Legalized pot in Colorado leads to deaths, dangers for children


By Alex Murashko

Buyers line up in Pueblo, Colorado to buy pot
Buyers line up in Pueblo, Colorado to buy pot

Only a half year away from the first day marijuana became legal to grow, possess, consume and sell in Colorado, groups such as Focus on the Family say the new law has facilitated grave consequences, including deaths, child endangerment, and interstate trafficking.

“In just a few months since legalization, we’ve seen several deaths directly linked to legal marijuana use, children bringing pot-infused snacks to school and law enforcement in neighboring states reporting an increase in the seizure of marijuana traced back to Colorado,” Focus on the Family’s senior director of public policy, Carrie Gordon Earll, told The Christian Post this week.

Often touted by advocates as harmless, it appears there’s a growing amount of evidence against marijuana usage and legalization that proves otherwise. As national policy and politics reporter Eric Schulzke wrote in his article, Dumb and dumber? Teen marijuana use linked to lower IQ in later life, researchers are discovering an increased urgency to do research on the drug’s effects, including on the developing brains of teens, as more states are quickly considering marijuana legalization.

Colorado is joined by Washington in being home to legalized recreational marijuana use and legalization is currently being considered in 14 additional states.



  1. Aargh! MJ on the developing adolescent brain is lethal!! It stunts their brain and from the time they begin taking it, it halts their mental and emotional development; so that we have adults with a childs mentality and emotions!! This has been proven with many clinical tests from all over the world! I produced an article based on researchers analysis of the effects of MJ – the effect upon children and adolescents is truncacious!
    Why dont they just line up everyone in Colorado and shoot them-it would be kinder than this type of “death.” The under-developed babies who grow up mentally dull etc etc..for heavens sake! Why bother with researchers if no one takes any notice of the results!

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