The Amazing Way People Are Coming to Christ in the Middle East


by Emily — Open Doors —

Satellite dishes can be seen on the rooftops all over the Middle East
Satellite dishes can be seen on the rooftops all over the Middle East

I saw this study last week and was absolutely mesmerized. Not only was this a beautifully crafted report (with very interesting infographics), but it had fascinating information about media use in the Middle East.

What stands out the most is how many individuals in these countries are using multiple media devices, and how frequently they are using them (even in countries where there are human rights violations). These statistics bring great hope.

For the past few years, Open Doors has been working to help spread the gospel in the Middle East through satellite television and other multimedia means. And the great news is that the audience is not a small one… these programs are capable of reaching a large number of people!

In Algeria, ‘Ordinance 06-03’ was introduced in 2006, and it restricts the exercise of any religion other than Islam. The law hinders or stops Christian evangelism.

Initially, this law was devastating for Christians in Algeria… they would now be facing a whole new realm of persecution if they shared their faith with a friend or a neighbor. Despite this law, God has made a way for the gospel to spread in this country.

“Today, satellite TV is the medium we use, because it allows us to reach a multitude of people,” shares one Algerian Christian. “At the end of the program, people see local phone numbers displayed on the screen, so it isn’t expensive for them to call. When a program has spoken to someone, they phone us for information or to ask questions about the Christian faith. We tell them where they can find a church, or we send them CDs or Christian books.”

As the report indicates, the impact of the media is changing worldwide… especially in the Middle East. It is proving to be a very effective way to evangelize, even in areas where it is illegal. Would you join us in praying for our brothers and sisters working on these programs, and for the people they are reaching? Please pray for their safety, courage and wisdom as they continue with this new wave of evangelism. — Open Doors


  1. Oh the many Wondrous Ways THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY Works to help those that are His Own, and to bring more souls to Salvation through true faith in THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!
    The Words that GOD gave Isaiah (55:8-11) and to Jeremiah (30:27) should remind man that we serve the ONE AND TRUE GOD – and His Ways are Limitless!!! Every truly ‘converted’ believer needs to remember and take to heart What GOD Says in 1 Cor 8:2, and give thanks that there is no way that the Holy Spirit can be blocked from reaching each and every man, woman, boy or girl that is truly searching for THE TRUTH – The LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!

  2. Yes, God has made a way for the gospel to spread, but do we have to let the enemies of the Christian faith know about it. What if these fundamental Islamic countries started banning satellite dish, and why show a picture of these dishes? We give out too much information! I wouldn’t be surprised if blood of many Christians are on our heads. We talk too much!

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