Young African-American woman dies after late-term abortion


By Mark Ellis

Lakisha Wilson with brother, Richard
Lakisha Wilson with brother, Richard

Lakisha Wilson, 22, passed away following a late-term abortion March 21st at the Preterm abortion facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

Wilson was transported by ambulance to University Hospitals Case Medical Center shortly before noon on the 21st, where she was treated, expired and was pronounced dead on March 28th, according to a statement released by the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office.

Based on a recorded 911 call and eyewitness accounts, she was not breathing when she left the abortion facility, and emergency personnel were not making efforts to resuscitate her on the gurney.

Dr. Richard Ivan, a retired dentist, stood nearby when the young woman was brought out from the abortion facility about 11:20 a.m. on March 21st.  “I was two feet away from the gurney. That girl was dead,” he says sadly.

“There was no protection over her head, no mask on her face. They were in no rush to get her out, which tells me she was beyond help. There were no lights (or siren on ambulance) going to the hospital.”

Wilson was placed on life support at the hospital in order to harvest her organs, but was already “brain dead” when she arrived, according to information received by Cheryl Sullenger, senior policy advisor for Operation Rescue.

An autopsy is being conducted and a cause of death is pending, however there is every indication her death was caused by the late-term abortion.

Operation Rescue reported earlier that it obtained 911 records indicating a woman died after an abortion at Preterm. Those records stated she was “not breathing at all” and had suffered “Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest/Death.”

Wilson was in the later stages of pregnancy, and because of that was turned down by abortion clinics in Columbus and Akron, according to information gathered by Operation Rescue from those on the scene and individuals contacted by Wilson’s family.

Preterm conducts surgical abortions through 22 weeks of pregnancy, according to their website.

“We wish to express our deepest sympathies to Lakisha’s family for their devastating loss,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue. “We have filed complaints with the Ohio Medical Board and with the Ohio Department of Health. We call on the ODH to immediately suspend Preterm’s clinic license pending a full investigation into Lakisha’s death.”

Records obtained through a public records request, show that at 10:59 a.m. on March 21st, an employee of Preterm dialed 911 and reported to a dispatcher there was a 22-year-old female patient at the clinic who was not breathing.

The caller also indicated that the patient was unconscious and receiving CPR at the time of the call, but efforts to restart respiration had been unsuccessful.

Williams Lakisha albumThe CAD transcript, which lists the event’s chronology, showed that an ambulance was dispatched just moments after the 911 call began and that it took paramedics three minutes to arrive at the clinic at 11:02 a.m. when they began emergency measures.

At 11:21, paramedics transmitted information about the patient’s condition to the University Hospital Case Medical Center and began to transport her to the emergency room. They arrived at 11:26 a.m.

At no time during the 28 minutes that emergency responders were in contact with the patient was there any indication that the patient ever resumed respiration.

The CAD Transcript contained the “9-E-1,” the most serious of life-threatening medical emergencies, along with the notations “Cardiac or Respiratory Arrest/Death” and “Not breathing at all.”

Pastor Dale Henkel was also at the scene and took video and photos of the incident, which have been released by Operation Rescue in a video that also features the 911 audio. He said about 80 percent of the high-volume clinic’s abortion business is performed on African Americans.

The video clip showed that emergency workers were not performing any treatment on Wilson as she was wheeled out to the awaiting ambulance.


  1. A big question is left unanswered. Why was this young woman getting an abortion at this point in her pregnancy. The photo you show, seems to indicate happiness with the father of her child.

    This is indeed a tragedy but you’ve left more questions unanswered than you answered.

  2. Dear God! There is just so much wrong with this story!!!! I mean, what the hell happened here? I keep trying to tell people that you have to have a certain kind of evil about you to work at an abortion clinic…..when I was younger I took a friend to have one and I went to the back with her and she was instructed to not get emotional. to just lay there and not do anything “to get on the doctors nerves, because he will get mad”. She asked was she going to be put to sleep and the lady was like, did you pay for it? She did not know…and basically she was told if she did not pay to get put to sleep that she will only be given a sedative….I got up and walked out because I was close to vomiting…..anyway, when they called me back to get her she was dazed and confused and they just let her go….so when I watched that video it just took me back to 22 years ago…and I see nothing has changed…..28 minutes without breathing? The dummy calling doesn’t even have good information and is clearly not interested or in any hurry to get this young lady some help….Why on earth would you perform abortions up until 22 weeks??? The baby is moving by then, you can hear the heartbeat… This is just too crazy the child is dead…this is just a terrible story…I pray for her family

    • Question: have you ever called 911 or done CPR before? I’m a nurse and have done both several times. Often during a code blue there are a ton of people in the room and doctors are shouting orders. It’s noise and confusion for those not directly involved. As she stated, she is outside the room. She was most likely trying to stay calm and give accurate info. She was probably not in a position to see what was happening, and the people doing CPR are focused on that task and not on answering questions.

      Abortions are performed up to 22 weeks due to the fact that many complications are not discovered until late pregnancy. The vast majority of late abortions are NOT elective.

      Also, you cannot judge every single clinic by one or two experience(s). There are quack cardiologists, but no one assumes all cardiologists are bad. Yet when anything goes wrong during an abortion, all doctors that perform them are automatically deemed incompetent. Also, we don’t know for sure that the clinic did anything wrong. Perhaps she had an underlying condition.

      FYI: I have observed a first trimester abortion, but I do not work at a clinic. I am however 100% pro choice.

    • I am a mostly white middle-aged woman. For years I have hated Planned Parenthood because of a bad experience. They tried to bully me into having an abortion. Then with another pregnancy, the military hospital tried to get me to have a late-term abortion. I had to fight these strangers to keep them from killing my babies. That is the way I see it. Now I have been reading so much about how they put Planned Parenthood in walking distance in black neighborhoods. When a young woman comes in she is already in trouble and feeling alone. They tell her what’s good for them; not what’s good for her. Think about it: they have a 91% abortion rate in those clinics. That’s like 9 babies in 100 make it out alive. That doesn’t sound like it is “pro-choice” because adoption would be included in the choices. It certainly sounds pro-abortion to me! If Planned Parenthood was doing such a good job with women’s health and birth control, why don’t they have most poor women on birth control so they don’t need abortions? They certainly get the tax dollars to run the clinics! It is just like the criminal justice system. It is an injustice system. It works for itself and not the citizens. Social Workers don’t do a better job either. That way it ensures there will always be a need for more social workers. Understand? It is all a vicious cycle. Why aren’t black people doing better in America? To me, as an outsider looking in: one third of the population is gone. I call it genocide. Don’t look to the liberals and the politicians for help. They are part of the problem. Life is fine for them. The same old brainwashing and look here there’s a flag….that is the stuff people are falling for. The rebel flag isn’t killing black people. Clinics are! Tell me that abortion doesn’t cause depression and suicide. Abortion isn’t safe because the innocent baby never makes it out alive. That stupid boy in SC killed 9 people and yes, that is horrible. But thousands of women are told they are doing the “right thing” by taking their own black baby’s life? There are no need for white hate groups as long as you are doing it to yourself. It is like mass suicide. You need to wake up to this and take back your families. Oh, you can wait a few years and have another baby but how have you changed? You can never take back the awful experience of abortion. It wounds the mother, father, family, community, and the nation. I am suspicious whenever poor people of any race have such bad things happen to them. A relative of mine was in a car wreck and they took out her kidney. Everybody else thought it was because her kidney was damaged. I thought there was someone without any insurance and an opportunity for them to get her kidney. They did just enough to her legally and called me to come and get her with a broken back, etc. Now you have seen on the news no doubt how Planned Parenthood is getting money for baby parts. They have been on film, laughing and eating, talking about how they want a nice car. A judge stopped the showing of the tapes because Planned Parenthood says that it is in danger. Well no Chit Sherlock. Of course they are. People are now onto their ways. People who ordinarily wouldn’t want to see the truth in pictures will now be more curious. What does an aborted baby look like? It looks like it suffered! It did suffer. They must not tell young women the truth. The big thing was whether or not they were going to be shown the ultra-sounds. The pro-abortion people said it was cruel and a delaying tactic. No, what is cruel is not being informed of the truth, because one day the truth always comes out. I wouldn’t doubt it one bit if they deliberately denied that young woman life saving measures. At most they’d admit to being incompetent. But to me it is deliberate. I’m sure this is one of many more cases that go unreported. They harvested her baby’s organs and they profited. Then as she died, they got a chance to harvest hers. Just like they took my relative’s kidney. And for them what’s one little lawsuit out of all the organ money they’ve made. They are just like drug dealers that have their stash of cash ready to pay the lawyer. I believe that human beings are basically good. I don’t know what it takes to convince someone in the medical field to NOT first do no harm. It has to be all about the money. They have to convince themselves they are some kind of little gods to be able to take lives. That makes them psycho with a license. That is a scary thing. Keep telling your story. It is so important. It is going to help someone. It may even save a life. God bless you.

  3. My dear sweet Lord, we are living in the last days. To even want an abortion even after a month is tragic to wait until you are showing and the baby is moving in you, I can’t even imagine. Why would you want to send your body through that. What’s even more horrific is the baby, that baby, what it must feel. Why not just have the baby and put it up for adoption? anything would have been easier than what her decision ended up doing, not only taking the baby’s life but her life as well. This so called clinic should be shut down. Their actions or lack of showed how much they cared about this woman’s life, they waited 28 minutes. What kind of Monsters abort a human being at 22 weeks. Like I said, WE ARE LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS. I will pray for this young lady’s family. If there are young ladies reading this story, please take heed see what happens when you decide not to use protection an unwanted pregnancy and all the problems that comes with it. Without protection you are playing Russian roulette with your lives anyway what with AIDS and the possibility of becoming pregnant especially when you aren’t ready to care for a little one. Just because abortions are legal doesn’t mean that you should ignore your responsibility to yourself; use a damn condom. I told my children and grandchildren to enjoy your teens and 20’s, have fun enjoy your life. Plan your children after you have seen what life has to offer them. Please people, lets pray for one another, especially for our children.

    • We are indeed in the last days…but what I have found is by telling people this, they don’t care. If I can pick up the Bible and read a few scriptures and then grab my laptop and do a little google search and see that what the Bible has said WOULD happen IS NOW happening….is shocking enough…but then people still want to say there is no God….OK

  4. Please people stop assuming, as Sarah said majority of late term abortions ARE NOT elective. I am a RN as well and Sarah is correct when a patient codes it’s hectic and no-one actively participating in CPR is available to answer the emergency dispatchers question. From personal experience I also had a late term abortion, due to a hematoma iny uterus. Which was so severe it almost killed us both, if it weren’t for that abortion both of my previous children would have been motherless. Please understand despite your faith and religion if you have no understanding of the medical field or her medical condition you can speculate all you want but how can you judge without ALL of the facts.

    • You do realize that no matter what you say, this is still a terrible story….and we are trying to gather facts here, but there are none….we still don’t know what she died from do we? I can understand having an ectopic pregnancy and things of that nature, but somehow, I feel like someone would have said something by now. I am in NO WAY judging this young woman, my heart goes out to her family and her baby she left here. I am saying that my experience with an abortion clinic and this one are very similar. And you do have to be totally and completely desensitized to work around death all day. Not the same way as a medical examiner or even a mortician…but you are ENDING LIVES all day long…so, if someone just happens to stop breathing, it really isn’t going to be that big of a deal to you…that is what I’m saying….and to answer an atheist’s question on a Christian website other than…..what are you doing here…this was posted on many other sites, but you came here? I have indeed had to give CPR to a dying person…I have worked in the medical field most of my life in different aspects. I stood by last summer and watched my poor grandfather who had severe COPD, chronic bronchitis die because he could not breath…. So don’t presume that I am assuming because I am not. Sorry for your loss. I am glad you are still here to raise your children and I’m sure they are thankful as well. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and enrich your life.

  5. I’m also a nurse but this is a code that Never had to happen. Abortion is cold blooded murder…please go to the cemetery of choice where countless women have died from these same types of minor “complications.” Nurses and doctors heal. They do not kill!

  6. Hi, I’ve had two abortions one late and the second with 2 to 3 weeks. And I’m was fairly young during both times. But, I didn’t bleed to death. Mainly because it wasn’t botched and done by professionals. When these women go under the table for abortions they put themselves at risk of death. While I know people don’t care about that when they want something done. You keep in mind that women die from this ever so, often…but ladies choose proper providers and realize that abortion is the safest thing you have done in terms of surgery.

  7. People sit there and let the devil take over their mind. Anything not the Lord God is da devil. And if God said you shall not kill than why abort a baby. I think she was shown a thing or two. I think God was weary if her killing a baby so the lied called her home

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