Chinese student found Jesus in U.S.


Ying, one of over 200,000 Chinese students and scholars seeking degrees, success and material gain every year at American universities, came to the U.S. as a visiting scholar.  Like many others, she returned to China as a new creation in Christ.

Shortly after she arrived at her host university, a Chinese colleague invited her to a Friday night Bible study and English class. “Why not?” Ying thought.  “I need to improve my spoken English.”  Cindy, a kindly staff member from China Outreach Ministries (COM,) picked her up for class that first night.  The class’s loving, joyful atmosphere impressed her.  She returned week after week, joined in other COM activities and began attending the local Chinese Church.

Later, explaining how the Lord had worked in her heart, Ying said, “When I think back to before I came here, I realize the Lord had prepared me to know Him.  I had a good job, worked hard, and had earned respect in my career, but I always felt depressed. . . I had a heart for truth, but I couldn’t find truth in my country and I couldn’t see hope in my future life.”

At church, Ying was surprised to see happy, peaceful people who worshipped sincerely.   She longed for peace and began reading the Bible.  However, she struggled with questions and doubts.  COM staff and other Christians encouraged Ying and patiently answered her questions.  Soon she put her faith in Jesus Christ.

When her teenage daughter came from China for a summer visit, Ying introduced her to Jesus.  Experiencing Christian love and seeing the change in her mom, she, too, gave her life to Jesus.  Mother and daughter were baptized one Sunday in August.

That fall and winter COM’s Cindy led Ying and a few other Chinese women in intense Bible study and discipleship training.  Ying shared what she was learning with her husband in China, and he began reading the Bible.   He noticed that God had given his once sharp-tempered wife a sweet, gentle spirit.  After Ying’s return to China the following spring, Ying wrote to Cindy, “I could not wait to tell you good news.  My husband stood and made a decision to follow Christ in today’s Easter meeting!  God’s love is always beyond my hope.”

Through faith in Christ, God healed Ying’s marriage, replacing tension with peace.  She and her husband joined a large house church, and they teach family life classes for other couples.  Ying loves to tell others about Jesus.  She wrote to Cindy, “We preached the Gospel to my families but sometimes I feel weak.”  As a university professor, she has opportunity to influence many students.  Best of all, Ying rejoices in her transformed life, writing to her COM friends, “He [Jesus] gives me a totally new life in Christ so I can live a peaceful and joyful life in any circumstance.” — China Outreach Ministries.


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