Doctor testifies to miracle baby raised from the dead


By Dan Wooding

Dr. Marta Martínez is a respected doctor from Montevideo, Uruguay, who believes that God still heals the sick today.

And she should know, for in an interview, Dr. Martinez told me about an extraordinary miracle that she witnessed and was personally involved with.

“I experienced this miracle some years ago, while I was working in a hospital in one small city, far from the capital city,” she said. “It concerned a baby who was about one month old and his mother was an adolescent and very poor.

“The baby boy had come to the hospital in a very bad condition, with malnutrition, dehydration and septicemia.

“There appeared to be nothing we could to do for him. Finally he died. While I was present, watching him at the moment of the death, I thought: ‘It is better for him to die, because in his environment, with his kind of family, he would have not any chance of success, the rest of his life would be a ‘Calvary’, with a lack of hope and no opportunities’.

“At that moment, I felt God speaking to me saying: ‘He has the right to live’. So, immediately, I put my hand over him, and started to pray and thank God he was ‘resurrected’ — he came back to life! It was an amazing miracle.”

Dr. Martinez went on to say that the baby was then sent to “a better hospital” in Montevideo called “Filtro” for further treatment.

“After some months, I went to the ‘Filtro’ hospital just to visit a patient and while I was there, I asked one of the nurses about this baby that I had prayed for. She told me that ‘he’s here right now and he’s five months old.’ She added: ‘He is fine now, but we have him still here just so he can gain more weight. Would you like to see him?’

“When I saw him, I was astonished to see that, by now, he was a very big and healthy baby. God allowed me to see the complete miracle.

“I have also seen other healings and I believe in divine healing because, first of all, it is written in the Bible, and secondly I have seen others healed in a miraculous way and have also experienced it in my own body.”

Dr. Martinez is now hoping to travel to Nairobi, Kenya, to attend the 9th Annual World Christian Doctors Network (WCDN) conference to be held at the Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, from May 25-26, 2012.

WCDN is an interdenominational organization composed of Christian medical professionals from around the world who believe in divine healing and meet under the title of “Spirituality and Medicine.”

I concluded my interview with her, by asking I why she thought other doctors should believe in the power of prayer to heal the sick, and she replied, “Not just Christian doctors, but all Christians should believe in divine healing because it is written in the Bible and also, it was a very important part of Jesus’s ministry on this earth, and also because the Holy Spirit dwells in us (Luke 4:18-20).”



  1. I totally believe in healing miracles…I received one myself, Praise God, at an apprition site in Conyers, GA and it was in a instant that my back was healed completely. All the pain was taken away, never to return. I was blessed with that grace from the Lord on March 13, 1994.

  2. God The Father works thru his people here on earth. My Wife and I were both blessed with a healing in 1961/62 thru Father Aloysius Ellacuria. My wife and I were in a severe traffic accident on the I-5 Freeway in Downey, California in 1961 with serious injuries. My wife with cracked pelvis which would prevent her from delivering a baby thru normal birth. She delivered all three of our children thru normal birth process. Myself with a broken right femur which caused me pain and a limp. Completely healed! walk normal again. Thanks Be to God!

  3. I know that God heals, when He chooses too, I have personally seen it happen. I once was on a prayer team at a church and we prayed for a young girl who was confined to her wheelchair. During the prayer she stood up and I asked her sister, who was present, “has she done this before? ” She said no. Also, we prayed another time, for a young woman that had a few miscarriages and was upset about not being able to carry a baby full term. The next year, after the prayer, she came to church with her first baby, who was about 6 months old. She had other children after that. God is Good !!!

  4. I can also testify to God’s Goodness & Mercy. My Downs Syndrome daughter with an enlarge heart and leaking mitral valve was in ICU for 6 wks last year and doctors told me and my family that she would not leave the hospital alive. In fact, doctors recommended several times that we did not resuscitate her but we told them that we believed in the powers of prayers because it was obvious to us that they certainly did not. I am so glad to say that God had other plans! Elizabeth left a large Catholic hospital and has returned home to a relatively normal life. I just ask please that you all pray for her, because she still has an enlarged heart and leaking mitral valve. God bless all our medical personnel especially those who are genuinely practicing true christian values in their professions. Thank you so much.
    All Praise, Honor and Glory to Almighty God!

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