Tornado tore roof off during evening service, God brought miracle


By Billy Hallowell —

(Screengrab: Action 4 Pittsburgh)

A pastor is praising God for a true miracle after an F1 tornado tore off part of his church’s roof as around 100 people took part in praise and worship over the weekend.

The terrifying ordeal, which unfolded at Crossroads Ministries in Finleyville, Pennsylvania, Saturday, concluded with no one experiencing any significant physical injuries, The Christian Post reported.

It’s an incredible development considering the church was filled with young babies and individuals who could have been severely injured in the perilous scenario. In addition to losing part of the root, the church steeple fell to the ground and landed in the parking lot.

Rev. Ken Barner and wife Rhonda (Screengrab: Action 4 Pittsburgh)

The Rev. Ken Barner recorded a special video giving details to his congregation Sunday, revealing what unfolded. He explained his wife, Rhonda, was leading praise and worship when it all unfolded.

“Folks, I just want you to know last night, I witnessed what I would say is a miracle,” Barner said. “We were having Saturday night service. My wife was up there singing and leading worship to the Lord, and we were singing praise to the Almighty, the King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords.”

(Screengrab: Action 4 Pittsburgh)

The preacher went on to say there were babies in the church for dedications and others who had never even been to the location before. But, in the end, Barner said, “God was with us.”

“The God who stays stayed with us,” he continued. “He did not leave us alone.”

(Screengrab: Action 4 Pittsburgh)

The church was unable to meet Sunday, with Barner’s message noting the house of worship will come back together next week to worship at another location.

At the end of this short video, you can see the shocking moment the electricity went out and congregants seemed to realize something was amiss.

Rhonda, Barner’s wife, was on stage singing, and once the lights flickered on and off, she could be seen with alarm and confusion on her face.

“I just heard a really loud noise coming,” she told WTAE-TV. “I thought it was the sound system going wrong, and then started hearing the shattering of the glass, and then, after that, just the windows breaking and it sounded like a train.”

People in the church have been speaking out about with unfolded. Lynn Michigan, who was at the service, said the experience was terrifying.

Steeple in parking lot(Screengrab: Action 4 Pittsburgh)

“It was the scariest thing I’ve ever experienced in my life,” she told the Observer-Reporter.

Please continue to pray for the church community as they rebuild and recover from the tornado damage. — Faithwire/CBN


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