Mighty One of Jacob.”

    Isaiah 49

  5. Dear Lord,
    We join together with Your church in praying for Juliana and her family and ask that You would bring her back safely to them. Please convict the hearts of her abductors and captors of their wrongdoing and may they repent of what they have done and find true forgiveness for all their sins.

    Please grant your peace abundantly to Juliana, her father, grandfather and entire family during this trial and may Juliana and her family draw closer to You for Your strength. We ask that You would comfort, protect and restore Julians all in your precious name Lord Jesus Christ

  6. God is good . Praised be the Lord for sparing the life of a dear Christian girl.

    According to our New Testament, every Christian must be a Witness for Christ .
    The actual meaning of the word ‘ Witness ‘ is ” To attain Martyrdom ” . Every true Christian wants to attain martyrdom . Martyrdom alone enables a Christian to attain the First Rank as well as the Highest quality of death on earth .

    The sole Aim of every Christian is to inherit the Kingdom of God . More people die of natural calamities .Many die of incurable diseases . Many are plundered and get murdered by robbers . Still many people die lamentably on road- side as well as air accidents .

    Death is sure for every living being . But none of the above mentioned deaths guarantee Entry in to the Kingdom of God ( in a special way ) . But Martyrdom (or to die in the Name of Jesus ) blesses a man with the First Rank Christian death and also guarantees him Heaven . Yes, such a man does’t hold any bloody weapon and takes mercilessly others’ lives. But he just stands as a meek being praying to God ( the God of Abraham ) .The Just God hears his prayer and Takes him to His Side . Martyrdom is the Best and the Direct Gate-Way for heaven .

    Every true Christian wants to breathe his last as a martyr . It is not a great achievement for anyone to kill any Christian . The assailant just gives what the so-called victim of course wishes for (throughout his life ). The so-called Victim gets or attains what he wishes for . Hence , the so-called victim alone is the Winner and the Victor here . How brave a martyr is to stand silently before a Team of fully-armed assailants…!

    Hey friends all over the world .. just hear me ..! If you are unable to digest the Best and True Love Message of Christ ,and still remain angry toward Christians the followers of Christ, I very humbly and sincerely tell you one thing . Please fall upon every Christian on earth and help us attain martyrdom because of Jesus . We the so-called victims , being unarmed , will reach the Bosom of God ,Safe ,.But what about the bloody assailants ? Do you think that you will ever inherit the Kingdom of God ? Ask your own conscience itself .No murderer will ever inherit the Kingdom of God .

    Christians are the kindest and the most civilized people of our planet . No terrorist activity against Christians (the children of God ) will bring any fruit to the villainous persons . God owns trillions and trillions of holy angels to fight for Him and for Truth . God doesn’t need any human weapon to fight for Him .It is just below His Dignity .

    The idol-worshipers think that God would take food and drink prepared by human beings . An idol-worshiper doesn’t know that he should not bathe his idol in milk ,and the milk must reach the hungry stomachs of the Somalian children . Yet, innumerable millions of gallons of milk is being wasted upon innumerable idols daily . Not only milk , but unexplainable costly as well as highly nutritious ( human ) food items also are being wasted upon lifeless idols in the name of worship . The idol-worshipers think that God wants such food and drink . The idols are heaped up with immeasurable gold , diamond and silver also ..

    God Himself is Omnipotent . He doesn’t want any physical help or support from the mortal and pathetic human beings . Trying to make Him happy with our perishable human food as well as weapons is foolish . If we should inherit the the Kingdom of God ,we must Love others as ourselves . If needed we must give our own lives for others (like Jesus did ) and inherit heaven . Again ,no murderer will ever enter into the Kingdom of God . This is the Truth .

    ” 10. His pleasure is not in the strength of the horse,
    nor His delight in the legs of a man .

    11.The LORD delights in those who fear Him ,
    who put their hope in His unfailing love .” ( Psalms 147:10-11) .

    ” The LORD will fight for you ,
    you need only to be still.” ( Exodus 14:14 ) .

    ” 7. He who overcomes will inherit all this , and I will be his God and he will be my son.

    8. But the cowardly ,the unbelieving ,the vile ,the murderers ,the sexually immoral,those who practice magic arts,the idolaters and all liars -their place will be in the fiery lake of burning sulfur .This is the second death .” ( Revelation 21:7-8 )

    ” The happiest thing for me on earth is :
    To Stand for Truth ,
    To Live for Truth
    To Fight for Truth &
    To Die for Truth .” – Christian

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