Witch doctor named ‘Glory’ was full of darkness


Glory was born into a family of witch doctors. When she turned 13 years old, Glory went to live with her grandmother, the official village witch doctor, for training and service. Before dying, Glory’s grandmother transferred her powers to Glory and gave her the traditional witch doctor garment. This dress symbolized her authority as the new witch doctor in the village.

Glory’s life was full of darkness. The villagers feared her supernatural powers, and she became a known thief.

As she fell further into her transgressions, her friends told her there was no hope for her. They said, “God doesn’t love you and will never forgive you.” Glory fell into a cycle of sin and ended up going to prison multiple times.

On her third time in prison, Glory was in bed for three days with hypertension. She received no medical treatment. When Jenya, a Christian woman who ministered at the prison arrived, the other prisoners told her about a dying woman who needed urgent prayer. Jenya saw that Glory was in a critical state and prayed for her healing. Jenya told her, “God loves you and will forgive your sins.” Glory responded, “No, not me.”

Jenya told Glory the story of the thief on the cross and that if Jesus forgave that manm He could forgive her too. Jenya asked, “Do you want God to forgive your sins?” Glory replied, “Yes.” They prayed and Glory accepted the Lord.

The next week when Jenya visited the prison, Glory was beaming with joy and said, “Look at me! I am healed!” The authorities saw such a radical change in her behavior that they released her early.

Nevertheless, Glory had no Christian community, was not baptized and had not been discipled. Upon release, she fell back in her old ways. While being chased by angry victims of her crimes, Glory broke her leg. She was caught and went back to prison for the fourth time. At this time, Jenya’s prison ministry was starting to teach the five-part “Walking with Jesus” Film.

As Jenya taught, Glory began to apply these lessons, and her life continued to radically change. After the final lesson about witchcraft in the “Walking with Jesus” series, Glory went back to her cell took the witch doctor outfit gifted to her by her grandmother, and burned it. She was then baptized and went on to spread the message to others, discipling many in prison.

People who knew Glory before she was saved noticed the massive change in her. One woman saw Glory in the market and said, “Nice sandals! Where did you steal those?” Glory replied, “I don’t steal anymore. I work for God, and He provides.”

Today, Glory is laying down her life to train 120 leaders in discipleship, preaching, showing “JESUS,” baptizing new believers and mentoring. Praise God, He is multiplying believers. — JESUS Film Project


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