God’s ‘instruction manual’ for the Gamo people in Ethiopia


Last month, three landmark celebrations took place in Ethiopia. The Gamo, Gofa and Dawro peoples gathered to dedicate the

Ruins of ancient Coptic church in Ethiopia

completion of the New Testaments in their languages.

One Gamo leader described the impact of Bible translation in concise but unforgettable terms: “When we buy an appliance we immediately throw away the manual because we cannot understand it. We figure out how to use it by ourselves.

“The Word of God is a manual for life and we have never had it. Today we receive the manual for life in a language we understand. It is a manual for marriage, for parenting, for evangelism, for business, for relationships. Today we can move forward in our lives with God’s instructions!”

All three language teams are now hard at work translating the Old Testament.

The Gamo, Gofa and Dawro people are three groups united by their desire for the Bible in their related languages. God is using a unique partnership between The Seed Company and Word for the World. This builds on the recently completed project that provided the New Testament and the JESUS film, for more than one million speakers of these three languages.

The churches are committed to seeing the entire Bible translated, so it can be useful to preach and teach God’s Word to the people. The Old Testament will provide the foundation needed for them to understand New Testament concepts and teachings. This project also includes training two Ethiopian Bible translation consultants. — The Seed Company


  1. I can proudly say that translation in Gamo language or ‘Gaammotho’ is very very important to Gamo people and sorrounding b/c people knows it simply as it was their mother tongue.
    thank u all the translators
    and try to distribute it in zone…

  2. May God Bless all translators,Seed Company and Word for the World; because you prepared the real manual for our people life.

  3. May Almighty bless all the peoples for their restless effort to translate Bible to my mother tongue Gofa langauge (Goofatho qalla),because it makes it easy to understand the word of life…………………………..God bless all !

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