Mission to Revive Smith Wigglesworth’s Church


By Peter Wooding

Smith Wigglesworth

International Bible teacher Terry Quinn is on a mission to restore the famous Bowland Street Mission in Bradford, England, where well-known healing evangelist Smith Wigglesworth preached for more than 30 years.

Despite major financial challenges to the project Quinn is pressing on with his vision to revive this abandoned building to it’s former glory, not just as a memorial to the famous preacher but to also help usher in a revival prophesied by Smith Wigglesworth more than 64 years ago.

“One of the things that’s driving me is that Smith Wigglesworth gave a prophecy in 1947 just before he died and it was the last prophecy he gave, in which he said over the next few decades will be two main revivals. He said the first revival will be an emphasis on the spirit, which I believe is the charismatic movement. He said the next emphasis of revival will be on the word,” said Quinn.

He added: “For me I’m believing this is more than just a building. This is preparing people I believe to bring back the spirit and the word of God coming together. I believe this building represents not only a memorial to this Pentecostal pioneer, but to train people from all across the world in the whole emphasis of Pentecost and the word of God standing together. And I believe that from there we can be part of the fulfilment of that prophecy of an end times revival.”

Terry Quinn, who’s also a financial coach and business mentor first came across the derelict Bowland Street mission building in Bradford, when he met a couple who had been studying the life and ministry of Smith Wigglesworth for 20 years.

“Brian & Catherine Holland had a desire to establish a Smith Wigglesworth heritage tours company, where people from all over the world could travel to where he was born, where he lived, his graveside and all the unique spots where he ministered. So during that time we did a tour and discovered the Bowland Street mission that was lying derelict. I never knew much about it, but Brian told me it was the church where Wigglesworth preached for 30 years, which was steeped in such Pentecostal history.

“His wife actually died on the footsteps of the church, the baptismal pool was there. There were so many stories involved in this unique building, so I decided to make enquiries about the property and found out it was owned by a Muslim and he granted us the lease and kept it for ‘such a time as this’. So from there the journey began.”

Initial work on the building began and earlier this year Terry hosted a dedication service, where guests travelled from across the country. The long-term plan is to open it as a museum and an international Bible school, where students from across the world could come for Wigglesworth weekend and Wigglesworth one day lectures.

But prolonged negotiation to obtain the lease and financial challenges have slowed down that vision. But Quinn is determined to continue to raise the profile of this project around the world.

“We’re just trying to get the worldwide church behind us to raise the necessary finance to renovate this building. This man touched over five continents particularly America, Australia, New Zealand and many people around the world are excited about his ministry and many worldwide ministries still quote from him. Here we have this amazing building which I call the Azuza Street of Europe and it would be a terrible shame if we as the body of Christ were to lose this building.

“We have dedicated part of the building to a Wigglesworth 1,000 wall, which we’re asking one thousand people who can give a thousand dollars, a thousand pounds or a thousand euros and their name would appear on this Smith Wigglesworth memorial wall. That would help us to renovate the building. But people can donate any amount on our website www.tswf.org.uk.”


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    Keep up the good work and God bless you.

  2. How I wish that Quinn’s aspiration would come to establishment and bring fruitfulness onto all those who’s looking forward to keying into it.

  3. Blessings, the building work is getting in there with God’s Grace. Now from almost 1 tear they are keeping prayers on Sundays, the place is building up as a beautiful community, unity is there, good preaching is there and good adoration songs! Worshipping all together, is fantastic. I am new to the place, few weeks only and I am happier now, more positive and communicative, God is Good ! People from USA and South Africa came to visit few weeks ago and one of them was one of the Living granddaughter of Smith Wigglesworth from South Africa, how amazing was that!
    It is worth visiting, our Pastor Vincent and his wife Pastor Beverly Mann are fantastic people, welcoming and very friendly. Do please come and see and enjoy the Glory of God in this establishment! Hallelujah

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