God moving in the mountains of Oaxaca


By Mario Cordoba

Man in Oaxaca
Man in Oaxaca

I never, ever could have imagined that after driving hours and hours up and down mountains on dusty, narrow roads full of rocks and holes we would arrive to a little piece of paradise. A small congregation meets in San Agustin next to a beautiful river of crystal-clear water. Upriver grow bananas, mangos and mamey trees. The people were waiting for us. They had walked for hours to hear the word of God, yet many were not Christians.

Maria Villa Pablo taught the children and Yadira and Esteban worked with the youth. Raúl, an anointed teacher of the Word, shared with the men while my wife Graciela’s teaching was well-received by the women. The presence of God was among us as Pastor Omar preached to the entire assembly. Tears flowed. Youth embraced their parents. Men embraced their wives and children. They asked each other for forgiveness. I thought, “This is what God called Christians to do.” One service followed another. One question followed another. ”When are you coming back? Will you come back?”

The roads leading to Santiago Loxicha, a large community at the foot of a mountain, were even worse than those we had already encountered. We found a suitable area outside of town to set up and then aimed our speakers so the people could hear us worshiping God and reading the Word in their own language. So many people came out that there were not enough seats, but the local Catholic church loaned us everything we needed. God showed himself in powerful ways. Decisions to follow Jesus Christ were made. We saw broken hearts and bodies healed. Tears of repentance were shed. Estranged families were reconciled. Raúl and his son Isai wept, prayed and ministered together.

On the last day of the trip, there was a joyful, tearful reunion of Raúl and Israel, a man who spent years translating the Bible into Zapotec. Both men battle the same enemy: diabetes.

Bernardo, a graduate of our substance abuse program at Rancho de Cristo, was a great blessing. He didn’t miss an opportunity to share his testimony or help in practical ways. Aaron, pastor of our church in Tlacolula, shared his talents as a gifted musician and anointed worship leader. We were amazed by all that God did. Thank you again for your prayers and support. — Foundation for His Ministry