Missionary couple celebrate 70 years of marriage and ministry


By Mark Ellis

Anthony and Evelyn Bollback
Anthony and Evelyn Bollback

On August 14, Anthony and Evelyn Bollback will celebrate a milestone — 70 years of marriage and ministry.

One week after their marriage in 1943, they got off a Greyhound bus in Coudersport, Pennsylvania, where they planted a Christian and Missionary Alliance Church. For many years, it has been the largest church in the town.

Pioneering a new work helped them prepare for church planting in China, Japan and Hong Kong, where they spent 24 years in fruitful service launching churches that still flourish.

Also in July and August, Anthony and Evelyn will reach the ages of 91 and 92, respectively. They still preach, write, and serve in their local church. Anthony is the founder of Church in China, Inc. and editor of China Clippings, with over 4,000 subscribers.  His publication serves as an example of their continuing heart  for Asia — and unsaved people everywhere.

July 25th they leave on a ministry trip to Honolulu where they will speak to the Chinese Christian Fellowship at the University of Hawaii and at Kapahulu Bible Church, where they served for many years.


  1. I remember fun times with you in Hong Kong. You helped us through our first term. Congratulations on 70 years of marriage and wonderful diversified ministries. Love to you.

  2. Anthony and Evelyn Bollback were my first house parents when I went away to school as a missionary kid in Japan in the mid 1950’s. For two years as I attended Canadian Academy in Kobe, Japan for third and fourth grades, they were Uncle Anthony and Aunt Evelyn to me – they still are when I see them.
    What a couple! They’ve done it all over these 70 years. I didn’t realize they were in their 90’s. May God bless them and give them many more fruitful years.

  3. congratulations to you ! How wonderful to take this trip to Hawaii to see your former church and celebrate your anniversary! Have a great time !
    We love you both !
    Lois & Jim Low

  4. How wonderful to read about and know two such charming, beautiful people. You touch so many lives and we feel honored to be among them. Congratulations and We wish you many, many more happy years.
    Love, Lynn and Robert Burlingame

  5. What a GREAT MILESTONE in your lives and a great example to the rest of us in your marriage!!! May your celebration be excellent in every way. God bless you both!!
    Phil and Cheryl Hagar

  6. I praise the Lord for your dedication and example. You both were such a blessing to me, when I had moved to Keystone Hts. soon after Bob died. Your visits and encouragement were so precious and also the prayer times we had. I pray the Lord continue to Bless and use you both as time goes on. I will be praying for you both. With much love Tillie

  7. Amazing, 70 years of marriage!! Wow !!! We love you two and thank God for your passion to serve our Lord and to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Evie & Anthony you have been our heroes in the ministry of missions, church planting, spiritual growth, evangelism and just living for Jesus! Thank you for being you!

  8. Congratulations and thank you for your commitment to our Savior and to one another! We love you and pray that God will continue to grant you the desires of your heart as you delight in Him. Thank you also for the Godly heritage you have begun!

  9. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH! Congratulations on your 70th anniversary. Sam and I often remember our precious time under your loving ministry in Silver Spring, Maryland. We still stand amazed at the wonder of seeing God’s hand so many times during those precious years. A delayed Happy Birthday to both of you. Enjoy your visit to Hawaii.
    Much love, Betty & Sam

  10. Dear, precious Mr. and Mrs. Bollback! What an honor, just by chance I saw this announcement and your beautiful photo in the email section! I will be 82 on Aug. 19, and Arnold will be 89 on Dec. 9. We were married 56 years on June 1. You led me to the LORD JESUS in the Gospel Chapel in Coudersport, I think I was 12 years old. Very rarely through the years I have communicated with you. At Nyack you took time to be with us at a homecoming, I think it was, and we saw you once in Omaha when you were in charge of the C. and M.A. outreach in that area, I think. I think you know that my sister, Dottie Lee went to be with the LORD several years ago. You meant so much to her. She loved you very much. My darling mother, Eva Lawton died at 77 years of age in Grants Pass, Ore., when I was 33 in PERÚ. Arnold’s memory is fading fast. We attend a Jewish Messianic congregation in Lynnwood, WA about a year now. I love it, and do the bulletins for the Sabbath day. It’s a small congregation, held in a C.& M.A. church in Lynnwood, WA, about 20 min. by car on the I-5 freeway. We live in NE Seattle, now, in a senior retirement apartment building, begun and built by a local church who mortgaged their homes about 20 years ago to build it. I sing a special sometimes and bring a message at the Sunday evening Vespers service. With love and prayers for you and for your children and grandchildren and great grandchildren and maybe great, great grandchildren. Your first baby, Jimmy, was born in Coudersport, I think. GOD bless you. Thank you for teaching me and helping my mother Eva Lawton and me to kneel down at the altar rail to find JESUS as SAVIOR and LORD. I wonder how many you have won down through the years. I wonder if your brother, the piano player is still with Jack Wortzen’s camp ministries in Brazil. ‘Bye bye, from one of your converts, who will never forget you . Beatrice (called “Babe” by my sister, Dottie).

  11. So good to hear about your milestones. We are running 10 years behind you, now back from His work in Vietnam, Japan, and China/Tibet — as well as our years with you in Kapahulu while we attended and taught at the Univ. of Hawaii.
    Continue to be His blessing to so many!
    Harvey and Nina

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