Atheist professor’s near-death experience in hell left him changed


By Mark Ellis —

Howard and Marcia Storm

In some near-death experiences, people report they were drawn toward “the light.” But in this horrifying near-death experience for an atheist art professor, he was drawn into the darkness of hell, which dramatically altered the course of his life.

“I was a double atheist,” says Howard Storm, who became a tenured art professor at Northern Kentucky University by age 27.  “I was a know-it-all college professor, and universities are some of the most closed-minded places there are,” he notes.

On the last day of a three-week European art tour he led, his group had returned to their hotel in Paris after a visit to the artist Delacroix’s home and studio. As Howard stood in his room with his wife and another student, suddenly he screamed and dropped to the floor in agony.

“I had a perforation of the small stomach, known as the duodenum,” he recalls. At first, Howard thought he was shot, and he glanced around the room to see if he could spot a smoking gun. As he writhed in pain on the ground, kicking and screaming, his wife called for a doctor.

“They said I needed surgery immediately,” Howard says. “It’s like having a burst appendix. I was told that if they don’t get to it within five hours, you’re probably going to die.”

Howard had the misfortune of a falling ill on a Saturday in a country with socialized medicine, and no doctor could be found. “French doctors do seven surgeries a week, and after they do the seven surgeries, they take the weekend off,” he discovered.

They placed him on a bed without sheets or a pillow and offered no pain medication. He waited in the room for 10 hours. “I was just lying there going south,” Howard says. Meanwhile, intestinal contents were leaking into his abdominal cavity, which would soon lead to peritonitis, septic shock and certain death.

At 8:30 p.m. a nurse came in and said they were still unable to find a doctor, but they would try to find one the next day, Sunday.

“I had been struggling very hard to stay alive, but when she said there was no doctor, I knew it was time to stop fighting,” Howard says.

Yet the thought of death scared him. “I was terrified of dying because it meant lights out, the end of the story,” he notes. “It seemed horrible that at 38-years-old, when I felt powerful and successful in my life, it would all come to an end in such a ridiculously pitiful way.”

Howard made an impassioned farewell to his wife, and told her to tell their friends and the rest of his family goodbye. Then he lost consciousness.

It wasn’t long after he lost consciousness that he had a very unusual out-of-body experience, and found himself standing next to his bed, looking at himself lying there. As he stood there, he noticed he didn’t feel the pain in his stomach. He felt more alive than ever, and his senses seemed more heightened than usual.

He tried to communicate with his wife and another man in the room, but they didn’t respond, which frustrated him. “I was glad I didn’t have the pain, but also I was very confused and disturbed by the situation.”

“I saw my body lying on the bed, but I refused to believe it was me. How could that be me if I was standing there,” he wondered.

Suddenly he heard people outside the room calling for him by name. They spoke English, without a French accent, which seemed strange, because everyone in the hospital either spoke French or heavily accented English.

“Come with us,” they said. “Hurry up, let’s go.”

Howard went to the doorway. “Are you from the doctor?” he asked. “I need to have surgery. I’m sick and I’ve been waiting a long time.”

“We know all about you,” one said. “We’ve been waiting for you. It’s time for you to go. Hurry up.”

Howard left the room and started to walk with them down a long hallway, which was very dimly lit – almost dingy. “They took me on a very long journey through a grey space that got increasingly darker and darker,” he recalls.

They walked a long time, and Howard wondered why he was not tired when he had just suffered the worst day of his life.

“Where are we going? Howard asked. “How come it’s taking so long? What is the doctor’s name?”

“Shut up,” one said. “Be quiet,” another said. “Don’t ask questions.”

Howard’s fear and apprehension grew at the same time he lost trust in his guides. “Finally it was so dark I was terrified and I said, ‘I’m not going any farther. I want to go back.”

“You’re almost there,” one replied.

Howard dug in his heels. “I’m not going any farther,” he said firmly.

A fight ensues

His guides began to push and pull at him. Howard fought back, but he was horribly outnumbered.

“We had a big fight and the fight turned into them annihilating me, which they did slowly and with much relish,” he says. “Mostly they were biting and tearing at me. This went on for a long time. They did other things to humiliate and violate me which I don’t talk about.”

When Howard was no longer “amusing” to them, he collapsed on the ground, ripped apart, unable to move.

He lay there motionless for a few moments, completely spent. Then he was surprised by a small voice inside his head that said, ‘Pray to God.’

He thought, ‘I don’t pray. I don’t even believe in God.’

Then he heard the voice a second time, ‘Pray to God.’

‘But I wouldn’t know how to pray even if I wanted to pray,’ he thought. Whose voice was this, he wondered? It sounded like his voice, but the words were completely foreign to his own thinking.

Then he heard the voice a third time repeat the same message. His mind drifted back to his days in Sunday school as a child. “I tried to remember things I memorized when I was very young,” he says. He struggled to think of something he could pray.

Then he managed to blurt out, “The Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want…”

When the people around him heard his attempt to pray, they became enraged. “There is no God and nobody can hear you,” they cried, along with other obscenities. “If you keep praying we will really hurt you.”

But Howard noticed something curious. The more he prayed and began to mention God, the more they backed away from him.

Emboldened, he began to shout out bits and pieces of the Lord’s Prayer, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” and “God Bless America.” Finally, he was screaming any fragments of God’s truth he could muster from the moldy recesses of his memory bank.

It seemed to work! Even in the darkness, he could tell they had fled, but not too far away.

As he lay there, Howard began to review his life. “I came to the conclusion I led a crummy life and I had gone down the sewer pipe of the universe. I had gone into the septic tank with other human garbage. I was being processed by the garbage people into garbage like them.”

“Whatever life was supposed to be about, I missed it,” he thought. “What I received was what I deserved and the people who attacked me were people like me. They were my kindred spirits. Now I will be stuck with them forever.” Feelings of self-loathing and hopelessness filled his mind.

His thoughts floated back again to himself as a nine-year-old in Sunday School, “I remembered myself singing “Jesus Loves Me,” and I could feel it inside me. As a child, I thought Jesus was really cool and he was my buddy and he would take care of me.”

“But even if Jesus is real, why would he care about me? he thought. “He probably hates my guts. I’m not going to think anymore; I’m going to ask him.”

“I’ve got nothing else to lose. I’ll give Jesus a try.”

A cry for help

Then he yelled into the darkness, “Jesus, please save me!”

Within an instant, a brilliant light appeared that came closer and closer. He found himself bathed in a beautiful light, and for the first time he could clearly see his own body’s miserable condition, ghastly for his own eyes to behold. “I was almost all gore.”

Immediately he recognized Jesus, the King of Kings, the Rescuer, the Deliverer. “His arms reached down and touched me and everything healed up and came back together,” he recalls. “He filled me with a love I never knew existed.”

Then he picked up Howard, like one football player picking up a fallen teammate on the field, put his arms around him, and Howard cried like a baby in His arms. “He carried me out of there and we headed to where God lives.”

In his mind, Howard began to think that Jesus made a terrible mistake. “I’m garbage and I don’t belong in heaven,” he thought.

They stopped moving, and both Howard and Jesus were hanging in space, somewhere between heaven and hell. “We don’t make mistakes,” Jesus said tenderly.

“He could read everything in my mind and put His voice into my head,” Howard recalls. “We had very rapid, instantaneous conversations.”

Then Jesus told Howard He had angels who would show him his life. “It was a terrible experience because my life deteriorated after adolescence. I saw I became a selfish, unloving person. I was successful, a full tenured art professor at 27, the department head, but I was a jerk.”

In this replay, he saw his heavy drinking and adultery. “I cheated on my wife proudly. It was horrible.”

For the first time he realized the way he lived his life hurt Jesus. “I was in the arms of the most wonderful, holy, loving, kind person and we’re looking at this stuff. Embarrassing doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

As they watched together, Howard could see the pain and disappointment on the face of Jesus. “When I did these things it was like sticking a knife into his heart.”

“Do you have any questions?” Jesus asked.

“I have a million questions,” Howard replied, and proceeded to unburden himself of anything and everything he could imagine asking an omniscient being. Jesus answered Howard’s questions kindly and patiently.

When Howard couldn’t think of anything else to ask, he said, “I’m ready to go to heaven now.”

“You’re not going to heaven. You’re going back to the world,” Jesus replied.

Howard began to argue, but it was to no avail. Jesus told him to go back and live his life differently.

Going back

At 9:00 p.m., Howard was back in his hospital room in Paris. Less than 30 minutes had elapsed since he lost consciousness.

As Howard opened his eyes, he heard the nurse say, “The doctor arrived at the hospital and you’re going to have the surgery.”

As they wheeled him out of his room on a gurney, he saw his wife in the hallway. “Everything is going to be really good now,” he said to her. When she heard him, she cried, thinking they were brave words.

When Howard emerged from surgery, with the effects of the anesthesia wearing off, he spoke to his wife. “It’s all love,” he told her. “You don’t have to suffer anymore.”

“You need to sleep,” she replied, thinking he was slightly addled from the drugs. Then he awakened again and began to tell her about Jesus and the angels and heaven and hell.

“She was an atheist and she didn’t like it. She thought I lost my mind.” Sadly, Howard’s marriage ended in divorce after she left him many years later.

When his strength returned, Howard began to devour the Bible. “Since none of my atheist friends believed me, I started memorizing verses and I would give them Bible lectures, but that didn’t go over very well,” he recalls.

He grew “desperate” for fellowship in a church, and began to attend Christ Church in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, part of United Church of Christ. Howard’s pastor worked with him patiently, and after three years, Howard was ordained as a lay minister in his church.

Sensing a deeper call into ministry, he attended United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio and later pastored a church in Covington, Ohio.

He also wrote a book about his experience, “My Descent Into Death,” which he says was written primarily to non-believers.

book cover

Howard and his second wife, Marcia, a strong Christian, are both involved in missionary work in Belize. He maintains a passion for painting, with much of his art devoted to spiritual themes.

If you want to hear more of this interview with Howard Storm, listen to episode 8 of our Best of God Reports Podcast hosted by God Reports journalist Mark Ellis:

If you want to know more about a personal relationship with God, go here

Howard Storm’s painting of Jesus


    • It’s not about being a catholic in the future it’s about following the call of the king of kings on your life. it’s about coming out from under the religious spirit whether catholic lutheran baptist and walking with the King

        • Those of us who are Catholic believe that “submission to the Roman Pontiff” is a divine command, one which comes from Jesus Christ Himself. To refuse submission to the Pope is to refuse submission to the Triune God.

          Of course, we Catholics pray for those who are outside the Catholic Church, as well as for those who are inside her.

          • No Catholic who actually understood his or her faith would write this feeble attempt to malign Catholic theology.

          • Jesus said plainly, “Allow no man to call you pastor.” and “Call no man father.” The RCC fails in both these.
            Now, on what is the Kingdom of God built? Is it Peter, as the RCC claims and also use as their claim to proclaim salvation for catholics only?
            Jesus asked the disciples, “Who do people say I am?” Jesus wanted to know what the disciples had heard from the people. They told him that people say Jesus is Moses or Elijah reincarnated.
            Next, Jesus asks them, “Who do YOU say I am?” None answered until Peter said, “You are the Messiah.”
            So, you see, Jesus contrasted what people say against what God says. The truth is, Peter was not the only one who heard from God on this. Many of the disciples, and some other followers, upon first laying eyes on Jesus, proclaimed, “You are the Messiah!” or “You are the Redeemer!” They knew. They knew instantly, too.
            And, the Bible tells us that Jesus is the Messiah and the Redeemer. When we heard the gospel, we instantly received faith by the hearing of it, and were sealed unto the day of salvation.
            So, on what is the Kingdom of God built? Is it Peter? No. It is, when we hear both God’s truth and the things men say, we choose to believe God. THAT is the Kingdom. We hear things men say. These are things like, “MY religion is the one whose members all go to Heaven. All outsiders go to Hell.” Do not believe that. Jesus said he is the way, the truth, and the light. Jesus is the ONLY way to Heaven. Nobody else co-opted that. There is no additional requirement. It is Jesus, Jesus, Jesus for one and all. Nothing additional is required, except obedience. “If you love me, obey my commands,” he tells us.
            So, are you in the Kingdom or not? Do you believe God and trust in Jesus, or do you believe men instead?

          • I think it is really sad that the whole purpose of this story is to lead those that don’t believe, to believe. Yet, a majority of the comments here would lead any atheist to never believe in what we proclaim. My only addition is that out of all these religions, Jesus is the only one who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead three days later. He was witnessed ascending into heaven after resurrection by over 500 people. Maybe I am uninformed but I have never heard of any religion that can speak any more power over life or death. Therefore, I trust in him only to forgive my sins. Not any human, pastor or pope! Did the Pope, Buddha, Mohammad, Ron L. Hubbard or Joseph Smith die on the cross for us and come back to life 3 days later? I think not!

          • God= Father+Son+Holy Spirit
            In God’s eyes the Pope, you, me, Obama, the mail worker, garbage collector, and Donald Trump are all equal. We all sin and we are all here to serve each other in Christ’s name. Jesus never sat on a gold throne like the Pope, or surrounded himself with luxuries, although he deserves it all! That just shows you how arrogant we as humans can be. Our God is humble and loving and he gave EVERYTHING HE HAD TO US! HE GAVE HIS HIS LIFE!

          • While the RCC has a role in Christendom, there is NO place Jesus tells people to be “subject unto a Roman pontiff,” but instead, Jesus said ” Those in authority in the world subject people under them and like to lord it over them. It is not to be that way with you. Whosoever wants to be first should be the servant of all…” –Jesus
            There have been many you seem to look down on, from different denominations, who loved Jesus so much they both lived and died for Him. Jesus said ,”They will know you are my followers if you love one another.” So, there is One Baptism , valid in everyone . If you start loving the brethren (protestant OR Catholic), then we can see you are Jesus’ follower. Not until, though…

          • To refuse submission to the pope is to refuse submission to God? That is not in the bible I read, and only the bible is the Word of God.

          • Christ is the only one you submit, anything else is false. Please look and see for yourself, the pope is no mediator between man and God, … I pray that you see for yourself.. God Bless you

      • It’s very clear in the bible that Jesus is the only way to the Father:

        John 14:5 Thomas said to him, “Lord, we don’t know where you are going, so how can we know the way?” 6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7 If you really know me, you will know[b] my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

        Isaiah 42:8 again… “I am the LORD: THAT IS MY NAME: and my glory will I not give to another, neither my praise to graven images.”
        Acts 4:12 (KJ21) | In Context | Whole Chapter

        Acts4:12 Neither is there salvation in any other, for there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved.”

        John 14:6 Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

        • Jesus also said he was the Truth, the Way and the Life. And in 1 Timothy 3:15, Paul writes to Timothy saying: “…if I am delayed, you will know how people ought to conduct themselves in God’s household, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and bulwark of the truth.”

          In Matthew 16:15-17, Jesus says: “If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother. But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that BY THE MOUTH OF TWO OR THREE WITNESSES EVERY FACT MAY BE CONFIRMED. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.…”

          So let’s say my wife decides to have an abortion. I do what Jesus says, I tell her it’s not a good idea. She doesn’t listen so I bring a few of my pro-life friends over to try to dissuade her still. Once again she refuses. So I go to the Catholic Church and the Church tells her the same thing. Then she goes to a different church, one that believes it’s okay for her to get an abortion, and they tell her she’s fine with having an abortion. Such churches do exist by the way, and they claim to be led by the Holy Spirit – an infallible being that can do no wrong. Who is right? Who is the authority? You can’t have more than one church believing different things, and yet all of them claiming to be guided by the Holy Spirit. It’s just not possible.

          • Hi Brandon
            If a church condones abortion it is not led by the Holy Spirit. And no man, woman, church or religion on Earth is the authority. All authority is in Gods’ risen Lamb .. His Son .. who we know as the Lord Jesus. Study His Holy Word to know what to believe and how to live life! Each of us has our own free will .. we have this gift so we may choose to believe Jesus and eternal life with Him .. or Satan and eternal death with him. And it is never too late to turn to Jesus .. while we still on this little planet .. but no one knows when that might come to an end. I’m hoping you will allow the most gentle and beautiful Holy Spirit to lead you in understanding.
            Maybe you will approach me in Heaven .. after we both leave this temporary and dark world .. and introduce yourself. I offer you the invitation ..

          • Jesus Christ came to this earth to die for our sins so we may live our lives for Him. We are born sinners but are healed by His grace through Jesus Christ. We are taught, as Christians, not to judge and all sins are equal in God’s eyes. Through asking for forgiveness and trying our hardest to live our lives for Jesus Christ, we are given forgiveness that we truly seek in our lives. My God, the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ knows my heart and loves me no matter what and I will always find peace when I go to Him in prayer and confession of my sins. Never forget, every person on this earth falls short of the glory of God but through Jesus Christ all is not lost and if you believe in Him and show God your repentance and ask for forgiveness, every part of me believes He will have mercy on our souls and we will be with Him in heaven one day. A good example is the man on the cross with Jesus. God saw his heart and told him he would be in heaven with Him when he died. He was a murderer. So that tells me we all can be forgiven for our sins too, as small or great as they are. All you have to do is accept Jesus Christ as your savior and ask for forgiveness and show Him we mean it by how we live our lives afterwards. God have mercy on our souls and the souls of people who try to judge others. Not one person will not fall short of the glory of God and woe to the people who want to judge others because it says in the bible, judge not, lest you be judged in how you judge others.

          • Thus, the utter hypocricy that is inherent in every montheistic religion. Everyone has a slightly different interpretation, and therefore a slightly different belief. Both claim eachother to be incorrect and their way is the correct way. If it weren’t for this very flaw, there wouldn’t be as many Atheists as there are today. They can’t all be right, but they can all be wrong…

        • Care to explain John 20:23 for me then? you know the part where Jesus HIMSELF specifically states to his desciples “those whose sins you forgive are forgiven and those retained are retained?”. Was Jesus wrong and you know better Luisa? Peter was the first pope and the other desciples are the first bishops. I will build my church on this rock….remember that too? I do agree though with a comment above that all that matters is that you follow Jesus. That is the true message.

          • Your taking one verse, which your wrongly attributing to apostolic ascension, and ascribing all these so called truths. There are no verses in the bible that speak of Peter as pope or apostolic succession, none. What you’re doing is taking verses out of context and configuring them to fit your beliefs. I’m not going to get into it but your interpretation of those verses is completely wrong. Please open your mind and search for the truth.

    • I know, that I know, what I know! Bless you brother. This is one of many divine experiences I have had. I’m so weak in my flesh that I constantly need prayer even now. He has never left me. But I have at times left him, even though I know what I know. And no one really believes us when we tell them. But we have to, because it is the truth; March 1988. North Side Free Will Baptist Church, Tulsa Oklahoma. Pastor: Curtis Linton.
      This Happened.
      I was a new husband and father and wanted the perfect life for my first born son. My wife and I attended church regularly and that was good but something was missing in my life. I remembered when I was a young man of 14 and wanted to be a preacher when I grew up. I had that inner peace and feeling of comfort that comes with being close to God.
      My son was only in his second month and we gave him to God. I however did not feel that peace that I felt when I was a young teenager in Missouri. I wanted that again. Every Sunday morning, evening, and Wednedsday night would come and I desperately wanted that peace again.
      I would go to the alter every time and beg,,,, I would make a fist and pray for forgiveness of my sins and please forgive me. I did this at every service and I was always the only one. I knew the congregation must think that I was really a busy sinner. I didn’t care, I was searching.
      After 6 or 8 weeks of this I became very depressed. I realized that there was no way for me to get that peaceful feeling I once had…… I believed that I must surely be going to hell and there was absolutely nothing that I could do about it.. I accepted it as a fact. I gave up on any chance of my salvation. But let me tell you how good Jesus is!
      The next Sunday as I sat in the congregation I thought: Just one more time,,,,,,, But this time I am saying goodbye……. I went to the alter and it was different when you have given up all hope… I felt that peace now but it was a sad acceptance of my fate…….
      This is what happend:
      I knelt at the alter and lowered my head…….. I accepted that I was going to hell and there was no way around it…….. I searched in my deepest heart and ask only that God hear one last and final prayer from me……
      I said: Dear God…….. I know that I am unworthy and must be going to hell…….. I accept it…………I am truly sorry…… I have only one last request if you willl hear this sinners prayer………………..​.
      God I pray for those in the congregation that do not know you…….. those who would come to know you if they could only take that first step Lord………. Please Lord I pray that you will give them the strength to take that first step….. Send them an Angel Lord, to help them take that first step……… I have given up on me Lord……. but please for them Lord…. I’ll go for them Lord….. Don’t let them suffer the fate that I am to suffer………
      * At that moment……. I left that church…….. All conscious thought left my mind,,,,,,, I can only recall what I saw…….. I was surrounded by a white gold color light all around………. I looked in front of me and before me there were two images……… One in the distance up high and powerful to the extreme in his reverence and on a large throne………. The other was between me and the one on high……… As I looked upon the one closer to me he turned to me and away from the one on high……… As he truned and reached out his hand,, He said:
      This One Father………. Then he touched me…………Instantly I felt every darkness and weigtht being lifted from my heart and soul……………. It was literally like a flushing of darkness and being filled with lilght…………….. The scene lingered but for only a moment and then this happened.
      I felt myself kneeling at the alter with my eyes closed…………. I felt someone with their hands on mine,,,,,,,,,,, I opened my eyes and saw the wood graing finish of the alter me with my tears puddled in a circle……….. I felt a peace that can not be described by the language we use…………. Looking up I saw that the hands on mine belonged to one of the deacons in the church…….. I looked to the right and saw people kneeling at the alter all the way from me to the wall on both sides……… I looked to the other side and saw the same thing the other direction………… A church of 500 and nearly half of them were there meeting God………… There hadn’t been anyone at that alter in months other than me…….. I only went because of my selfish search for God and salvation………….
      I came to realize something that day………. God hears the unselfish prayers of sinners,,,,,,
      and he answered my prayers that day……… I slowly raised myself from the alter and left them all receiving Christ………. I turned and went to sit beside my wife and child…….. As I walked it was as though I didn’t weigh a pound……. I felt as though I was literally walking on air……………. when I sat beside my wife she was looking at me very strangely………. I said: I just saw Jesus……………. She said: Thats Nice!…….. I kept smiling and when we left church that day on the way home we had the worst fight of our marriage…….. Satan was furious. For he lost the battle of more than a hundred souls that day. Thank You God, Praise You Jesus. Holy Spirit Lead Me…….

      • I also live in the Tulsa area. Your testimony really touched my heart. Thank God!!!! Thru one small act of selflessness many souls were led to Christ. Keep up the battle!!!

      • Wow powerful testimony. I too have that darkness in front of me yet I yearn to feel light as cotton again. I yearn to feel that joy and happiness with peace and love. Your testimony just gave me hope once again. This is Confirmation that Jesus is waiting for me at the alter. Thank you father!! Thank you Jesus!! Amen, amen

    • I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to all Howard’s videos. I have had many many questions and I feel peace of mind bout Christ, God, Holy Spirit, angels, demons, after life, life in the universe, eternal life and most important about LOVE. The creative power of the universe is love. Howard’s question to Jesus: what religion is important to follow.? Jesus answer: what ever one brings you the closest to God. I ordered Howard’s book a few days ago. I listened to Howard’s interviews last night until 1 a.m. I couldn’t stop because God was giving so much insight about Love and our place on earth.

    • i am repeatedly told that9regardless of the fact that i live a loving and peacefull life carefull and respectfull of everybody amd never confirming or denying god or jesus that i am condemned to hell and that if there is a god he is not umderstamding of the fact that i hesitate to accept religion/god because of all the chaos and immoral acts and killing that takes place in the name of organized religion..that the guy who murdered his son with an axe while he slept but who has accepted god will be welcomed to gods kingdom.. I reach out and i listen in hopes of finding or hearing something that will overpower my educated logic and for the most part recieve positive responses..positively confirming that if i do not simply ignore all logic and factual events around me and practice blind faith in an allegedly non understanding god and beg forgiveness for expecting him to be understanding i am destined to eternal damnation.. i really wish i could fully believe..i want to but this isnt helping any more than this story above.. cuz much deciet has been practiced under the idea that if it is deciet that brings them to god then its not immoral..what to do what to do?

    • A nun who was in Howard’s art class told her that he didn’t want any religion talk in his class and that he was an atheist. She started praying for him also had the other nuns praying for him for about 13 years.

      • I know a few people who are atheist and I pray for them regularly, probably not regularly enough. It is so important to pray for those who reject God that they will come to know Him and be saved. We have a responsibility to love one another and this is one way we can do that.

  1. I have read Howard’s book and watched the Focus videos of his tv interviews “His Descent Into Hell”, Parts 1 & 2, and “The Warnings” . He states that God revealed to him that people can continue their spiritual development after death by living again on other planets, possibly in other dimensions, and some people get out of hell by repenting. Both of these concepts are opposed to what is contained in the Bible.

    • There are many things that you do not know and that you cannot know because you interpret the “law”, as Jesus would say it, so narrowly, as did the Pharisees. God is the law and God is love, all merciful, all knowing, and all powerful. God has created all planets, all dimensions, and all laws and all creatures are subject to Him and His ways which are not man’s ways. Read your Bible again and read it this time with the love of God in your heart, not the fear of the vindictive, demented, destructive god (small g intentional) that mainstream Christianity teaches. This is the time of an awakening. We no longer have to fear God. We now have to truly love and respect Him for the great and loving being that He is. Perfect love casts out all fear and with love (God), all things are possible. I will serve my God on whatever planet and in whatever dimension He chooses for me to be. Do not fear to tell Him that you will as well.

      • The Bible says to fear God, and also to love God.
        Which you should obviously do both. Why wouldn’t you fear God? He knows everything, He can do anything, He can send anyone to Hell for all of eternity if he would please. However, God is loving, and forgiving. He loves all of us and wants us to love Him back. He’d much rather take care of his children than cast them away. I don’t know how to put it in lighter words, that don’t seem so against God, but if He was not merciful, He could do what kids do to ants. Step on and kill them.

        That being said, I can’t stress enough that He IS merciful and loving. He wants us to call to him and praise him. We should all of our lives. We owe everything to our great God. Lord of lords.

        • God doesn’t send anyone to hell, people send themselves to hell.

          Revelation 2:17 He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who conquers I will give some of othe hidden manna, and I will give him a white stone, with a new name written on the stone that no one knows except the one who receives it.’

      • Well anon God is not a loving God. He loves us when we obey Him., and corrects us when we dont obey Him.gods patience goes only so far. Yes even Gods patience can be exhausted. If you keep hardening your hearts and walking sinfully there will come a time where you will sow what you reap. Proverbs says “i also will laugh at your calamity; I will mock when your fear cometh;”

    • This very concept could lead people to live a life however they want, and think that after they die, they can change their mind. I do not find anywhere in the Bible that supports this. The Bible says, that after death comes judgement. (Hebrews 9:27) The judgement for believers according to what they have done for Christ, as to what rewards they will receive (not salvation; they have already accepted Christ before death.) Then the White Throne judgement for those who have not received Jesus Christ. There is no second chance after death. Test everything by the Word of God.

      • I have to say that I am in agreement with Cathy Schroader….the Bible does teach very clearly that it is appointed unto man once to die and after this the judgment….that is why we are to spread the good news of the gospel to as many as we can….so that they won’t have to go to hell…if we could call on the name of Jesus after we die then that makes the Bible wrong….sorry…I choose to believe the Bible over mans experiance…I mean this testimony sounds so good and it had me until I read what cathy wrote and that brought me back to reality….you must be born again to enter into the kingdom of God, you can’t be born again when you are dead, it happens when you are alive and have the choice to choose Jesus or to reject him…

          • This is the argument scientists who are researching these NDEs use too. They are studying people who were clinically pronounced dead (i.e no pulse, no brain activity, cessation of breathing, etc) in order to test their hypothesis that the brain generates these experiences before actual death. One significant fact is that all these experiences are almost identical across countries, ages, religion, non-religion, even time. Plato’s writings reflect to small details very similar descriptions of near death or death and resucitation. I have no idea how in Plato’s time one could be resucitated but his descriptions are eerily similar to modern NDEs.

          • they say a heavy dose of nitrous oxide appears almost identical to the brain scans that have been running when the patient suddenly slips and is brought back claiming to have had a near death experience.. perhapse the final moments of consciousness are just really trippy and even an athiest wonders “what if” which likely becomes a fear when ones mortality is faced so your fears play into the brains fading final moments then the light just goes out and we simply cease to be.. no process for fear or thought..simply death. whats to fear but the final thoughts or the what if factor?

        • I also would have to agree with Cathy, it says that which ever way we go, it is eternity after we die, that means for ever and ever and ever..
          I am afraid that now that Howard says that there are other chances in other ways to get spiritual after death, and that you can live on other planets etc etc, that I find what he says is now hard to believe, or it was not from the God of Abraham that his message came from…

          • One key fact here is that Harold never died; he had a near-death experience. I don’t think Howard would say that non-believers have a second chance after death to receive Jesus.

        • Karen Meek what do you think the bible is? It is account after account of people’s experiences throughout history with God. Hello.

      • You forgot something — he was not dead. Until you’re dead there is hope. God was allowing him to see the other side of things so that not only he could change but that he could cause others to change as well. I do agree with you that after death is the judgement — BUT he wan’t dead.

      • Jesus is the Word. The Bible is the written account of the Word. Jesus is alive today and lives in the hearts of believers for those who accept Him. He gives Word for today. Those who follow Him “have an ear to hear.” Scripture says if all that Jesus taught were written, the world could not hold the books. Growing in Christ brings more Word of God through Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit of God.

      • The Bible tells us of false prophets and teachers. It is not mine to judge Howard’s testimony but I will follow scripture for myself. I find nowhere in scripture any other teaching than what you have provided here. As you say that is the test we must live by.

      • You have a good point, but there is a serious flaw in your argument, because the man hasn’t died yet, remember? He’s still here talking to us. It was a “near death” experience. God may have purposely tried to give his soul to the demons to let me see what happens when we die, but he’s not dead yet.

    • The Bible is not big enough to contain everything there is to know about God and eternity. The dramatic change in Howard’s life is indication enough that what he wrote is true. Other accounts of near death experiences are very similar to this one, and Howard is not the only one to speak about repentance in hell and life on other planets. God is loving, kind and merciful. Who are we to say that Howard’s account of heaven and hell are not true?

      However, the best place in eternity is near God’s throne and anything less is second best. To live with Him in that glorious place called heaven, we must live for Him while still on this planet, proving our love for Him by loving and serving others to the best of our ability. Jesus is the Way, the Life and the Truth. There is no other way.

  2. You will probably be a Catholic in the near future. Pontius Pilate asked
    Jesus why he did not know Him. Jesus’ reply was, “Because you have not
    searched.” Keep searching Howard. You are on your way. We will be
    praying for you and your family.

    • It’s not about being Catholic or any other man made religion. It’s ALL about our relationship with God and His beloved son Jesus. No pope, priest or saint can get you to heaven, and no amount of money can save you from hell. Only Jesus can do that through the acceptance of His love and sacrifice for us on the cross.. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. No man comes to the Father except by Him. And it’s free!

  3. Many years ago a friend gave me 2 CDs on which Howard Storm told his story. It has inspired me so many times, because he is told that, 200 years from then, this world will be a different place. People will love each other & the most important thing in their lives will be their children. As a pro-lifer, that means that abortion WILL come to an end. That day can’t come soon enough! We have to keep up the good fight!

  4. Why the comments assuming Rev. Howard Storm (now a United Church of Christ minster) will convert to Roman Catholicism? On what basis do you make such claims? Triumphalistic, much? And as to the person who claims Storm’s account is “unbiblical”, why do you say that? The bible doesn’t address such possibilities at all, so Storm’s account contradicts nothing. However, what is lifted up in Storm’s experience is the tremendous Love and Grace of God in Christ. Shouldn’t we celebrate that instead of trying to hijack the man?

    • That the individual ( “particular”) judgment of a person occurs right after death and that there is no reincarnation is indicated in Heb. 9:27. As far as I know, the Bible does not clearly state that the wills of those in heaven and hell are unchangeable, although it is implied in Dan 12:2, Luke 16:25-26, Mat. 25:46, Prov. 10:28, and Prov. 24:16. It seems logical that hell would be empty if the fallen angels and condemned souls could get released by regretting their past mistakes. An essential characteristic of hell is that residents there are unable to love. Howard’s after death experience of pure uncaring hatred fits this bill, but I would suggest that he might have experienced the conditions in the lower reaches of purgatory as opposed to hell. (I believe that there are 7 levels of heaven (see St. Paul’s mention of being taken up to seventh heaven) and also 7 levels of hell and 7 levels of purgatory (see The Biblical Basis for Purgatory by John Salza). Fits in nicely with the 7 choirs of angels, don’t you think.

      • There are nine choirs of angels, not seven: Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Powers, Principalities, Virtues, Archangels, and Angels. They are all mentioned in the Bible.

        Seraphim. Isaias 6:1-3:.
        In the year that king Ozias died, I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne high and elevated: and his train filled the temple. [2] Upon it stood the seraphims: the one had six wings, and the other had six wings: with two they covered his face, and with two they covered his feet, and with two they hew. [3] And they cried one to another, and said: Holy, holy, holy, the Lord God of hosts, all the earth is full of his glory.

        Cherubim. Psalms 17:11.
        And he ascended upon the cherubim, and he flew; he flew upon the wings of the winds.

        Thrones, Dominions, Powers, Principalities. Colossians 1:16.
        For in him were all things created in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones, or dominations, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him and in him.

        Virtues and Angels. 1 Peter 3:22.
        Who is on the right hand of God, swallowing down death, that we might be made heirs of life everlasting: being gone into heaven, the angels and powers and virtues being made subject to him.

        Archangels. Jude 1:9.
        When Michael the archangel, disputing with the devil, contended about the body of Moses, he durst not bring against him the judgment of railing speech, but said: The Lord command thee.

        • Looked up the “powers” from Colossians and the virtues from First Peter. They’re both “exousia” in Greek.

        • OK, so I read this beautiful story of Redemption and the first response is “Hallalujah!” within a dozen responses the discussion has sunk to how many angels there are?!? Doesn’t anyone see the irony of this? We aren’t supposed to be involved in these arguments between brothers and sisters. Love is the only answer and Howard found that out.

      • Let’s be clear. First, Paul said he was taken to the third heaven. (2 Cor 12:2) There is no language which would indicate that there are any ‘levels’ in heaven. Second, if you study jewish literature, you would realize that this third heaven is the dwelling place of God, withe first meaning simply the sky of Earth, the second being space. Secondly, ther is no purgatory, nor even a need for one. Before the death of Jesus, there was a holding place where all who died went, called Abraham’s bosom, with the righteous separated from the unrighteous. (Luke 16:19-31) When Jesus ascended to heaven, he took all the righteous dead with him. (Psalm 68:18, Eph 4:8) Since then, every believer who dies goes straight to the presence of Jesus. (2 Cor 5:6-8). But there is nothing in the word to indicate the chance of salvation after death. That’s what life is for. To decide what your eternal relation to God will be; either communion or separation. There is no description of levels in heaven or hell, only degrees of punishment and reward.
        Please, everyone, make certain your doctrine comes only from the Word. The teaching of men and other books is heresy, and will neither save nor sanctify.
        Walk the narrow path. (Matt 7:13-14)
        GOD Bless

        • To Tony R:
          Thank you so much for your refreshing “literal” response to those who appear confused.

        • Purgatory exists. It’s referred to in Sacred Scripture, in both the new and old testaments. Although the WORD “purgatory” is not in the Bible (like the word “Trinity” is not found there either), Christ Himself referred to it, as well as Saint Paul. You just don’t understand the Bible; that’s all. And you interpret according to a Protestant mindset.

          Plus, you don’t accept the entire Bible, and the parts you accept are then privately interpreted according to your oral, manmade, Protestant tradition, which is the heresy you lament.

          You accept only a 66 book Bible, but you have no biblical basis upon which to do so. Where did you get the idea that the Bible contains only 66 books? Chapter and verse, and Bible only, please.

          Where does the Bible tell us which parts are supposed to be taken literally and which are not? Chapter and verse, and Bible only, please.

          Where does the Bible say we are saved by faith ALONE (1 Peter 3:21 and Romans 8:24)? Chapter and verse, and Bible only, please. And, yes, we want to see the word “alone” there.

          How does a Protestant go about getting married? Where did he get the idea that he has to go before a minister, with a best man and a maid of honor, and pronounce some type of vows? Chapter and verse, and Bible only, please.

          What is God’s definition of Sola Scriptura? Chapter and verse, and Bible only, please. And, remember, we want God’s definition, not the opinion of any man.

          Finally, is infant baptism consistent with Sola Scriptura? Millions upon millions of Protestants since the Reformation say yes, and millions upon millions of other Protestants say no. And what that means is that millions upon millions of Protestants do not understand their own doctrine of Sola Scriptura, as both sides cannot possibly be right on the issue.

          It also means that the Holy Ghost does not guide millions upon millions of people who THINK they are guided by Him, as the Holy Ghost cannot guide millions of people to believe and practice something and at the same time guide millions of others to believe and practice its exact opposite.

          So much for the “perspicacity” of Sacred Scripture.

          Your quote: Since then, every believer who dies goes straight to the presence of Jesus. (2 Cor 5:6-8).

          Saint Paul states that there are those who are saved BUT THEY FIRST PASS THROUGH FIRE. 1 Corinthians 3:15.

          In the so-called first letter to the Corinthians (it’s actually not the first one, as the first one is lost, which is problematic to a Protestant, as that means part of his sole rule of faith is lost; see
          1 Corinthians 5:9) Saint Paul first refers to Heaven, then to Purgatory, then to Hell.

          [11] For other foundation no man can lay, but that which is laid; which is Christ Jesus. [12] Now if any man build upon this foundation, gold, silver, precious stones, wood, hay, stubble: [13] Every man’s work shall be manifest; for the day of the Lord shall declare it, because it shall be revealed in fire; and the fire shall try every man’s work, of what sort it is. [14] If any man’s work abide, which he hath built thereupon, he shall receive a reward. [15]
          (NOTE: HEAVEN)

          If any man’s work burn, he shall suffer loss; but he himself shall be saved, yet so as by fire. (NOTE: PURGATORY)

          [16] Know you not, that you are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? [17] But if any man violate the temple of God, him shall God destroy. (NOTE: HELL).

          And, of course, there is the most blatant reference to Purgatory contained in the Book of Macchabees, which has been ruled as canonical by the Catholic Church, which is the same institution that ruled all the books of the New Testament to be canonical:

          2 Machabees 12:46
          It is therefore a holy and wholesome thought to pray for the dead, that they may be loosed from sins.

          • You demand the Protestant post verses with the specific words you request, yet with your “proof” verses you have to state NOTE: HEAVEN, NOTE: PURGATORY, and NOTE: HELL. Your verses don’t contain the specific words, so you “translate” them into Catholic terminology yourself. Rather duplicitous of you to demand something of the Protestant what you yourself can not produce.

    • no I disagree with you…i have a son who claims to be an athiast and my thought while i was reading this is…I would hate him to read this and think that he can continue living like the devil and then when he dies he will be able to choose Jesus and go to heaven….Can you see how this would deceive people…Yes God is love…He doesn’t have love He is LOVE….I had a girl lead me in the sinners prayer when i was 19 and receive Jesus, but i remember thinking at that time i really wasn’t a sinner…but then a year and a half later i did something that I knew was sin and when I went to bed at night I asked God to forgive me. Shortly after that little miracles started happening in my life and one day I was standing in my living room and had this thought….”Read the Bible” “Read the Bible”…it just wouldn’t go away and so I found a Bible in my closet and opened it up randomly and began to read….as I did I got bathed in this cloud of love inside and out…I was so excited that ran over to my next door neighbors house and told her “Jesus loves me” and I smoke pot and drink etc….and he loves me…as I daily read the Bible after that the pot and drinking went because the Lord opened my eyes to see what they were doing to me…and of course he is still working on me but the point is there was a repentance in my life….the Bible says our sin separates us from God….He is just waiting for opportunities to shower His love on people but they have to repent from there sin ….where was this mans repentance…..the Bible says we are to repent and put our trust in Jesus in the finished work of the cross or we will perish…..We must be Born Again (John 3:3) to enter the kingdom of God…Jesus did not come to bring religion but to bring us into a relationship with himself….if you are a devout catholic or any other religion, but have not been born of Gods spirit then you also will go to hell when you die…God doesn’t send anyone …people send themselves by refusing to repent of their pride and religion and accept Jesus as the ONLY Way To God …..The Only way to heaven….Repent and be baptized everyone of you….Make sure your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life before you take your last breath….John 17:3…and this is eternal life, that they may know You, the Only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent….Do you know God today….Read the Bible and find out while your still alive….

  5. Beautiful story! Welcome back, Mr. Storm…

    The reason someone would suggest he’ll eventually become Catholic is probably because all the instantaneous conversions are ending this way….when Jesus converts you Himself, He won’t do it halfway. He leads to the fullness of truth. He is the the Second Person of the Holy Trinity…true God and. True Man.
    I know the idea of conversion to the Catholic Church freaks people out. That is because of their ignorance about the teachings.
    I invite a challenge. Pray, fast…ask to be shown the Truth…read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Every belief is all in there with Holy Scripture cited.

    This is the whole truth.

    • The Roman Church is a False Church – a man-made Religion based on works & man-made traditions & not on the redemptive saving power of Jesus Christ. 99% of Catholics don’t even know what scripture says-if they did they wouldn’t be in the Roman Church. I was a Catholic for years with my husband & never heard the gospel preached once! We went to Jamaica & the Priest from our church was laying on the beach in a speedo bathing suit with his lover – that’s when I left the church. Several years later I got saved in a Church that preached the Gospel – No one comes to the Lord except the Holy Spirit draws him .. that was 27 yrs ago. I am now a Bible College Graduate. Not every one who says “Lord-Lord will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

      • Sheree-
        Wow! Glad for you. The Roman Catholic Church has prevailed ONLY because she is Jesus’ church. Founded by God, And she, Holy Mother Church will prevail in the storms to come. Men are indeed corruptable, God is not. Divide and conquer seems to have worked wonders to create
        over 18,000 different churches worshipping Christ. Indifference! You bet.
        When your church has NO authority, just go make one up that suits YOUR beliefs…for the time that is.

        • Sheree…where do you find any of that in the Bible….The word of God has the final say so not man……Find out just what Jesus thinks of religion….

      • Saying you were a Catholic did not make it so! Catholics go to Mass every Sunday and Holy Day of Obligation. The gospel is read and preached about (along with 2 other readings and a Psalm) at EVERY Mass. Who, afterall, do you think put the Bible together. Who is the only church given the Holy Spirits protection to interpret correctly? The devil can only pull those away who are Catholic only in name. Anyone who truly understand the Catholic Church’s teachings will NEVER be able to be swayed by the evil ones tactics!

      • You must have slept through Mass if you never heard the gospel preached. The gospel is read at each Mass, Monday through Sunday, and the Homily is the “preaching” part.
        The only Catholics that leave the “One, True, Church” are the ones that never knew their faith to begin with.

        • The one true Church is the body of believers that follow Christ. Jesus is more concerned with ones heart than what Church we attend.

        • What she means by the fact she never heard the gospel preached is that she never heard in the Catholic Church that you need to be “born again”. I was a Catholic for 40 years and never in that time did I hear it either. I began to read the bible from Genesis 1:1 and all the way through (even the Apochrypha). Eventually I came to Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God” and I knew it was not possible to save myself by my good works. I have heard that there are born again Catholics, but in my experience they are in the vast minority. Best to you, Catholics, may God’s greatest and highest and best be yours in Truth.

      • How can you all the Roman Catholic Church a false church? It was the FIRST church created by Jesus Christ himself. I hear sermons from the Bible every Sun. Evidently, the priest you claim to have seen on the beach in a speedo with his lover was tempted by the flesh. No one ever said priests nor anyone else is perfect! That might have been one priest without your consideration of the thousands of faithful priests throughout the world. I pray that you will find your way back to the Roman Catholic Church, but in the meantime, I hope you are happy and feel loved by God.

        • Can you explain bowing before idols then? Since when did Jesus send “the true church” to kill, conquer and enslave?

        • The catholic church was NOT the first church created by Jesus. Catholics pray to beings other than GOD and Jesus. Pretty sure that Jesus was against that. Catholics just say that they were formed by Jesus to make themselves seem as if they were important.

      • Most people leaves the church for futile reasons, or are deceived to leave the house of God by the devil. See the fallen angel is smart, not stupid as some portrayed him, he send his agents to infiltrate the institutions. Like 007’s lots of demonic James Bonds let them infiltrate and crawl up n the religious hierarchies. They betray everybody, then he unveil them, at the right moment, in from of the right people, like the pastor on the beach with speedos or pedo bishops.

        They are impostors, placed to ruin the faith in the church. Maybe they are not even aware of this, because they are also people. And people can be manipulated easely. A life time of faith can be destroyed by one single moment, a bad example a moment of weakness etc. But this also shows the shortcomings of some believers, it is explained clearly that you should have faith in God, jesus etc not in HUMANS. I dont think you really believed, because it seems to me, you had faith in HUMANS (your pastor) NOT in GOD. Humans fails, even the greates of the saints fails, and this is because humans are limited, we live for a short time, we have little knowledge and strong powers try to decieve us.
        A pedo bishop or a luxurious pastor means noting, they are sinners (we all are) so its not a big surprise. Human fails, and we are confused thats why we have the sacred scriptures, the revelations. To help us to get close to god. No matter what you do you cannot avoid sinning. The sin in itself its not important, but our efforts to avoid sinning and to be on the right path is important. And GOD knows we fail, we are imperfect, thats why he help us.

        Leaving the church because of the action of humans, is a poor excuse. Its like leaving the hospital complaining there are sick people in there. But the hospital exist exactly because of the sicks, not the healthy. THe church is the same, its exist for us sinners. So leaving the church because of one sinner or a million is stupid. I dont say this for offend or demean you, I by my self have done some very bad things in my life. I have failed and done mistakes. Sometimes because of pride and arrogance other times because of stupidity. But its irrilevant, because whats important is our effort to get back to the right path that is important. Not our mistakes….

  6. Howard,
    I read your book, My Descent into Hell, years ago. It really inspired me, and still continues to inspire me. As a Catholic, I have no problems with it, BECAUSE….you are alive now, having once been dead both in body and soul, and NOW…you love Jesus with all your heart and serve Him the best you know how. Who can speak ill of this? If it is God’s will you embrace the Catholic faith, this will transpire over time when the time is right. You do love His WILL after all! >smile!<

    Everything has it's time and purpose, as we love Him one day at a time.


  7. Howard. Thank you for your testimony. God is good. In this era I believe many will experience a examination of conscience. Gods mercy is so extraordinary, and He wishes that All come to the banquet table. Please continue to be of His service, and I will continue to be concerned with His
    Fathers affairs.

  8. Hi! My name is Tom. I had a life and death experience almost 2 1/2 years ago now. Almighty God, the God of LIFE! placed me in the right place at the right time. It’s a long story, but I had a massive heart attack and didn’t no anything for 6 days and 6 nights. I now tell everyone about what happened to me. Alot of people don’t want to hear my story, but I still tell it. (:-). Folks! There is a great, loving, merciful almighty God. He is a God of miracles. Every day He does a miracle for me. And Yes! The power of prayer is AWESOME! and so is God. Have a Safe & Happy Day! Sincerely! Tom

  9. Quite inspiring for some of us who love and adore Jesus Christ. This reminds me very well about the great apostle Paul’s conversation on his way to Damascus. Praise God.

  10. Take a look at Stafford Betty’s account of the afterlife based on many years of paranormal research. He’s a professor of religious studies at a California university. The book is “The Afterlife Unveiled.” Howard’s account only scratches the surface.

  11. I read Howard’s book many years ago also and have watched several You Tube videos of his experience. He said nothing about reincarnation or anything about being released from hell. Yes one will be released from purgatory after sins have been atoned for as the bible says “he will not be released until he has paid the last penny” Luke 12: 59, Mathew 5:25, but once in hell – that’s forever. Also Storm indicated that he believed that people could continue to develop their spiritual lives after death but did not say that Jesus told him so. As for living on other planets, again that was an opinion, not a fact. I was and still am deeply impressed by his experience and I believe God is using him in a powerful way.

    • Howard’s account of Jesus is beautiful, like the same Jesus I have encountered in my life through various personal events…but speaking of life on other planets, etc. sounds similar to mormonism. There are no accounts of these things in the bible as someone mentioned above, because it is NOT biblical, it is not an omision by God! The bible tells us not to add to or take away from it. The fact that it may be his opinion or belief is entirely his choice, not founded on the.”word”. That does not discredit his testimony regarding Jesus, etc. But he is misguided in the other areas. Satan walks about like a roaring lion ready to devour. We must be vigilent in protecting our hearts & minds. The enemy pursues believers “big time”….I will pray for him…blessings!

  12. Responding to the individual that says that the Catholic Church is a false church. # 1 where do you get your statistics from! #2 The reason that we have the Bible today, is that Catholic monks spent their lives copying Holy Scriptures by hand. #3 In every Mass that we attend the scriptures are proclaimed. #4 If there are Judases within the Church, that is not a reason to leave, it is a reason to remain and be faithful to Christ.

    • Check out comic style tracks that have been around since the 70’s I believe, you should see what it says about the catholic church, it will blow you away!

    • Hi Dolores,
      Please allow me to answer some of your questions. 1) The Bible says clearly who the false churches are 2) We do not have to spend our lives copying Holy Scriptures by hand but copy them into our hearts and put them into practice. 3) That was excellent to proclaim the Good News in the church but we have to read the Bible day and night. Search, pray, read and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you and you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. May God bless you and your loved ones.

    • Because Protestant Christians have given their lives to keep the Bible in circulation and to translate it!!!

  13. I don’t understand athiests, how could they possibly not know of God?? I’m so glad Mr.Storm is saved, I had a feeling that when we sin we break God’s heart of heart’s. I love his painting of Jesus….after all he saw and spoke to him!

  14. Jesus the same yesterday, today and forever. What a loving Lord and Saviour! He is the only one that can save dieheard atheist like Howard. Glory be to His holy name.

  15. Dear Sheree,
    I have a hard time believing you were ever a Catholic…if you were you would know that there are two Scripture readings and one gospel reading from Matthew, Mark, Luke or John’s during each Mass. So, how you missed those and the homilies given on the Scriptures after, is beyond me.
    Are you aware of the history of how the Holy Bible came about? The Book you claim as your authority was compiled from councils of
    Catholic bishops choosing which writings were “inspired” by God and which weren’t. Are you sure you want to embrace a Catholic
    book? How do you know all the right gospels & letters, of many,
    made the cut? It’s odd to me that a Protestant like yourself loathes
    and rejects the Catholic Chuch, when the Church was obviously the Holy Spirit’s choice to bring the Bible into fruition through the actions of Catholic heirarchy.
    Sheree, I don’t know what predudices or grudges you have against the Catholic Church…but likely it was a bad Catholic that soured you. Jesus came for sinners and you will find us in the Catholic Church, sure enough. But, just as you identified yourself as once Catholic, can you see how easy it is for people to claim Catholicism yet know absolutely zip about it? I invite you to learn in the link I provided above. Everything believed by the Church is biblical.

    • True; in fact, it is THOSE individuals who DO scour the bible that end up finding themselves in the Catholic church. You can’t get any more biblical than that. How is it that those who proclaim “Sola Scriptura” can’t even find THAT in the bible???

      Look at conversion stories and you’ll find that those who left the Catholic church really had no sound basis for it, yet those who converted INTO the Catholic church did so BECAUSE of Sacred Scripture.

      For ever four (weak) Catholics who leave the church there is one really good, sound and strong Catholic coming in the front end. The church will get smaller but stronger.

      The bible is a Catholic book. I would like to see someone prove otherwise.

    • Mairin,
      i try very hard not get into debates with people about what the Catholic church believes, because i know that what is taught at mass, and what is proclaimed by the church are two different things. Anyone who goes to a mass would have to agree that the word is preached. However, there are huge portions of official catholic doctrine that are unbiblical. And when i say “official” i mean directly from the pope and the cardinal sect that determines doctrine. The whole concept of the papacy and the priesthood is obviously unscriptural if catholics would just read their bibles for themselves. I went to catholic school and catholic church, and have studied the teachings for years, as my passion is for the lost sheep. Protestant, catholic, mormon, witness, bahai, christian scientist, SDA, or ‘spiritual but not religious’; all the pseudo-christians who believe they are saved, but are not, whether because of corrupt doctrine, or prideful self-deception. While i know there are many saved people in the catholic church, the truth is, i can say with certainty, and back it up with scripture, that anyone who knows and believes the full teaching of the catholic church will find themselves unsaved when judgement comes. Just the stuff about Mary is enough to separate a person from God forever. To diminish the deity and uniqueness of Jesus and/or elevate man to godhood is blasphemy. True catholism is NOT true christianity. I’m sorry, but it’s not.
      I have not read any of Mr. Storm’s other accounts or statements about his beliefs, so i cannot comment, but i will say in response to those attributed to him, there is no choice after death.
      Please, everyone, read your bibles carefully, and reject ANYTHING that does not come directly from it. If you don’t read it at all, or don’t yet believe, then please start reading it, and the truth will soon be revealed to you.
      GOD Bless.

      • I’ve read NDEs where people have witnessed others in the afterlife arguing back and forth about religion and the bible. Don’t you get it? Its not about the details. Religions all have it wrong. Its about love. You are loved. You are here to share and express your love. That’s it.


    • Hi everyone.
      I am Catholic and I do believe the Catholic scripture teachings are the closest to the truth, or even the truth of Jesus. I had an unpleasant experience with the Catholic institution.I was married for 7 years and had 2 children with my husband. My husband had an affair in our marriage and then left with the woman he had an affair with. Anyhow, this woman worked as a school teacher in the Catholic system, so she knew people in the Church. The irony is that I worked as a school teacher in the public system. She persuaded him to go to the church and get our marriage annulled so that she could marry him in the Catholic Church and maybe to secure her job in the catholic teaching system. The priest that was in charge of annulments was known to her and they started attending mass at his church. I fought the annulment for 2 years, but to no avail and he was granted the annulment. No consideration was ever given to my young children, and what eventuated was even worse. He stopped seeing the kids altogether and they have had no contact with him throughout their life. What I found devastating was the churches response to this whole thing. I let it go, spoke to Jesus myself, as I have a wonderful relationship with him, Mary, an of course the angels. I brought my kids up, sent them to Catholic schools, and took them to church during Easter and Christmas. What I have learnt is that the teachings of the scriptures are correct in the Catholic Church, but evil has infiltrated it, just as it infiltrates all institutions. But that doesn’t take away from the teachings of Jesus, nor from the beauty and love that Jesus encapsulates. God bless you all.

  16. I searched and read the Bible and now I thank God for He has enlightened me. I do not have to confess my sins to anyone but to Him only thru Jesus. John 3:16 is enough for me and I do not need any other mediator for Jesus is the only Mediator between God and man. I do not have to memorize my prayers but only things that are from my heart. I am saved because of His grace and not by my good works. To Him alone be the glory forever and ever; and not even my religion.

    • Excellent response to the whole Protestant/Catholic debate going on here!! Very well ‘said’! If only everyone would choose to live in the freedom from religion you clearly do. So do I! It’s truly the only life worth living this side of eternity! 🙂

      • To all three of you, take a look at John 20;23…..Care to explain what Jesus HIMSELF said very specifically? “Those whose sins you forgive are forgiven, those retained are retained”, speaking DIRECTLY TO HIS DISCIPLES.

  17. Thank God for this testimony. I am so encouraged. It’s good to know that despite our shortcomings, he doesn’t and can nevergive up one us.

  18. I loved this because it shows the mercy of God, Christ Jesus.Jesus went into hell and rescued the people who had died in Noahs day at the flood. And He took the keys of hell and death from our enemy satan. God is good. I hope this will draw others to Jesus and make them realise there is a way that does lead to Heaven through Christ Jesus. This man has been used by God to bring Hope to those who maybe had no hope, haliluyah. To those who have mentioned about different denominations I don’t think that matters, it is about our walk with God and John 3:16 ” God so loved the World” ( it doesn’t say this denomination or that one ) that He gave us His begotten Son that whoever believes in HIM will not perish but have eternal life.” I am so glad it isn’t a particular denomination because can you imagine the pride that would come from that. He died for all of us so we could live eternally with Him and it is just a case of accepting his precious offer and recognising we are all sinners and we need His grace. Gods redeeming action thru Christ for All Eternity = GRACE.

  19. Ohh… my sweet Jes, I thank you for your deep love for us all. I bless You Jes…I bless Your Name indeed!!!

  20. What amazing story, instead of fighting over doctrine, let us celebrate the glory and mercy of the Lord. And remember their are millions of people like Howard who are going to hell unless they have a revelation of who Jesus is. His not angry with you, He loves you!

  21. LORD Jesus Christ is the Exalted Jesus Christ of Nazareth(prophesied thousands of years earlier) who died on the Cross so you and I can be restored BACK to the UNITY of the Godhead (Father-Son-Holy Ghost/Spirit) via my/our membership(Grafted to the True Vine-Jesus) in His Kingdom(Righteousness-Peace & Joy in the Holy Ghost/Spirit). Therefore, His Name is exalted above every other names in heaven, on earth and below the earth[Read Phillipians ch.2](Pictures of heaven, pictures of earth and pictures of Hades/Purgatory-death without Christ MUST come into ones in-built (God-made) Memory system powerful than any computers built or yet to be built- power of imagination (restrospection-reflection-meditation etc) yeah???
    Hence, Jesus the Name or Jesus the WORD continues to RESOUND over the Entire (heaven earth and Below the Earth concept) so the Deceased in Hades/Purgatory-NOT HELL as it is still empty but getting heated up and ready to be filled with Satan, his demons and goats*after the Great White Throne Judgement in Revelation…end of the Millenial in which satan and his entire army is finally being judged(apart from defeats).
    So, as LORD JESUS CHRIST(LJC) Name is echoed via the entire spectrum, souls in hades/purgatory will REPENT and TURN to the Risen JESUS of Nazareth in that domain and thus be saved-joined to the Kingdom of God(Lord Jesus Christ) in that side of the spectrum.
    How I know it, is a long story, but we lost a daughter in Christ from our Youth group via self-harm(suicide in the Pastors house) in 2008.
    She was a loving Babe in Christ, singer, guitarist etc etc..but she came from a from a devastating family abuse system..she died tragically but her soul/spirit began to appear in our vivid dreams seen by about 6-7 people including myself…so my family(5 of us) began to FAST and Pray for her FREEDOM from that Bondage to Purgartory/Hades through her Guilt by association to the self-harm(suicidal spirit) which is an AFFRONT to the Giver (Creator) of LIFE/LOVE/PEACE etc etc etc…the bible clearly states that WE must not harm this body given to us for our Spirit/Soul- a God Given/Gifted entity to dwell in, as Our body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit…see 1 corinthians chptrs. 5,6 & 7.
    After a period of about 1 months our inner peace and tranquility returned and so does a dream confirming her SAFE-PASSAGE from Hades to Paradise was made complete ONLY Because We were holding to that BIBLICAL-FACT(TRUTH) that by FAITH we, Gods CHILDREN(Sons & daughters) can and MUST PRAY for our DEAD relatives to be RESCUED/SAVED FROM Hades/purgatory, as JESUS is still the Same Yesterday-Today & Forever–Didn’t he descend(down=”Under the earth”) to Purgatory/HADES to FREE up those who were there(Suffering; like Judas Iscariot/ Guess where he is now? right! he(Judas) is saved-I can Garantee that… as Jesus of Nazareth went down(Under the earth) there after Judas had died(hanging himself-biblical story) at the moment of His death at the Cross??? It is still TRUE today, that when a person dies AND his/her relatives pray for the deceased(Faith-fully & consistently)….GODS GRACE & MERCY & COMPASSION & LOVE reaches down to the Underworld(Under the earth concept) and the Deceased is Given a Choice…Guess what??? with all the countless stories about Hades/Purgatory written and heard from Testimonies about its REALITY where the death-without-Christ dwell therein, WHO in their right mind would not choose LIFE/LOVE with Christ as THEChoice in Hades/Purgatory!!!
    But the KEY is for the Faithful to PRAY for the Deceased (FullSTOP) particularly those that died without the Peace of God of knowing where they are heading to after this life…
    One thing further plse…You know what? the Pastor that was the young(14yr old)girl’s uncle; died of a heart attack at the Parliament Great Hall in Canberra in 2007, about 8 months prior to his niece taking her own life..Our Dad’s-Fathers MERCY reaches to the heavens, the earth and below the earth..He came back from his death experience to let everyone know of the reality of Hades/heaven/demons/spirits/idols/family unity/church unity etc. of how, Important for family to LOve each other and NOT to take for granted their relationship here on earth..the Pastor still preraches today and goes on Missions overseas preaching teaching people what the LORD JESUS CHRIST Asked him to Teach/Preach/Encourage/Admonish Gods People on earth today…you know what? the very cruel of the cruelest, violent offender,Rapist, Robber, Adulterer, Lesbian/Homosexual/Moslem or Communist or Bhuddist, Hindu or Far-Right(neo-Nazi) extremist terrorist are all Gods children who are still blind and rebelling, they are those who need the GOSPEL (Good News) about what I’m just talking about now…God-Our Fathers Judgement includes Mercy and in His Mercy He remembers Salvation to be given out to repentant souls…you and I.

    Thank you for your patience with my article above, so, for any clarification please email me at: [[email protected]] I’d love to have some dialogue with you, and I’m a so called Protestant that attend Catholic Mass as well, from time to time, and many other congregation in my past experience. By the way, All congregations are VALID to our Father in Heaven, ask LJC our Mediator, He’ll tell you about it. All are an expression of the faith He imparted to our forefathers but NONE is perfect Until the PERFECT ONe comes(1Corinthians chptrs. 12 & 13 & 14)

    God bless….see Numbers 6:24-26 to you and Yours

    Pastor Solly
    Mt Isa Mine

    • Pastor Solly You’re not a Pastor from God.You’re right by saying you’re a pastor but not from God.Why?because you nothing of the scriptures you believe that there is purgatory,there is no such word in the bible as purgatory that is purely a doctrine of men and not biblical either.Please read Luke 16:19-31.There are only 2 places mentioned in the bible the word heaven and the word Hell.Revelation 21:8 and all liars and those who worship idols are to be thrown into hell.Acts 2:38 Repent and be Baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Jesus said except a man be born of water and the spirit you will by no means enter the kingdom of God.John 3:5.

      • That’s why Purgatory wasn’t mentioned in the Bible is because it’s also part of Heaven. You know that anything/anyone unclean cannot enter Heaven; hence, there’s still a need to “purify” saved souls/souls who believed Jesus but still lead not-so-good lives. There are many accounts of this. The punishments are similar to Hell but the difference is, they have the chance to go to Heaven. Their torments are temporary.

  22. Why all the running each other down? This is not what God tells us to do. When it is all said and done-it won’t matter what the sign on the front of your church says. What will matter is what is in your heart. God searches our hearts, He knows what is in there. Search the scriptures wether it is the Catholic bible or Protestant bible, it doesn’t natter. Seek God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Ask and you shall receive, ask God to show you the truth-He will. The bible nor God says anywhere that Ye must be members of any specific church. He says Ye must be born again. Seek and you will find. Our God is mighty, loving, forgiving, truthful, and full of grace and mercy. He will forgive anything if you just ask. Seek Him and His word and don’t worry about what church or religion you belong to. Belong to God. That is all that matters-love God, love your fellow man, forgive others and seek after good. God bless all of God’s children, He loves us all.

  23. To ljsedivy:
    You said the “Bible” is a Catholic book; so that means that G.OD is not the G.OD of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (ISRAEL), it’s a god you Catholics have invented?, that means the Bible wasn’t given to Israel and the Jewish people (G.OD’s specific people), that means tha Jesus/YESHOUA was born Catholic?, that means that BethLehem and Nazareth were catholic at that time already. WOW!!! thats the real story, how come no one knows Jesus/YESHOUA was and is catholic?
    I want to think you are not denying YESHOUA was a JEW, because you’ll have to be in HIS HOLY Presence one day and you will faint to see a typical Jew in front of you. Please don’t ofend G.OD, the real ONE, the only ONE, the G.OD of Israel, saying the Bible is a catholic book, they didn’t even think to exist when G.OD gave HIS HOLY world and book to the Jewish people, if you read the New Testament you’ll discover how Jewish it is; and let me tell you something else, just for your knoledge: G.OD did 2 covenants and guess what, HE did it only with the Jewish people, twice!!!, that shows you how much HE loves HIS Jewish people. The first church was only Jewish in Jerusalem, and let me tell you that many Jewish people at that time followed Jesus/YESHOUA but not the most of them and that’s why YOU the nations were given the oportunity to get into the kingdom.
    Please ask G.OD to open your eyes and ears to the TRUTH and stop offending G.OD with those lies you are saying in this blog, repent and meet the true MESSIAH, the JEWISH MESSIAH the G.OD of ISRAEL, the only G.OD that leaves has given to the world, for the Jews first and then to the rest of the nations. G.OD has not forgot HIS covenants with HIS Jewish people; that’s why today so many Jewish people are accepting YESHOUA as their JEWSIH SAVIOR. Read the Bible (but the real one, not the catholic one) and you will understand what Paul the Apostle (not Saint Paul) said again and again. Read the book of Romains and stop being blind.

    • Thank you for pointing us again to the Jewish Messiah who was before Abraham, Moses, Peter, Paul and all those later called Popes, evangelists, etc.
      The Messiah is the Saviour of Jewish people, Catholics, Protestants, Evangelicals and atheists too. That Messiah calls us to love one another, as GOD loves us all. We all can be wrong about doctrine because our thoughts are not GOD´s thoughts, even though our Messiah does send the Holy Spirit to reveal GOD´s love to us and so our Messiah can dwell in us.

      Let us remember Jesus´ command to love one another and to abide in the Messiah and that love is the fulfillment of the law and the prophets. Jesus does not overturn the law, but fullfils it by showing true love for all people even though we fail to love and trust in GOD´s love for us and for all.
      Science and Medicine do not understand what life or death or consciousness are so fighting over whether people can be saved after dealth is perhaps meaningless. God uses whatever GOd wills to bring people to learn how to love God, themselves and others.
      I didn´t die, but as a child I had overburbened and neglectful Christian parents who didn´t have the time to show me love. God used a judgement experience to show me God´s love and acceptance of me as I was, to show me God´s perspective on my actions so I could repent of my harmful actions and shared with me the feelings of others so that I could feel compassion and forgive them for their harmful things directed to me and others.
      I believe all will have a similar experience, possibly in the process before or while dying so they will want a relationship with GOD , so they´ll repent and ask the Messiah for help before it is too late.
      Tell your atheist family and friends that Jesus already loves them and saved them. God will always want them to ask for their Messiah to come and be with them and transform them by their accepting God´s love for them and all others, leading them to love others, as well.
      Now can we pray for enough love to love each other inspite our differences of belief?

      Only God has the full truth.

      • Dear colleague,
        I am a Tunisian University professor. I am interested in Data Analysis concerning different domains (Biology, Geology, Astronomy, Linguistics, Sciences of religions etc…). In this context, I have recently written a new paper available at this link :

        and focused on the analysis of the experience on the brink of death and the Hereafter which is summarized as follows:

        «As the intensive care techniques improve, more and more patients are brought back to life from the frontier of clinical death. Some of them tell about their significantly intense experience when they seem to live and function outside their body. First, we shall present the various stages of a near death experience (NDE). We shall particularly explain why the observed phenomena during an NDE are troubling and destabilizing for the adepts of certain religions. Second, we shall analyze and interpret these phenomena according to different points of view. Further, we shall discuss life in the hereafter and present some of its aspects. In this paper we shall also raise the issue of premonitory dreams which constitute a mystery for scientists. »

        Since the topic would interest many readers, I am sending you a copy of the paper which will allow you to briefly access the universe of the hereafter. Would you please be so kind as to send me your comments and opinion on the matter.

        P.S. : If a link doesn’t work on clicking, please copy the link, and paste it in the address bar of your Web browser. You can also download the files from my website :

        I wish you a good reading.

        Sincerely yours

        Kamel Ben Salem
        Professor of Data analysis at the Department of Computer Science at the Faculty of Science, Tunis, 2092 El Manar II – Tunisia;
        E-mail : [email protected]

  24. I think it’s wrong to argue about denominations. Scripture indicates that it’s foolish to do that. Relationship with God is what it’s about. There are people who believe that the reason that there are denominations is because each one (in succession), became so polluted, that God’s Spirit left, and went looking for a people who would embrace and submit to His Word – with their whole being – spirit, soul, and body – and He’d pour out His Spirit on them. They’d flourish until the ‘3rd generation death’ of ‘their’ church,’ and so on. Each one has some good aspect remaining, but not one is the end all, or be all. That’s because God does require that there is a personal relationship with Him, which anyone in any denomination can find if they seek after God with your whole heart. (How many of you would enter into a marriage without any personal relationship? Where would the fruit (children) of such a relationship be? Zilch, right? When Jesus said “on this rock, I’ll build My church,” He wasn’t saying ‘on Peter, I’ll build My church.’ He was saying ‘on the revelation of who I am, and who each member of My body is – in their place in Me, I’ll build My church.’ To me that says that we need to know who God is and who we are in His body, our place. God’s Spirit will help us know that, just like he did for those who were called in the Bible. He created each and everyone of us with a purpose. Peter recognized that Jesus was God, and the Son of God, Messiah. Peter had that revealed to his inner man, and to his soul. Sheree was sharing something of utmost importance. Even though she sat in a church building where scriptures were being read, she didn’t have revelation of the knowledge of the truth from and by the Spirit of God. Why? Most Americans have a ‘logic,’ or ‘Greek’ mindset. They lean on their own understanding. I’m thankful that Sheree saw the ‘fruit’ of the priest of the church building that she sat in for so long. It’s no wonder that she didn’t receive revelation from the Spirit of God, as obviously sin was being ‘ purposefully practiced’ by the man reading the scriptures, so the spirit he was functioning under was not God’s Spirit, even though he was reading scripture. Sad, but truth. Some would say, ‘we are all sinners.’ God’s Word tells us ‘once you functioned as worldly people do, but now you are changed.’ In other words, once you’ve asked Jesus into your heart, there should be an outward evidence of an inward change. Read Romans 7 & 8, and Galatians 5, and ask Holy Spirit to shed light so you understand what’s written, in your ‘inward’ man. Spiritual things are spiritually discerned – with your spirit man. That’s what Sheree experienced – truth came from God through His Spirit, shedding light in her soul, so she got the revelation of the knowledge of the truth – from the spirit realm into her soulish person (soul is mind, will & emotions.) That’s called the ‘new birth’ experience. It’s a type of birthing of a new creation, because the soul (of which women are a type and picture), gets ‘pregnant’ with God’s Word to the point that the soul is changed and begins the process of growing into the image of Christ. The potential for the entire being: spirit, soul, and body – to change, is there. It’s a faith walk in which a person decides to engage with God, and God’s Spirit confirms within the human spirit that He is real, as the person reads the Word and then begins to walk according to what he reads. For those who embrace the truth, life will never be the same. Walking with Jesus is an adventure that can’t be compared to any other adventure. Wow!



    • Chuck Missler’s ( CD “The Bible – an Extratresstrial Message” should be listened to by all, then you will have a better understanding about the supernatural power of God to reach out to fallen mankind.

  26. I’m so thankful Jesus does not ever mention a denomination of any church. His love sustains me and I fully trust only Him for my salvation. “not wanting any to perish but have everlasting life”

  27. Did The Roman Catholic Church Give Us The Bible?
    I have been told it was the Catholic church who actually put together the New Testament. Another source says the Orthodox Christian church put it together. If the New Testament was indeed put together by the Catholic church, what does that say about what it is? I believe there is but one way, but it’s near impossible to find. – David C.

    Dear David: Thanks for your letter inquiring about the development of the New Testament and the role of the Roman Catholic and Orthodox Churches in that procedure. The origin and develop of the New Testament is classified as the study of the “Text and Canon of the N.T. You will find extended discussion and information on this subject in F. F. Bruce’s book, “The Books and Parchments” and articles in the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Schaff-Herzog’s Encyclopedia or Religious Knowledge, or M’Clintock and Strong’s Encyclopedia of the Bible.

    Briefly it occurred as follows: God inspired chosen men to write the various books of our New Testament. It seems that the Thessalonians Epistles were first written, about 50 A.D. The last written was Revelation in c.a. 96 A.D. Each book was produced as a separate document. Being inspired of God, it was perfect in content and language. Christians were eager to have books written by the apostles and prophets of Christ and when they learned that any church held a book or letter from Paul or others, say in Corinth, they would arrange to get a copy of it. Remember that all documents were prepared by hand.

    By the end of the first century most of the books of our New Testament enjoyed a wide circulation among the churches. There were however other books written by Christian writers who were not appointed and inspired by the Holy Spirit of God as Scripture writers. These books varied in value and spiritual correctness. They too circulated among the churches.

    Gradually over a period of many years, a common consensus arose as to which books were Scripture and which were just religious writings by Christian men… such as I might write today.

    Books written by apostles were cherished as were those written by prophets closely associated with the apostles, such as Mark and Luke. The internal contents were also a key indicator as to whether it was a divinely given book. By the second century, some churches had all or most of the 27 books in their possession.

    The large reference series of books called the Ante-Nicean Fathers contains all of the surviving writings of the early Christian teachers up to 325 A.D. It is interesting that those writers cite or quote from all of the books of our New Testament. The New Testament could be reproduced from those writings.

    Another important fact to know is that apostasy appeared early in the life of the church. Paul repeatedly warned that a falling away would come (I Timothy 4:1-3; II Thessalonians 2:3-12). In his day he said the “mystery of iniquity” was already at work.

    In the beginning there was the church of Christ (Romans 16:16), which He had established. It was some time before a congregation was established in Rome. There was no Roman Catholic church that can legitimately be linked with the modern church of that name until well into the 6th century. True there was a congregation in Rome as well as in many of the larger cities throughout the Roman empire, but it bore no resemblance to what is now the Roman Catholic Church. It finally emerged after some 500 years of apostasy and was not the church that Jesus built.

    As is often the case with institutions and organizations that are illegitimate and phony, Rome seeks to create respectability and acceptance for itself by revising the history of the early church, claiming that it is the original church and that it gave us the Bible, plus many other unfounded claims.

    The New Testament of Christ was fully written, completed and circulated four hundred years before that institution can document its beginning. By 130 A.D. the Four Gospels and the 13 Epistles of Paul were unanimously accepted as Scripture equal to the Old Testament. Gradually the other books found acceptance. By 400 A.D. there was no longer any discussion as to the validity and authority of the 27 books we now have.

    The Council of Carthage formally pronounced our 27 books the “Canon of the N.T.” But, the men who met in that Council had no authority from God to convene such a Council or to issue decrees in His name.

    The Roman Catholic church has a vital purpose in claiming that they gave us the Bible. Since so much of her doctrine and practice is contrary to the teaching of the N.T. she claims that since she gave us the Bible she has priority and therefore authority over it and is not therefore bound by its precepts. This is her official dogma.

    Now as to the Orthodox Church you mentioned. The word orthodox means that which conforms to the established doctrine. Although the Bible never uses the term, we could say that the church under the guidance of the apostles was “orthodox” by this definition. There is a religious denomination called the Orthodox Church… usually identified as the Greek Orthodox church. It emerged as a separate body as a result of a division in the apostate Church in 1054 A.D. This was in large part a political struggle.

    Emperor Constantine (280-337) had divided the political Roman Empire into Eastern and Western Divisions. The two regional elements in the corrupt church struggled for supremacy. The Greek Orthodox Church, often called the Greek Catholic Church, likewise bears little or no resemblance to the church of the Bible. This church had no more to do with giving us the New Testament than did the Roman Church.

    Our plea as churches of Christ is that we can be Christians in the same way as were those of that first generation… long before there were any of the modern denominational churches, including Catholicism.

    I urged you to “go and see” at a church of Christ near you.

  28. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! Without accepting Him as Lord and believing that He died in our place and was raised again in three days by God, we are utterly hopeless. Beware of deceitful teachings influenced by Eastern religion which say that all we have to do is love God and live a good lifestyle. Without Jesus there is NO HOPE!

    • so is Christianity a western religion-ah yes the non racist God whom made western religon the correct one! oh and wasnt the most important commandment made by jesus to love God and to love thy neighbour as thy self

  29. Like my pastor says, you will be surprised how many “Catholics” are in heaven and how many “Christians” are not. In other words, people will be judged by their true beliefs, not by their religious observance or denomination.

    • Your pastor shouldn’t be judging who goes to Heaven or not. He himself is breaking the rules of his faith. In any case, the Catholic Church is not the same church that it used to be. The great schism saw the church break into 2. The Orthodox church and the Catholic church. This is inconsequential. Jesus came to save the sinners. That was His mission. He loves everyone, regardless of race, creed or religion. But he rejoices when the prodigal son returns or comes to His Father.

  30. I am a non-Catholic who is aware via Catholic friends and due to some degree of direct exposure, of the great variation between the different Catholic churches in mass styles, languages predominently used, scriptures chosen for reading from the pulpit, and subjects taught in the homily. I certainly am aware that in some Catholic churches, at least in Europe, the Queen of Heaven is worshipped and featured on the alter, but in others, Jesus is the focus. That is why said Catholic friends take such care to seek certain types of churches and avoid others.
    Therefore, the arguments above about who is and is not correctly reporting about the procedures and teachings in the Catholic church must simply be because all these Catholics attend different churches so their experiences and observations are different!!! Good grief.

  31. May all and every catholic in this blog and in the world open their eyes to the truth and the ONLY true MESSIAH YESHOUA/Jesus (Jesus was not his name, HE was a Jew Rabbi, HIS name was YESHOUA BEN YOSEFF). May you one day understand YESHOUA’s words when HE said that NO ONE comes to the Father and the Kingdom if you are not born again from water and in the spirit. The catholic church is still far away from that state but I agree that many catholics will be in the Kingdom of G.OD and many sooo called christians won’t specially the Anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist and Anti-Jewish church. In Genesis 12 G.OD promisses to Abraham “I will bless those who bless Israel and I will curse those who curse Israel”. People (believers=the real ones) from the nations have to pray for their one countries cause G.OD is going to bring judgement against the nations(actually HE already started) according to their treatment to Israel and HIS Jewish people. I also want to remind you folks that YESHOUA is not coming back to Rome or the vatican that it’s an abomination in G.OD’s eyes, but to ZION-JERUSALEM=ISRAEL to save HIS people, don’t ever forget that; please read the whole Bible=66books and understand G.OD’s word by the HOLY SPIRIT and if you don’t have it ask G.OD to give you and fill you with it. Your eyes will finally be open, you see when a muslim finds YESHOUA the Jewish MESSIAH they don’t go to the catholic church, they seek to find a born again Christian Church, cause at the same time they have this incredible encounter with the Jewish MESSIAH their are automaticly filled with the HOLY SPIRIT and they inmediately star to love the Jewish people and Israel, they even learn Hebrew and want to worship in Hebrew, the SAVIOR’s language. This can happen to all of you too if you only humble yourself and ask G.OD you want to know the truth and be filled by the HOLY SPIRIT. G.OD bless you and Shabbat Shalom

  32. I cannot usefully add anything to most of what has been written above. This is a ‘classic’ – and honest – NDE. May I recommend two books which may inform, interest and guide other non-believers and semi- believers; viz “Consciousness Beyond Life” by Pim van Lommel, MD, and my own “God, Ghosts, and Independent Minds”. Newton Green

  33. I don’t write to blogs, but I feel compelled to after reading Mark Ellis’ article. I had a near-death experience (NDE) when I was 7. I’m now 53. I had one of the “good” NDEs when I almost died from pneumonia. It’s difficult to describe the intensity and power of the experience because there are no equivalents I know of on Earth.

    I’ll skip almost everything and mention a little bit about my meeting with the “Being of Light”. Jesus in the Gospels is the closest match I’ve read that best describes this “Being of Light”. To this day, I can’t read read more than a few paragraphs from the Gospels without having to put the Bible down.

    During the NDE, the “Being of Light” initially appeared as a small white star in a black universe. As I was pulled closer, I detected intelligence and warmth. As I got even closer, I saw a human form glowing with intense, warm, white light, I sensed incredible love and gentleness; he could put a newborn chick in a nest and not disturb a single feather. I also sensed incredible power with absolute self-control; a wayward thought from him could obliterate the universe in a microsecond, yet his overwhelming love and utter self-control made this impossible.

    I don’t think this is mentioned much in the literature, but the “Being of Light” is also incredibly funny!

    I’ve run out of time and space for this comment. I’m certainly not special. I suspect I had the NDE because I am fundamentally too stubborn and left-brained (spiritually stupid) to have gotten the message any other way.

    • Thank you for pointing out the warm humor of the being of light. I experienced that too.

      I experience that same presence in the Gospels and the Jewish Scriptures. As Jesus said (I know Jesus was not his Jewish name but it is the personality we trust in which literally can and does cast out demons, whatever they are), “Before –Abraham was, I am.”

  34. Such experiences are not unknown in the Eastern traditions.

    The Tibetan Book of the Dead, for example, refers to them, very
    specifically, as the “vision of the wrathful deities”, in which the
    “self”, after death, goes through a variety of “hell worlds” in which
    it is mutilated and suffers various injuries…

    All of which, however, occur before its next life, ‘incarnation’, or

    In other words, such experiences do NOT contradict the Revelation
    of the “resurrection”; which was taught by Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus
    and Mohammed as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’.

    Thus, Christians are going to have to decide what it is that they
    are going to believe:

    Will they believe in the pagan doctrine of a metaphysical existence
    of rewards and punishments, which was believed in by even the
    Egyptians in their worship of the ‘god of the dead’ (Chapter 20:38
    of the Gospel of Luke)–in direct and flagrant violation, however,
    of the Law as set out in Deuteronomy Chapter 28–or will they believe
    in the revelation of the memories of previous lives, as cryptically
    described in Chapter 27:52-53 of the Gospel of Matthew and
    Chapter 20:34-36 of the Gospel of Luke?


  35. Do you actually think that you will SUCCEED by continuing to censor the Truth about the Doctrine of “resurrection” as a Doctrine of ‘Rebirth’?

    The days of Jewish, Christian and Muslim theology–and their Satanic contradiction of the Teaching of Isaiah, Daniel, Jesus & Mohammed–are NUMBERED (Revelations 12:12).

    Millions upon millions of people will die as a result of the initiation of a war with Iran, which will morph into the fulfillment of the Prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel & Zechariah.

    But their blood will be on YOUR hands because of your censorship of this Truth; something that will NOT be widely known until AFTER the eruption of the “time of trouble” Prophesied by Daniel.

  36. After reading the story of Howards near death experience and reading the posts. I am left wondering what exactly should I believe…….
    Thankfully having recieved my own experience of God and His goodness……I have to say quite honestly it is the fear of God which set me on the course to find Salvation and the truth…..just like the words from the old hymn, Amazing Grace……It was grace that taught my heart to fear, and grace my fears relived. All of you writing here, will do well to remember nothing ever changed about Gods word and we will all be judged accordingly. What I find difficult is so many who have written here seem to have forgotten or avoid what the Bible clearly states about death, resurrection, Judgement, heaven and hell.

  37. This looks like an interesting discussion from many points of view,… not to mention the wonderful testimonies! I’ll be reading through it all carefully, as time permits,… meanwhile,…

    God Bless everybody & wishing you all a Happy/Blessed Easter/Resurrection time of Praise, Worship, Rejoicing and Love for God our Father, Jesus Christ our anointed Savior, and the Holy Spirit, Who All seem to be much less confused about these things than we are,…

    … but I have a strong Faith that everything will work out just as it’s supposed to “in the end!”

  38. Please stop arguing people about the religion and the Bible!!! If you are truly Christian love each other and lift up your hearts and Follow Jesus Christ and have peace on earth… Jesus said don’t judge…Peace be with you all!!! Pray for the world we are sinking and the world turn up side down..

  39. My father was President of a Christian University. He started sexually abusing me at such an early age. He always told me while beating me that I was the worse person in the world. I have always loved God, but want to understand His love for me because I know I am so undeserving. I can tell by some of your writings that you are aware of His great love. I am thankful for you.

    • You know that abusers and Satan tell you you are bad and things are your fault. Jesus said that those who caused a child to sin or sinned against a child were the ones who truly have reason to fear. You are still the child that GOD wants brought to GOD to be loved and washed clean of everything that was done to you.

      Only Jesus shows us GOD´s love and acceptance of us and can make us whole so our scars don´t cause us to hurt others. We all need to put our hurts in GOD´s hands, to ask for healing and the ability to change so we don´t continue to hurt ourselves or others. God will bring justice for our wrongs, teach us to forgive those who have sinned against us and bring us to ask for forgiveness of those we sin against.

  40. The discussion seems to have strayed from Howard’s near death experience directly and more into the accounts of what happens after death in the Bible. Why is the discussion about purgatory when Howard seems certain it was hell?
    Anyway, if we are to assume that the account given as given is true then we can only approach it from a human interpretation as we can not begin to understand God’s will. Howard is special to God and perhaps what happened was the only way that he would turn to God, but it’s great that he did.
    Does anyone know when this experience happened?

  41. Thanks for this nice and loving jesus experience …. lets tell people about
    Jesus to change the world and unbelieving people

  42. I was born, baptised and still am a Roman Catholic. I believe in Jesus and all the teachings of the Church; I read the bible, old and new testament and I believe that there is one true God (Father, Son, Holy Spirit). I also do not judge people for what church he or she attends. I believe that Jesus is the only way to Heaven. I believe that I should be loving, kind, forgiving and believe in the Word of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. I have many wonderful friends, Jewish, Protestant, Catholic, Born Again, Baptists, Evangelists, and all sects of religion. If a person is good and lives a decent and respectful lifestyle and lives by the Word of God, I believe we shall all enter the Kingdom Of Heaven. We must live our lives as Jesus Christ has taught us and if we are truly sorry for our sins and wrongdoings on earth, that we will be taken to Heaven to meet our beloved Savior one day.

    • “And call no man your “father” (in a religious context) upon the earth: for One is your Father, which is in heaven.” Matthew 23:0


  43. I believe in God. But his NDE all could be fake. For all we know, he is an Atheist. An atheist trying to sell a book. For all we know, he is mocking us for making him rich as he enjoys his life as an Atheist, enjoying life to the fullest no matter what the cost. Again, an atheist would enjoy life no matter what the cost. I just find his story quite inconsistent with other who had NDEs…So is God reallybeing creative in every person’s NDE?…very inconsistent.

  44. To Howard Storm:

    I’ve spent 4 years of my life in a (Catholic) charity institution and the founder is already beatified. His works are great and till these days the this charitable organization still tend to thousands of poorest of the poor.

    Currently I became an ATHEIST because I don’t really understand the too many religions of this world and in fact even in Christianity alone it already stemmed to many sects, all claiming to be the right one.

    Additionally, there are also other religions with their own beliefs that they are the right one which adds more to my confusion. Thus, I turned into an ATHEIST (also because of other reasons).

    Would you kindly tell me if you ever asked Jesus when He asked your questions about my situation (about the many different religions)? I’m sure you too have this kind of sentiment. Please enlighten me to straighten up my decision although I admit that if your answer is not satisfactory I might search for other answers or just remain an ATHEIST.

    Appreciate in advance your earliest reply.

    • Jun (and all)

      This article does not represent everything that Howard Storm went through. Sadly, this article makes it sound like God told Storm that Christianity is the true religion. In actual fact, if you read the full excerpt, he says:

      “I asked them, for example, which was the best religion. I was looking for an answer which was like, “Presbyterians.” I figured these guys were all Christians.

      The answer I got was, “The best religion is the religion that brings you closest to God.”

      – To answer your question, Howard Storm does not say Christianity is the only way to God, or the only true religion. He joined the United Church of Christ because it is one of the more liberal and open-minded denominations that does not believe they are the only way. They believe in gay rights, women’s rights and civil rights, and it’s the denomination that brings him closer to God.

    • Jun,
      All those denominations are not necessarily a sign of disunity. On most of the important points they agree – namely, who Jesus is and what He did. There are differences, but not all of them are significant.

      The important thing is the person and finished work of Christ. It’s possible to grow up in a heavily religious environment and still not have the Gospel reach your heart. Please put your bad experiences aside and approach the Lord and His Word afresh. Sincerely ask God to show Himself to you in a real way, right where you are. Like in the story of the Prodigal Son, He will more than meet you halfway.

      No matter where you look, you will not find a better Savior than Jesus. He is the absolute seal of perfection, the express radiance of the Father’s glory. He is the only one who can save us. Don’t let experiences with imperfect man and his imperfect churches keep you away from Him.

  45. This is a nice story, but obviously a work of fiction. For one, I find it hard to believe that it was so so so difficult to find a doctor in France. A quick google search tells me that their medical system is better and more responsive than the U.S.

    Second, there is no way that Jesus has blond hair and blue eyes. That is a caucasian complexion. Every NDE I read about (from a Christian person) says that is how Jesus looks, however if his body is the same as it was on earth, why would he be caucasian? Jesus was born in Jeruslum, so he would therefore have a middle eastern complexion. Yet I have never ever heard of a NDE where he has a middle eastern complexion. (One NDE I read about…about a boy who had a NDE… the boy said that our spirtual bodies are the same after death as they are in life. Yet Jesus was also caucasian with blue eyes when he met him. Was Jesus the only caucasian in the middle east when he was born? I find that hard to believe.)

    Also interesting thing to note- people who have NDE and belong to other religions, (or originally came from other religions) often have different NDEs. There are similarities of course, but if they are not Christian they do not see Jesus. They may see Allah or their Hindu god or whatever.

    I think this article is neatly written to convince an atheist to believe in Jesus, however I think that there is a special place in hell for those people who lie to others (or hurt others) so that they can convert to their religion. (It’s a good thing that cases of people hurting or forcing others to be Christian is a thing of the past, and mostly occurred centuries ago. However it is one of the reasons why Christianity is the number one religion in the world, with Islam (doing similar things) at a number two.

    A religion should sell itself; It should not need people to lie for it. And if this person is not lying, then it is obviously a delusion (for the above stated reasons).

    I think that NDE and the afterlife are quite likely to be true, but I don’t think this account is a good example of one.

    • Satan is the great deciever so every one should beware of that. I do agree with a couple of things you said,but every one we need to stop focusing on what Our Lord Jesus Christ looks like and focuse on what He accomplished for His Father God and for all of us and the world, which is giving His life so we do not perish but have everlasting life, and so we can be reconnected with The One True God our One True God (the God of Moses). And I do understand what you’re saying (and I’m African American)which don’t mean anything, so no disrespect and may God Bless You and every one on this website and may the Lord keep his image out your heart but only His Perfect Love, God Bless!


  47. We were missionaries in Mexico for 10 years. Here is a story/testimony from there. A man who was a witch doctor died. He had two sons who were saved and did not want their father to go to hell. These two saved sons prayed to The Lord to bring their father back to life. The Lord brought their father back from the dead. And he had a story to tell. When our missions leader spoke with him he talked of meeting a man in a white robe…..and basically was talking about Jesus in the book of Revelation. This was a man with no knowledge of the scriptures. This man was saved after coming back to life but had met Jesus while he was dead. This kinda messes with our theology but it did happen.

  48. What about Jairus’s daughter and Lazarus? They were dead but Jesus said they were asleep. How de we as man determine when someone is dead? The doctors say someone is dead when they can’t detect certain physical things. But in the Lord’s eyes could that person still be “alive in the spirit realm”? What about Job 33:14-18?Job 33:14-18 (KJV)
    14For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. 15[In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed;] 16[Then he openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction,] 17[That he may withdraw man ] from his[ purpose, and hide pride from man.] 18[He keepeth back his soul from the pit, and his life from perishing by the sword.] Job’s counselors talk of speaking to someone in a deep sleep and not letting one go to hell. This tells me there is the possibility of The Lord speaking to one in a coma or in a dream.

  49. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I’m the worst kind of sinner (a back slider) meaning I was saved and became a sinner again, so I am no better and I know God’s perfect love and what our Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed for our sinful ways.I just want to get back into God’s good grace but sometimes I don’t think I know how since I back slided. I have sinned against God in some of the most terrible ways, don’t get me wrong I’m also a good person in my opinion and sometimes (knowing that satan is the father of lies) is putting in my heart because of some of the nature of my sins against God before and after I was saved God won’t forgive me this time.I pray in the Precious Mighty Name of Jesus who ever is going through such a similar situation as I am that OUR Lord will reemove this doubt out of all your hearts and mine so that we all can get back in God good grace Amen. This is the plea from yours truly a back slider . Help Please

    • Jabbar,

      Read Howard Storm’s whole story on:

      And after that read all the rest of other people’s accounts. I hope you will realise very quickly that God appears in many forms, and is not judgmental. You can’t get ‘out of God’s good grace’ because everything that you’re doing right now even the so-called ‘backsliding’ is part of God’s plan.

      You think you’re sinning against God, but in reality it is all part of God’s plan…have a read of Storm’s full NDE, and read the rest!

      You will be surprised to see that you don’t need to worry so much about it.

    • You have to remember Jabbor, when Jesus took upon himself your sins and mine 2000 years ago, he took them ALL till the moment of death…what we see as our past, present and future sins were all included in he died for our sins. They were all future to him then and he pad for them all even the ones after we backslid.

      Jesus paid FULLY the wages of sin on our behalf. He loved us when yet sinners and he loves us as his children even more. We are like the prodigal son maybe in that he rejoices in the fact you are sorry and want to be close to him..he loves you–warts and all. He loves the worst of sinners and he has called us to himself. he certainly is not waiting for you to be perfect. As clothed in his righteous when he rose we all rose, we are already in his eyes perfect.

      He says he was the 2nd Adam but his death and Resurrection did not only die for all your sins but also our sin he said..this is referring to the pre-adam man of innocence without a sin nature. but he did more not just restoring our fellowship as if Adam had never sinned but adding to it his own goo0dness and holiness and righteousness.

      It is hard to gasp and if you dont that is ok even I have trouble realizing it but he does not merely sees us now as sinless and only as seated in the heavenly places but further he accomplished with what he did a freedom from sin and slavery to it. I suggest the book amazing grace or also same book was originally called the liberation of the planet earth both by Hal Lindsay to help in understanding Christianity better and what was actually done at that cross and from the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. I think this book will be of great help for you as it was for me.

      if we stand on the word of god that we are no longer slaves to sin in spite of what we see, no matter what, we can find ourselves progressively seeing what is already true in god’s eyes.

      Sanctification is not a part of being is a result of progressively leaning on the holy spirit in obedience and standing on what the bible says is true of him getting rid of not only our sins but our sin and the 2nd Adam facts of what was done there at Calvary.

      He yelled from the cross the word tetelstai, it had meaning for the people of the day

      It was the same word prisoners had stamped across their release form prison after they had paid in full for their crimes and with that certificate to produce they could never again be charged with the same double do not have to repay for sins Jesus already died for

      it is important to go here and look fo #5 prisoners and read this and let it sink in

      Jesus sees all sins as abhorrent and knew not one of us could save ourselves. that is why he came out of love. sometimes it is hard when here and looking at the magnitude of our sins to not think we are wrong and will not be accepted. People think their sins at the point they asked Jesus to be their savior are forgiven but not those after..they feel then a different standard is asked..that of saint but the bible tells us that when Christ died. we who were in Him also died, were buried,. resurrected and received the garments of the Lord while as snow.

      We did not deserve or earn any of was a gift to us made out of love.

      We see ourselves in our rags of sinfulness especially if we have a sensitive conscience or a serious sin but he already sees us as saint seated in the heavenly places and none can snatch us form his hand, not sin nor devils life or death..nothing can separate us from the love of God.

      The devil loves when he can get us to look upon our sins more than the powerful and redeeming blood of the lamb that he knows will be looked when he at final judgment he comes with a list of our sins as accuser of the brethren, but god will look to see if we have been covered with the blood of Jesus our sacrificial lamb…if we have been at any point in our lives and have accepted his free gift of salvation, the angel of death will passover us as he did the firstborn with the blood on the doorpost…he will see the blood on the doorpost of our hearts and we will be accepted.

      all of us those you think are such good Christians and where you think you should be all enter by the same way as he tells us all our righteousness is a filthy rags and that noone is good enough and all stand hushed and silent before a holy god. Yet He has clothed us with his righteous and made us is not by works we are saved but faith lest no man hsould boast.

      Why do we feel he saves us till the point we repent the first time and become saved but not when we mes up or backslide…he died for our future sins too and forgave them all..these things you did that are torturing you are already forgiven…just believe and be happy. he did not come to give us half a cross and then expect us to be holy, for that would be we were necessary to save ourselves..why would he die if we had to then save ourselves by being good enough.

      the truth is it is as he said on the cross all paid in full.

      Just accept his salvation still, thank him and begin not let the devil use your sins to doubt the all encompassing love of God for his children as he did not spare even his own son and took fully our sins and nailed them to the cross.

      Get your eyes off your sin, put it under his death and resurrection and thank him for loving and saving him–if we sin too much after being saved, we may not get the rewards we might have but we will not lose salvation…

      You are already in his good graces and don’t have to fight to get back..just remember he already did for this too. He will and has already forgiven you. Believe in this as much as you did when first saved as it is just as true as on that day and will be forever more.

      You are in God’s good graces already…he cannot make more true what is already true..what is needed is for you and other backsliders to realize this and thank god for it..he is not mad at you anymore nor does he condemn you for those sins..they are already as far form east to west thanks ot the love of Jesus in dying for us and the father doing what Abraham was asked to do.

      You are loved Brother. Once we realize how much we are loved and all the Lord has done for us,. it can help us do better but that is not a prerequisite of being saved and the sins done after salvation are no less unforgiven as the ones before it. it is truly good news that the Gospel brings. I struggle with remembering this too a lot. But the truth of what he did is even more true than the sin that looms so large before us. He can forgive the worst of sinners…the only thing he says cannot be forgiven is blasphemy of the holy spirit which many see as not accepting him at all as Savior..we do have one thing we need to do and that is believe and adept his free salvation on our behalf and if you did that once, you are not going to go to hell he loved you just as much Jabbor as he ever did as he knows us through and through and still died for us all.

      He is utterly fair and will not do for one what he will not do for another..he forgave the thief who asked fir mercy and that man could not come down form the cross to live a good life..all he did was call upon the mercy of God and believe he would be merciful..if he did it for him he will do it for you and all backslidden Christians. He hopes though that we will lean on the holy spirit and try to live better as he does not want us deprived of the rewards we might have one day and the good this will do for others. But he does not demand it certainly..if I can see the repentance in this single post, surely God can with all you said to Him.

      I hope what I have said brings you peace as I truly believe this is true and what he say is in the bible. Remember how he said whatever things are wonderful and noble and worthy think on those things..get your mind off these sins and what the devil is saying to you and back on the wonderful good news that he died for all your sins so that you would never die but have life everlasting with Him. Just start over doing your best and know however bad this sin was Jesus sweat blood and suffered pain for it instead of you needing to,.,,he did not save us so we would be perfect people but because he loved us.Those forgiven the most can often love the best back.

      Please also read that link #5 below and check out that book.

      I am not even sure how I got her..I started looking up something about Robin Williams and was supposed to be doing something else now but I somehow read all these comments and I am thinking maybe this is the answer God wanted you to read so I hope you will pray and ask him if this was what he wanted oyu to hear and if it is then stand on it and accept his forgiveness and dont worry anymore..He knows your doubt and anguish and what he did was bigger than our sins.

  50. In the last few weeks I’ve been reading more about life after death, heaven and hell and various people’s testimonies of hell. I came across some youtube clips of Howard Storm and was very interested in what he had to say. I believe he had his near death experience as far back as 1985.

    He has truly seen the light and would seem to be on the path of salvation. For others sadly this is not the case, and I hope more and more people really start to believe in God again, and not just in name only, but carry out his work and wishes through their thoughts, deeds and actions.

    Today too many people are blind to the truth and what God is all about and his plan for humanity. Too many people put too much faith in themselves and their own reason, rationalisation and thinking. The problem is the price for doing so can be horrific and unimaginable pain and suffering.

    I hope people of all Christian denominations can find common areas to bind them. It’s pointless to argue over petty, minor differences in doctrine. I’m sure God must laugh at people arguing. If people don’t stray far from the Bible’s teachings, I’m sure God accepts all the different denominations equally. Variety is the spice of life after all.

    I was also moved by the testimony of another man who was spared hell after an accident. His story is also truly inspirational:

    This woman’s testimony of life after death is also very moving.

  51. LOL

    Why didn’t you take the chance to ask God:

    Dear/wanted God, why a matter of belief would save my soul from torture?
    Dear/wanted God, absolute as you are, why did you turn ugly feelings and meanings possible, why did you create them….. WHAT ARE YOU?

  52. I seem to believe this as NDE and not that he died. However, I don’t believe that someone will truly have an encounter with Jesus and yet remarry while his first wife is alive. Such a person will be a very serious believe of the whole Bible.

    • If a believer is abandoned by an unbelieving spouse, most commentators would say this is biblical grounds for divorce and remarriage.(1 Cor. 7:15)

  53. Something for Baptists and evangelicals to think about:

    The Baptist doctrine of the “Age of Accountability” is nowhere to be found in the New Testament.

    Isn’t it strange that God provided a means for the babies and toddlers of his chosen people in the Old Testament to be part of his Covenant promises but is completely silent about the issue in the New Testament?

    Jesus seemed to really love the little children… but he never mentions even once, if the Baptist/evangelical view of salvation is correct, how a Christian parent can be assured that if something dreadful happens to their baby or toddler, that they will see that child again in heaven.

    In the Baptist/evangelical doctrine of adult-only salvation, God leaves our babies and toddlers in spiritual limbo! A Christian parent must pray to God and beg him that little Johnnie “accepts Christ” the very minute he reaches the Age of Accountability, because if something terrible were to happen to him, he would be lost and doomed to eternal hellfire.

    Do you really believe that our loving Lord and Savior would do that to Christian parents??

    Dear Christian parents: bring your little children to Jesus! He wants to save them just as much as he wants to save adults! Bring your babies and toddlers to the waters of Holy Baptism and let Jesus SAVE them!

    The unscriptural “Age of Accountability” is the desperate attempt to plug the “big hole” in the Baptist doctrine of adult-only Salvation/Justification:

    How does Jesus save our babies and toddlers?

    Luther, Baptists, and Evangelicals

    • God says he will be God to us and our children, both the Abraham and to the crowd at Pentecost who heard Peter. That’s why some of us Evangelicals have our children baptized. As for an “age of accountability”, we’re all born in sin and are saved only through God’s grace in Christ. hence, I guess “accountability” starts at conception. But the water “saves” people only because it’s Christ’s water and shows us Christ’s work. Christ is the real saviour (after all, who baptized the repented thief of Luke 23?).

  54. I don’t know why a lot of people are arguing here about which religion or doctrine is the best. I think the importance of Howard Storm’s book and revelations if you like, are that people need to come together and to be true brothers and sisters in Christ. He was told, any religion that brought people closer to God, was acceptable in God’s eyes. I will say that I don’t think he meant anything that smacks of paganism or that doesn’t acknowledge Jesus as the Redeemer of this World would however be right. God doesn’t think non-Christians are lesser mortals. Howard was very clear in his book, My Descent into Death: everyone on Earth is God’s favourite. He likes people just as they are. He may not like some of their actions, for which people are obviously judged. But God does not favour the Christian over the Hindu. But I think God does want a world-wide awakening to the truth of Christianity, to his existence and for people to wake up and follow his cenetral tenets, guidance and rules. There are too many people in the world today, who are typical of how Howard Storm was when he was so-called double atheist. The alarming thing is there is a very dear price to pay for that. People need to wake up and raise each other up, not tear each other down. The Devil and his minions are allegedly poised and waiting to apparently do just that when we take the wrong path and end up at his dark and gloom-laden door. The point I was going to make was that I’m glad Howard speaks of a purgatory, because it gives people hope. You may have to suffer and pay a spiritual price or debt because of your sin, but at least there’s more chances to be with God. That’s a doctrine I can firmly believe in and I hope is true for my sake and everyone else’s sake.

  55. I am a film maker and am in the process of finishing up an interview film I did with Howard Storm. While other interviews are readily available on the Internet, I have directed this film to cover as much time as I was able to spend with Howard in regard to him time with Christ and his reveled vision for all of us. Here is the trailer and the film will be released later this month.

  56. What an awesome testimony brother Howard. And the painting of Jesus, awesome! May the Lord continue to bless you and yours.

  57. all the things that he has explain in the above article has clearly explain in Buddhism, and you can clarify the doubts in there and you can see how and why we will go there, AND HOW TO AVOID that, most importantly ..

  58. Funny how his picture supposed Jesus is a white guy? You people realize in other countries people have Near Death Experiences too, and see whatever gods or worlds from whatever culture they were raised in. There are plenty accounts of this online. It can also be recreated in a lab easily, and already has been proven to be hallucinations caused by processes in the brain.

    • Wrong… “YouGuysAreOffInYourHeads”

      It’s hasn’t been proven to be hallucinations. There are researchers who go by the hypothesis, but there’s no more proof of that than there is proof that they are real.

      “Proof” is a funny and complicated thing. It’s not a simple as you’d like it to be. Generally, it’s when almost everybody agrees with a certain interpretation of the evidence. Even when that happens, it’s not always true.

      Science is always making new discoveries, that totally go against what had been “proven.” However in the case of NDE, there are a number of divided camps among the researchers. Nothing has been come close to being proven, and even if that day comes, it won’t necessarily mean it’s correct.

      NDE-ers say that see a being a light. That is quite universal. You are missing the mark if you think they are saying a white person.

      Yes, it’s white light, but they aren’t seeing skin color.

      A lot of times a Buddhists recognize this light being as Buddha and Christians perceive it as Jesus, just as Muslims often identify it as Mohammed. You are right about that part, at least.

      However, where we would part ways on that point is where you take that to mean it’s all a fantasy, simply because they perceive the being in terms of the religious figure they are used to. I believe it’s because the being allows them to make that perception because it is what they have chosen and getting value from.

      The lessons that the being gives them is what counts. Not what name they go by.

      By the way, all researchers agree that in many, many cases, the being is often not perceived as any religious figure even though the person does follow a religion. They just say it’s a light being. In fact, some researchers say, those account for the majority of the NDEs.

      What is amazing about Howard’s experience is he was a, died in the wool atheist. Every other atheist NDE report I’ve ever come across, the person just perceives a being of light, not Jesus or anyone else.

      The interesting thing is that no matter how hard core they were about the lack of a God or life after death, before their experience, they all become believers, instantly. And it lasts for the rest of their lives.

      Virtually to a person, everyone who goes through this has profound, positive changes in their lives. People close to them can see it. They say the person became a better person after the NDE, even when they felt the person was really good to begin with. Many times the person was a human piece of crap, but suddenly became an incredibly loving, caring, sweet, special person.

      The consistency is across the board. That is the real evidence that this is real. Hallucinations do not have that kind of transformative power. They just don’t.

      The evidence that these experiences are independent of brain function, and is caused by the person’s actual consciousness leaving their body and going somewhere else, is corroborated by all the times where the person gets information while in another location that it later confirmed.

      Sometimes it’s when the person has just left her body. She thinks about a loved one and is instantly taken to her, where she observes something. It might be a conversation, for instance. Later on, after the NDE, the person will speak with the loved one they visited out of body, and report what was said and who it was said to, much to the dismay of the loved one.

      Other instances are when they are on the other side and they have the welcoming committee of loved ones who died before them. In a number of cases, they were surprised to see a relative who they thought was still alive. Then, after the experience, they find out that the relative had died.

      Hallucination don’t provide accurate information that people have no way of knowing.

      So, you couldn’t be more wrong that it’s been proven to be nothing but hallucinations.

      The great thing is, as much as you are sure there is nothing after death, and you are so eager to totally invalidate the experiences of millions of people, based on nothing more than your need to be right — if you had one of these experiences, you would cringe at what you are doing here… telling everyone who disagrees with you that they’re off in their heads.

  59. I think it is remarkable that so many people actually believe that they, any human, can actually Know and understand all that is God. Yes, the Bible contains Truth. However, we must remember that before he left he told the Disciples that there was much more that he wished that he could share with them but he did not have the time and was sending a comforter to guide us and show us. So, for anyone to say that the only Truth is what we have thus far interpreted to be in the Bible by mainstream religion (of which I am a member) is no platform from which to say we Know it all as he said that there was much more. We are to keep asking and keep searching and allowing ourselves to be guided. How much we must miss by demanding it all fits in with what we have been taught in church. If the Jewish disciples felt this way, there would be no Christianity. First thing we need to do as Christ loving followers, STOP BEING SO DARN ARROGANT AND COME TO HIM AS A CHILD.

  60. I quoted the above inaccurately. In John 16:12 he said “”There is so much more I want to tell you, but you can’t bear it now.” Now, when in the world are we going to raise ourselves to the point that we are willing to ‘bear it”?

  61. Matthew 10:32 jesus said the one who acknowledges me before men i will also acknowledge him before God and one who denies me before men i will deny him before my father who is in heaven. So if u deny jesus here on earth by living a sinful life then u die and go to purgatory the you enter the Kingdom of God, meaning jesus as acknowledge you before God. Then it will mean his words where not true which can’t happen.
    1 corithians 6:9 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: neither the immoral, nor idolaters, nor adultery, nor sexual perverts, nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkard nor robbers will inherit the Kingdom of God
    Where do we have drunkard, immoral, sexual perverts, is it not here on earth??
    Then if they go to purgatory and repent then they enter the Kingdom of heaven, then the word of God is not true which is impossible.

  62. When I read the Bible I get bogged down in all sorts of ideas and stories. But the stories are someones testimony of what happened to them or what they witnessed. My son would say but it seems to all be a contradiction of itself, and I say no not really just the same story told from many view points with the same basic underlying message that we are all in this together and that the message of Love from our creator and that we should be like him the best that we can and Love one another with all of our heart. Remember the passage about what Love is True,. Love is Kind. Love is Patient. Love does not boast.Love is not judging. Love is forgiving. I know there is more. I need to go back and read the bible again. But then I think that I am not worthy of this kind of love. I have sin in my heart not just one but multitudes of sinful things broken many commandments. And I know that the wages of sin is death not just dying but being in a place a horrible place of torment away from God for eternity. So how can I save myself from that. I cant , and no one else on the face of this earth is worthy to cleans my soul. No works that I can do.What sacrifice could I make that would pay the wages of sin. None is the answer. So I am utterly doomed. Then I remember there is this person that calls himself the one true son of God. The Lord among Lords the Savior. Jesus Christ he is the only one worthy that his sacrifice paid the price of all sin. All we have to do is our part and believe in him and repent and we will have everlasting life. Not the death and destruction of Hell Fire. Its that simple.
    Even a child can understand this. Its free.

    • Everyone is a sinner. You’ve already been forgiven if you feel sorry for what you have done. Look at it this way: if even one person on this earth can forgive you for whatever you have done, God certainly will. If not, God will forgive you anyways…all you need is to ask.

  63. I would argue my points here, as the rest of you do, but who I am I to say what is true or false in these matters? Am I any better than the rest of you? Do my opinions matter more for some reason? No, I think I will keep them to myself, and hope you understand what it is you are arguing about and the fact that no one really understands this fully.

  64. It seems very likely that the concept of hell was invented/brought into play by the various religions in order to terrorise people into following a chosen religion and not to question their ‘faith’.

    Muslims, Jews and Christians all believe in the concept of Hell and all believe each other will go to hell. You be pretty gutted if you’d followed a good Christian life only to realise you’d been backing the wrong horse all along and the Muslims were right.

    The Muslim are not right you may well say, but they are just as convinced they are right as you are. In fact many are prepared to blow themselves up for their religion. It is a little arrogant to suggest that you are right and all these other people are wrong don’t you think? I won’t even go into the Greeks or Roman Gods or Pagan Gods etc. I’m sure follower of these religions at time were convinced they were right.

    The hell concept also ties in nicely with the concept of ‘faith’ I mentioned earlier. Any free thinking is actively discouraged and deemed to be questioning your faith. You are essentially being told not to think just to blindly follow, ignore anything that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

    Do not forget that you were introduced to the Christian by another human being not a divine being so you have no solid evidence any of it is true. People in the middle of the Amazon rainforest who have never come into contact with Westerners are not Christians, they believe whatever religion their tribe follows.

    • Howard Storm was not introduced to Christianity by another human being. He was an ardent atheist when he had his near-death experience in a Paris hospital. Subsequently, his wife and friends all abandoned him. He seems like the last person to invent hell for his own purposes. Jesus spoke more about hell than heaven. Was he a liar or a lunatic or could he have been speaking the truth?

  65. I was really referring to religion and the concept hell in general rather than this chaps particular experience. Most Christians do not have a near death experience such as this and yet they still believe. With regards to this fellow there could be a number of reason to explain this story:

    a) There is an afterlife – I would never rule this out entirely however unlikely it seems (“the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing” – Socrates).
    b) It was a dream.
    c) He was hallucinating due to oxygen depravation or drugs.
    d) He is a born again Christian who thinks this story is more likely to make other convert to Christianity. A lie – but hey the end justifies the means!
    e) A mixture of b, c and d.

  66. wow……………stuff like this is so sacred. I cant believe people will be distracted and argue about this.
    God bless you Sir….Im inspired!!!! The beautiful and triumphant love of Jesus! Its a new and living way. Bright sunshine love streaming from heaven above. Wow!

  67. Dear Friends,

    As an agnostic, humanist, and naturalist, I am sure that you view me as the enemy. But I am actually a friend; a friend trying to rescue you; a friend trying to rescue you from a false belief system; a friend trying to rescue you from a cult.

    Imagine that I am a friend or family member and imagine that I have joined a new belief system, a belief system that believes in black magic, witches, wizards, and evil goblins that have the power to control one’s brain. In this belief system I am taught that “the movement” is right, and everyone else is wrong, and not only wrong, but evil. I am told that all my friends and family who are not members of this belief system are incapable of seeing the truth because evil goblins control their minds and blind them to the “hidden” truth that only members can see. I am told not to listen to my non-member friends and family. I am told to obey and follow, without question, the teachings of our “error-free” holy book. I am told that the leaders of the movement have special, advanced training in “the truth” and therefore I should trust that they understand the truth better than I as a layperson ever can.

    So what would you do if you really cared about me? Would you leave me in this cult without lifting a finger to rescue me? Would you refrain from criticizing my new belief system for fear of insulting me? I hope not.

    What I hope you would do is this: You would try to expose me to information that would open my eyes to the delusion that my cult has convinced me to believe as absolute, unquestioned truth. You would ask me to read information that counters the supernatural claims of my cult. You would not let me live my entire life in this false, delusional belief system without making an effort to rescue me.

    That is what I am attempting to do for you, friends. I am attempting to rescue you from a false belief system; a false belief system based on the powers of the supernatural; on the powers of MAGIC. You have been convinced that the world is controlled by magic.

    Your magical belief system tells you that witches exist and have the power to call up the dead (I Samuel chapter 28). Your magical belief system teaches you that wizards can turn walking sticks into snakes (Exodus chapter 7). Your magical belief system teaches you that goblins (demons) can enter and possess large herds of pigs (Mark chapter 5) driving them to commit mass suicide. Your magical belief system tells you that blindness can be healed by rubbing mud and spit into someone’s eye sockets (John chapter 9).

    This is not a rational, informed, belief system, friends. This is an ancient, scientifically ignorant, superstition. It is magic.

    I once was a member of your cult. I know how you think. I know how your magical beliefs seem so real. But it is a delusion my friends. It isn’t real. If it were real we would still witness these fantastic, magical events occurring today…but we don’t, do we? Think about that: so many magical events allegedly occurred several thousand years ago, but you have never seen one single magical event occur in your lifetime, have you? And neither has any other rational, educated human being living today.

    It is odd how magic never happens when there are television cameras, video recorders, cell phone cameras, tape recorders, or scientific observers to verify the claim. Think about that, friends.

    Your “movement” has had 2,000 years to come up with every imaginable excuse and harmonization to explain why these alleged, ancient, supernatural events really did occur. But Hindus, Muslims, and Mormons can do the exact same thing for their supernatural claims. You may think that their excuses and harmonizations are nonsensical and easily falsifiable, but they think the same about yours!

    Bottom line, friends: Magic is not real.

    I strongly encourage you to do this:

    1. Allow for the possibility that your belief system is wrong.

    2. Read information that challenges your belief system.

    —I recommend the following websites: Bart Ehrman’s blog, Debunking Christianity, and The Secular Web.

    I am available for questions anytime.

    • The reason why your so called magic or miracles are not possible because only God can do impossible things.

      Look, my mom went to a dark magician somewhere in South East Asia, the dude told her to think 4 digits numbers and then he guessed and it was right. Can you imagine the possibility of getting the right answer?

      Later she became a priest.

      Mohammed did not perform any miracle, you know nothing about the quran.

      If miracles isn’t neccessary, then God would not perform a miracle, rather He would work in other way.

      My mom was teaching someone how to pray, she said God please make it rain, and suddenly it starts raining outside. Atheist call it coincidence, but I call it miracle.

      You have no faith, you see no miracle. You believe in God then you start seeing miracles, that’s how it works, probably one of the biggest reason why atheist won’t see miracle ever unless if God is willing to do so

  68. I learned from the Bible that there was no experience during death itself, and as such the afterlife is caused by being raised from the dead many years in the future with no conscious recollection of the inbetween time, however I see no reason why in certain circumstances a divine warning could not be given during the final thoughts in order to move someone to Christ and His 10 commandments, and salvation.
    Note that there are 12 resurrections throughout the gospel

    For someone who is saved, this would happen “in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed.” (1 Corinthians 15:52).

    For someone who is not saved, they do not rise again until 1000 years later (Revelation 20:5) at the resurrection of damnation (John 5:29). If this is anything to go by you’ll probably experience being revived on a dusty post apocalyptic wilderness of the future earth.
    The ultimate fate of the lost is to be destroyed by burning sulphur. What happens after that is the atheist definition of death – entitled “the second death” in the Bible (Revelation 20:14 and 21:8).

    This is your classic “fires of hell” with the exception that you don’t go on burning alive and screaming for billions of years, but end up on the ash heap (Malachi 4:3). If the amount of suffering is proportional to the works (Revelation 20:12), I’d expect the devil to be a slow burner (Revelation 20:10) lasting several days and nights, just as Jesus (paying for A LOT of sin) had 3 days of suffering including the period before his crucifixion started right up to the time he uttered “it is finished”. The ultimate end of the devil is also to be “no more” (Ezekiel 28:19).

  69. I’m an atheist and I can explain what this is: He saw a dead body, it wasn’t him, he went in a sewer pipe not with kindred spirits but with people, what he saw was a man with gunk and a torch on him, not Jesus, gore and a light, getting closer, God didn’t save him, he wasn’t dead and the man was mocking him for his open belief in God, pretending to heal him when it wasn’t God and there is no God.

  70. There is a book, ‘The divine revelation of hell” by Mary Baxter. The book was written by her after Jesus took her to hell. For those of you who do not believe in heaven and hell please buy the book.

  71. Doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in Jesus. He believes in you. Just remember that his name is the one to call when you need help. Go ahead, try it. Next time you die. It worked for me 3 times so far. I’m starting to believe now.

  72. i love reading near death experiences stories but what guarantees that he really meets Jesus? this experience is too good to be true. is NDE even scientifically reliable? during unconscious your brain can make up stuff. Howard wasn’t even dead so he could most possibly be dreaming. I could be sleeping and dreaming random joe saying he is godhead, so should i believe such vision, as example? woo woo is not reliable.

    • This man did not experience hell. He experienced hyper brain activity brought on by emotional and physical trauma, and sensory activity and impulses in his brain. Much like was said, he experienced what is commonly known as dreams, or nightmares as the case is presented. That he thinks he experienced hell, or met jesus or whatever, is just evidence that his mind wasn’t as equipped for critical thought as he may have let on. It’s truly amazing how wrapped up in mythology and fabled characters people can get. I feel bad for them, what with the massive surprise of still dark silence that awaits them when their brain stops functioning.

  73. God is real – heaven and hell is also real..when a man dies he is in a state of nothingness. he won’t remember nothing he will know nothing…however God, the almighty can make exceptions for his one purpose for HE is the all-knowing ,all-mighty, all-loving being – the bible says the wages of sin is death not eternal life of burning…by the way, Jesus along with the host of heaven don’t belong to an earthly race they are heavenly beings & so will take the form of heavenly beings(eyes like torches of flame, bright light all around, hair like pure wool) except they choose to appear in other forms that we as humans can comprehend…we humans are made of dust of the earth while heavenly host are created from fire(light)…pls read & understand the bible with the help of the Holy spirit.

  74. I have just spent an hour reading the above comments. I am a baptized Christian but I will not reveal my religion. After spending an hour reading all this I have learned only one thing…………that most people that reply to these blogs are “FULL OF THEMSELVES” in terms of what they think. So few are afraid to say, “I don’t know”. I came to this site by chance after meditating on some beautiful “praise and glory” music based on the Psalms and learned that these kinds of arguments are a great way to threaten your “Peace of Christ”. I will be praying that the Holy Spirit will come with his grace and release me from my surfing of sites like this. I regret that I didn’t spend that hour continuing with my prayer and meditation.

  75. I believe Howard’s NDE clearly indicates that hell is more a state of mind, not a physical place. It is not a place that we are condemned forever. Once we reach out and are ready to accept GODs love, we are instantly lifted out of the darkness into the light. So many of the post I read, are reciting the words of the bible literally. Jesus is one of a multitude of avenues to raise one’s consciousness. Gandi wasn’t a Christian in the view of organized religion, but I am sure he was a Christian in deeds and action. I’m sure Jesus approved of the life he lived and made it to the highest realms of heaven. It is foolish to think God/Jesus are simple minded and limited in their love for all humanity. Howard just touched the surface, but he came to know that Jesus is real. Good for him. I find many of these post while well intended are elementary when it comes to a spiritual understanding of the Bible’s real messages.

  76. Following Facts prompts human faith in God:

    1. Uncalled for birth and unpredictability of death prompts a human to have faith in God. Imperfect knowledge of humans and there helplessness against the onsets of life: Disabilities etc further contributes towards it.
    2. Un-granted and withheld justice also contributes towards faith in God. Because people expect justice after death. They believe that perfect justice is not possible in the world. Thus they are easily trapped by the popular religious theory of Hell and Heaven viz-z-viz Punishment and Rewards.
    3. Belief in God may not be entirely logical. Human instinct and intuition works towards shaping it.
    Basharat Shahid

  77. First I would like to Praise God amen..
    Now I would like to add. I did not die but I have had my experience with satin and God,amen… so history may not be a lie. Personally I ding think it is.
    Second, stop with this false Trinity doctrine, it’s takes away from The Lords message.
    Not Trinity.
    Listen to the words
    Father,Son, children that’s a family not some Trinity, a action.
    God is about action not a action.
    The story go
    You are the Christ,the Son of The Living God.
    Jesus said, blessed are you Peter for only God could have shown you this.
    This is the rock I shall build my church.
    So The Lird built His church on Peters reply, Jesus is the Son Of THE LIVING GOD.
    Also it say in another place,
    In the name of Jesus THE WHOLE FAMILY IN HEAVEN AND EARTH IS if he names heavens host family and earth host in him family then we are family.
    Did not say, I do all things that please him, he did not say that please me. And in other place he said, I come from him to do his will not my will but his will.
    He also used words like, him who sent me?
    people so stiff necked not to hear Jesus words. God gave Peter the words and truth.
    Did he not say from heaven while Jesus was standing there, this is my son in whom I proud of?
    Hebrew chapter one. Read it, God spoke to his son saying, Things to Jesus. Yes The Father our God called Jesus God. So then is God a Trinity or a family or living care spirits?
    Do not believe seek out what I’ve said, look into the words gAve to speak.
    He said hear what he say to the churches. What about those 7 churches? Amen… believe God.
    Everything will be given to Jesus by his father.
    God said let us make man. Then it say, so God made man.
    Who made man. The word of God.
    Who was the word of God Jesus was.
    So it say. God said let us man
    So The Father told The Son let’s make man.
    So Jesus according to the Scripture made man for the Father. The Father our of live gave Jesus what he created for Him.
    For him by him.
    For the father by the in (The Word Of God)

  78. {3:1} This know also, that in the last days perilous times
    shall come. {3:2} For men shall be lovers of their own
    selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient
    to parents, unthankful, unholy, {3:3} Without natural
    affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce,
    despisers of those that are good, {3:4} Traitors, heady,
    highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
    {3:5} Having a form of godliness, but denying the power
    thereof: from such turn away. {3:6} For of this sort are they
    which creep into houses, and lead captive silly women laden
    with sins, led away with divers lusts, {3:7} Ever learning,
    and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.

  79. It is not true that French surgeons do not operate on saturdays and/or Sundays! They have an obligation to be on call a number of times per month and would be in big trouble if they did not show up. In addition, doctors in France do house calls, which is something that doesn’t happen, to my knowledge, in the US. Socialized medicine may not be the answer, but spreading lies like that is wrong. That said, errors and negligence happen in socialized countries as well as here. I’ve had myself tough experiences being in a French hospital during a strike…

  80. I would add that my father’s life was saved on a Sunday when my mother panicked and called all the doctors who were on call that day. They all showed up, I remember they were 6 of them, and this was in a small town of about 120,000. As they briefly discussed what to do, one of the doctors grabbed my dad in his arms and took him to the hospital in his own car, not wanting to waste any time. His fast acting and decision-making were what saved my father’s life!

  81. I do believe in Howard’s personal encounter with Jesus. Like him, I was never seriously searching who the true God really is until I was transported to Lu’s playground. Growing up in Taoism/Buddhism family in a Muslim country was quite confusing for me to say the least until my mother sent me to a Catholic school. Once I prayed deeply at church during the mass and when I came out of it, I felt peace all over me and for the first time I felt no burden hanging over me. I felt like I was a new person and believe it or not I was not afraid of anything even if death came knocking at the door at that time. It’s very difficult to describe in words and the feeling of peace just flowed through me as though I was touched by the holy spirit. After completing my university education, I went to work but still lived with my parents. One night, I was attacked by the dark ones. I was sucked into this real black void and saw humans entrapped in these spherical bubbles. The feel of immense frustration, despair and hopelessness all came to me at once. I tried to free my self by saying buddhish mantra and Islamic saying (Muslim friend taught me to say it when trouble came) but none of them worked. In desperation, I called out “Jesus, please save me!” Immediately, I got freed and ran to parent’s bedroom to spend the night there. My dad sold that house several years later.
    I used to pray to idols made of clay and wooden statues and believe me brothers and sisters, these things have no life. Jesus is the life and the only living God who saves. Yes, the devils are real and so is our Savior and Redeemer and whosoever call out His name will be saved. I love the Bible verse of John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” which explains to me clearly that no one can save and show me the way except Jesus, Himself. Please, I beg you not to delay putting your trust in Him and follow Him for He is the only true and living God. I hope my story can clear the way for you all to believe that our hope and salvation can be fulfilled only by receiving His precious blood from the cross. I am still being attacked by the evil ones several times more after this experience and they even wanted to strangle me to death on my bed using my hands. Lu even spoke to me through my computer screen taunting me several times. My time here on earth is not decided by Lu and his devils but only by Jesus and no one can do it without His consent. I am still holding on to His promise that He will never leave nor forsake me even until the end of the age. What a glorious moment to know that He is always with us!

  82. The thing that inclines me to believe this story is that Howard speaks of going to Hell. When people tell me of all this lovely heaven stuff, you can chalk it up to wishful thinking. But, if someone claims to have gone to Hell, hmmmm.

  83. this is fake just like all stories that say they saw jesus. the jesus picture is just a white man’s version of jesus. this all sounds so fake just like a movie. was this Howard dude ever religious or grow up in a religious home? chances are yes, our brain influences us at all points in our life. religious people there is no heaven or hell!

  84. I too was raised Catholic. I met and married a baptist boy in our Catholic Church. Had it not been for my baptist mother in law and my very persistent cousin. I could have died and went straight to hell!!!! The Pope, is just a man. We humans need someone to look up to and believe in. Look here and believe me when I say it is NOT the Pope, a preacher, a teacher, a church,
    An organization, a person, club or building. Look up the bible, open it, read it, believe it and find Jesus! This one book, God’s Truth. I have been reading the same book almost my whole life. Daily I find something new to ponder regarding THE ONE AND ONLY~GREATEST MAN ~WHO EVER LIVED ON THIS EARTH AND IN MY HEART!!! You may call it rubbish, only because you are afraid of or do not understand just how bigger, stronger, and truer than life Jesus Christ and His word is. Continue to believe what you believe. But if you need real truth. Pick up His word and read for yourself. He loves you! Yes even you! He created you and He wants you in heaven with us forever. Truth is truth. No justification needed. Just ask in the name of Jesus. Believe He is the Christ. Ask for forgiveness. Be forgiven. Confess HE IS JESUS CHRIST, accept Him, believe Him and His word, Live for Him. I will see you in Heaven!

  85. I find it amazing that religious people always look to a god or deity to save them, guide them or forgive them.. etc

    It’s so obvious that we need to take responsibility for ourselves. Yes life is scary but you need to believe in yourself and take responsibility for your actions and decisions. you can’t rely on someone else tangible or intangible to let you off the hook, give you the strength to this or that. It is all in your head and you are ultimately just helping yourself in an indirect way. there is nothing else there. You mind is at boiling point with your guilt or confusion or whatever ailment you have and it purges you by making you think, see, feel the god you believe in to get at peace with yourself.
    That way your mind is purged and no longer feeling stressed. Its a mental defence. thats all.

    BTW Christians are the biggest mass slaughterers of all history. believing in gods and beings is dangerous and narrows your mind to the point where you can kill someone and justify it. one can murder without believing in god as well but christians find forgiveness and acceptance by using god as a scapegoat to avoid responsibility.

    all you have to do is accept everything as perfect no matter how beautiful or horrible and appreciate every moment of that. that way you will always be open minded and make the most honorable and pure decisions.

    live life without our false safety net and believe in yourself not god. its more pure and direct to believe in yourself than a fictitious powerful being that can take away your responsibility in an instant. that’s gross and a dirty mind.

    life is hard so i understand why people need gods and bibles and all that edited, open for interpretation, re-written, biased BS.

    chill and be cool. stop being so religious. its gross and deevolved.

  86. hell is a real place, without the lord Jesus Christ you will drop off into hell and burn for eternity. Everyone should stop rejecting Christ and welcome him in their lives in order for him to change their lives. See you in heaven brothers and sisters.

  87. Howard shares his wonderfully inspiring experience yet most people use the comments of this post as a forum to bicker & argue over their version of belief.

  88. The Death of Voltaire

    Voices from the Edge of Eternity
    Compiled by John Myers

    Last Hours On Earth Of The Noted French Infidel, Voltaire

    Pages 21-22:

    “When Voltaire felt the stroke which he realized must terminate in death, he was overpowered with remorse. He at once sent for the priest and wanted to be ‘reconciled to the church.’ His infidel flatterers hastened to his chamber to prevent his incantation, but it was only to witness his ignominy and their own. He cursed them to their faces and, since his distress was increased by their presence, repeatedly and loudly exclaimed, ‘Begone! It is you that have brought me to my present condition. Leave me, I say — begone! What a wretched glory is this which you have produced for me!’

    “Hoping to allay his anguish by a written recantation, he had it prepared, signed it, and saw it witnessed. But it was all unavailing. For two months he was tortured with such an agony as led him at times to gnash his teeth in impotent rage against God and man. At other times, in plaintive accents, he would plead, ‘O Christ! O Lord Jesus!’ Then, turning his face he would cry out, ‘I must die — abandoned of God and of men!’

    “As his end drew near his condition became so frightful that his infidel associates were afraid to approach his bedside. Still they guarded the door, that others might not know how awfully an infidel was compelled to die. Even his nurse repeatedly said that for all the wealth of Europe she would never see another infidel die. It was a scene of horror that lies beyond all exaggeration.

    “Such is the well-attested end of this man who had a natural sovereignty of intellect, excellent education, great wealth and much earthly honor.”

    —The Contrast Between Infidelity and Christianity

  89. Everyone! Email___Dr_Mack @yahoo .Com, Thanks to dr_mack for bringing my Lover back just in 3 days, FLORIDA.USA
    Julia Roberts

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