God cured baby with HIV, former medical missionary believes


By Mark Ellis

Dr. Hannah Gay
Dr. Hannah Gay

She served for six years as a medical missionary in the Horn of Africa, and credits God for the first case of HIV remission in a child, as documented by The New England Journal of Medicine.

“When I treated this baby I was not even thinking of curing the baby,” Dr. Hannah Gay told Baptist Press. “That was the furthest thing from my mind. I was simply trying to prevent infection and I failed at what I was trying to do.”

Dr. Gay, now an associate professor of pediatric infectious diseases at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, treated the child with a hard-hitting regimen of three anti-viral medications in the first 30 hours after the child’s birth.

At first, she thought she failed when the baby was born HIV-positive. “However, my failure in God’s hands turned into a miracle,” Dr. Gay says. “And it was God that cured the baby and I just happened to be standing close by at the time.”

Tests performed on the baby at 23-months-old revealed the virus has not been replicating itself, which raises hopes the child is permanently cured. The viral presence was so minimal it could not be detected by standard tests.

Dr. Gay has received significant media attention due to the unique case, which allows her to share her faith in God. “I still have no idea why He picked the shiest pediatrician in America to do this, but I suppose I’ll find out in heaven,” she told Baptist Press. “I am by basic nature very shy.”

She and her husband teach Bible drill at Trace Ridge Baptist Church in Ridgeland, Miss. She relates to the biblical account of Moses’ bashfulness as a speaker.

“God proved to Moses that He can use a stick to get water from a rock, or to part the Red Sea, or whatever. So with Moses protesting all along the way, ‘God I can’t talk,’ God sent him anyway.”

“I can’t talk (either) but God is providing words.”

She continues to follow the child’s progress, whose identity is anonymous. “I see the child on a regular basis, but several times a year I will be continuing to send samples of her blood to their research labs so that they can do these ultrasensitive tests,” she says.


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