Prayer points for Christians during Ramadan


by Melissa Nordell                         prayer

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and the month in which Muslims believe the Quran was revealed, takes place this year from July 10 to August 7.

Muslims all over the world fast and offer extra prayers, fervently as they believe their prophet Muhammad told his followers that there would be an open heaven and  the gates of hell would be closed during this month.

As Muslims believe that throughout the year, bowing and praying in submission to God five times per day is the dividing line between believer and non-believer. Don’t we all wish that Christians would be so dedicated to pray this often to the one true and living God?

Let us all humbly pray during Ramadan, as prayers are going up in counterfeit contradiction to the Lord God Almighty, with even more fervency and fasting.

The following are prayer point suggestions to pray especially during this season:

  1. Intercede for Muslims all over the world; that they would see and accept the one true God, Jehovah, as revealed by His      spirit through dreams and visions or however the Lord deems appropriate to that individual. Ask that the Lord reveals Himself as perfect love manifest.
  2. Pray that Muslims involved in terrorism would know that terrorism is evil and not effective; that they would see the difference in peaceful, non-retaliating and loving Christian believers.
  3. Pray that peace prevails in countries where terrorism prevails or is a threat; such as Indonesia, Egypt, Pakistan, India,      Somalia, Yemen, The Phillipines, Turkey, Sudan, Southern Sudan, Uganda, Kenya, Israel, the United States and Canada.
  4. Pray that terrorists’ plans are foiled and that the terrorists are caught before a plan is carried out. Pray also for  their salvation.
  5. Pray especially for the salvation of Muslim leaders and clerics.
  6. Pray protection for Muslim background believers, and leaders who are evangelizing their Muslim friends and holding worship services in dangerous areas.


  1. The one true God is YHWH, or Yahwey, not Jehovah which is an incorrect (and modern) translation of YHWH.

    I think to call it fasting is a little misleading. They don’t eat until the evening and then binge. That is not what I would consider fasting … I have fasted for days before and didn’t consume any food. Quite often I get caught up in work and don’t eat until the evening … there is no great sacrifice in that. You can’t say it is a month of fasting when they eat every night. That is only a few hours of fasting.

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