Christian artist released after 136 days in notorious Iranian prison


Arrested for his faith

Vahid Zarday

By Jeremy Reynalds

A Christian artist with an Islamic background was temporarily released October 9th after four months in prison, according to Mohabat Christian News Agency.

The Christian convert spent 136 days in the notorious Vakil-Abad prison, where he was interrogated. According to the latest reports, he has been temporarily released and is now awaiting his trial.

Zarday was arrested by security authorities on May 26 as he gathered with his wife and other Christian converts in a house church to study the Bible and pray. He was transferred to Vakil-Abad Prison immediately after his arrest, according to Mohabat.

Human rights activists say Vakil-Abad prison is described as “hell on earth.” The prison is also reported to be “very crowded, hygiene is poor, inmates are humiliated and group executions are conducted.”

Security authorities also arrested Zarday in 2007, together with Christian friends, because of their faith.

Mohabat News said Zarday graduated in Music from Sooreh University in Tehran and is a Christian artist. In producing his material, he has collaborated with some famous Iranian artists in several domestic art festivals, including those forĀ theaterĀ  and has received awards as a music composer.