ISIS abducts three-year-old from fleeing Christian family


By Mark Ellis

Three-year-old Christina, kidnapped by ISIS
Three-year-old Christina, kidnapped by ISIS

Christina Khader Ebada, a 3 year-old Assyrian girl, was abducted from her Christian family in northern Iraq as they fled Baghdeda, also known as Qaraqosh, according to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA).

In July, ISIS forces attempted to occupy the city, but Kurdish Peshmerga fought them off, while elders, women, and children fled to neighboring towns. The town is near the ancient city of Ninevah, and many of the Christians there trace their roots to the time of Jonah.

Christina's family grieves
Christina’s family grieves

Then ISIS cut off Baghdeda’s water supply and placed an embargo on the town, so that nearby Muslim villages stopped trading with them. Those who remained were left fighting for survival.

On August 6, Kurdish troops withdrew from the city and the next day ISIS invaded the town. Many joined the 150,000 Assyrian Christians who were forced to walk towards Erbil without their cars and possessions because Kurdish forces feared Islamist infiltration, according to AINA.

ISIS escorted Christina’s family, as well as many other residents, to the Khazar checkpoint and told them to leave and never return.

The girl was last seen by her mother crying and sobbing as a heavily bearded ISIS fighter carried her away.

The Ebada family was one of a handful of Assyrian Christian families that had not left Baghdeda when the Kurdish forces withdrew.

George David and his son, starved to death
George David and his son, starved to death

In Bashiqa, an predominantly Assyrian Christian village northeast of Mosul in the Nineveh Plain, a Muslim resident entered the home of his Assyrian neighbors, a father and son, because of a bad smell and discovered their bodies. He found the father, George David, and his son Saad David, dead from starvation. Both father and son were deaf and mute and may not have known to leave after ISIS entered the town. The Muslim neighbor buried the bodies in a church.

Also in Bashiqa, an elderly Assyrian Christian man, aged 70, was found in his home sitting in his chair, dead due to starvation, according to AINA.

Since entering Iraq and capturing Mosul on June 10, ISIS has driven all Assyrians from that city. There are no Assyrians Christians remaining in Mosul. ISIS has also destroyed or occupied all 45 Christian churches and other institutions in Mosul. It has targeted all non-Sunni Muslim groups — Shabaks, Yazidis and Turkmen as well.


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  1. This is what happened in the Holocaust, never thought any of our Countries would let people go down this path again. Where is the help to stop this? Why is everyone going on in their everyday lives acting normal, everyone needs to wake up! Don’t think it could happen here? I think everyone is in for a rude awakening, it sure could. Our best hope is to pray for them, then repent.

    • This IS already happening in north america in a sense as muslim groups are starting to impose their beliefs and customs on cities in states/provinces, trying to change our ways. We better wake up and stop being so duped believing they will be just “good neighbours”

  2. This story just tears me up. Please pray for these people. send donations to RUN Ministries, do whatever you possibly can. Please pray that that baby in the story is rescued by the angels and taken back to her family, miraculously if that’s the way God chooses!

  3. This is so sad. Who knows what will happen to the little one? God be with her.

    We (United States) were late in the game during World War II as well. All the individual wars going on in the Middle East, Russia, Ukraine and Africa (not to mention the instability of an angry North Korea), now are reminiscent of the individual wars that collaborated into the second world war. It will be no surprise when World War III breaks out, though certainly some signs are not yet in place for that to happen.

  4. Lord God, we command the angels to fetch Christina, bring her back, stun her kidnappers! and may the wrath of God fall upon them! Psalm 91:11-12.

  5. Lord God, we command the angels to fetch Christina, bring her back and stun her kidnappers!
    Psalm 91:11-12.

  6. Lord God, release the Angels to surround our Brethren, take Christina back to her family, Lord God we know the enemy is unleashing his fury as the Kingdom of God is advancing on the Earth, we say Lord God, COME COME!!! Repent, the Kingdom of God is at hand!!! We have the good news…all that we see happening, is what Jesus Christ carried to the Cross!!! We are seeing it lived out in our day, the evil that sin brought into the world…BUT THANKS BE TO GOD WHO GIVES US THE VICTORY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD!!!! IT IS FINISHED!

  7. These stories are so sad and extremely frustrating. It is horrible how our President has been sending money to our enemies in the Middle East as some sort of peace offering even though these groups have shown time and again that they don’t honor their word. This is our fault as a church as well since many Christians voted the current President and administration in and the body of Christ in America has been asleep and has not cared about what is happening around them as long as their little worlds aren’t affected.

    We need to, as the body of Christ, pray for these people and pray for our country as well. ISIS and people who believe similar are already here in the USA and are just waiting for the signal. They’ve been warning the USA time and again since 9/11 and one of these days they will strike . My point is that the body of Christ here in the USA needs to start praying NOW and not wait until something bad happens to get themselves in gear.

    I also suggest people pray for the salvation of these Christians we read about since many people are Christians in name or title only.

  8. Father God, my heart breaks for this little one, oh Father only you see this whole picture, I can’t imagine Lord the pain of this little one….and the family..Abba Father bring her home to her family , touch her heart Father let her feel your Shalom, your love.
    In your name Yeshua

  9. Lord let your Kingdom come, Lord I ask for fresh fire upon us as we arise and take our place and stop the mouth of lions and turn the battle back at the enemies gate. I pray for the safety of your children and especially this little child. May she be restored back to her family in Jesus name. Amen

  10. Want to know how close we are to the coming of Christ ? Check this out and listen to the utube.




  11. Sadly, I don’t have much hope for that little girl. I think ISIS wants her so they can torture, rape, and murder her. These satanic pigs have no mercy on the weak and defenseless. If and when ISIS all gets slaughtered, I will not shed a tear for their passing. Anyone who supports these monsters should be shamed for supporting the atrocities they do.

  12. As I read through the above postings, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit, and each time I read a prayer commanding angels to come rescue her supernaturally. I interpret this as a prompting to pray those prayers and encourage anyone else who reads this to do the same. Father release more angels to rescue this girl and return her to her parents in the supernatural. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Father I pray also that this girl and her parents are filled with your supernatural peace and joy and that this girl is covered in your protective hand despite the circumstances; that no harm shall befall her because you are our God and He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. All glory to You – let every tongue confess that You are Lord of all in Jesus’ name Amen.

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