Shirt mass-produced in Middle East shows burning Twin Towers


A shirt that features an image of the World Trade Center Towers ablaze on 9/11 is being mass-produced and sold by street vendors throughout the Middle East. 

911 Shirt
911 Shirt


  1. There are many questions to ask about this picture:
    – how do we know it isn’t Photoshoped?
    – if not, who took the picture? Where? When?
    – if it is a mass-produced shirt, why don’t we find pictures on the internet with other persons wearing this shirt?
    – The man’s skin color indicates he has roots in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh (or a country in that region). Those countries are not in the Middle-East.
    Of course he could be abroad.

    • Photo-shopped.
      There were so many pictures taken of the event published in Newspapers, Magazines etc., that one could take their pick.

  2. its a “never forget” shirt in support of US 9/11 incident and yes, its a pic from south India, guess some NGO organized some road walk something.

  3. It might not be commonly sold in Middle East or commonly worn but even if there are only a few, it demonstrates the problem with Islam. Not all Muslims are Terrorists but a high percentage of terrorists are Muslims.
    The last comment is valid about taking over the world. This shows in Population demographics and also what leaders like Qaddafi said about not needing guns bombs to overcome the west. They will over-breed or subdue by mass immigration. Look at Europe, especially Sweden. It also shows in the comments above 1 in 4 appear to support it.

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