John Warwick Montgomery signs off


    By Brian Nixon —

    At 92 years old, theologian, evidential apologist, and lawyer, John Warwick Montgomery, is signing off as editor of the theological journal, Global Journal of Classic Theology.

    In Volume 20, No. 3, Montgomery writes with his normal wit,

    “This will be my final issue of the Global Journal as its founding editor—after more than twenty years of hard (but very pleasant) labor. The baton passes to Adam Francisco, who possesses an Oxford D.Phil., reminding me of a former colleague who used to twit me by saying, ‘Sure, you have a dozen degrees, including three earned doctorates, but mine is from Oxford.’ The Global Journal’s orientation will not change; it will remain a non-confessional but evangelical paper, with Reformation/Lutheran bias, open to scholarly contributors of all persuasions.”John Warwick Montgomery

    As one of the leading defenders of the Christian faith, Montgomery spent a lifetime cultivating—and upholding— a Christian worldview.  But with aging comes slowing down. Reflecting on his age, Montgomery muses,

    “I am now in the final decade of my life. On 18 October, I became 92 years of age. The only consolation was that I managed to exceed my father’s longevity (he died at 91). Father, unlike me, was a sportsman and outdoor fellow who always seemed to regard me as a bit of a wimp, addicted as I have consistently been to scholarly pursuits. Thus, my exceeding his lifespan gave me perverse satisfaction.”

    As one indebted to Montgomery’s life and work, I join thousands of other admires, thanking him for his time, talent, and tantalizing articles on a host of theological and cultural topics. And to demonstrate that his pen has not run dry, Montgomery released a book earlier this year analyzing Albert Schweitzer’s analysis of Jesus.  For a man in his 90’s, one thing is clear:  his brain is as sharp as his bite.

    In commemoration of Dr. Montgomery’s work at the Global Journal of Classic Theology, Issue 21/1 will feature a transcription of Montgomery’s address at the Here We Still Stand Conference.  Per the write-up, “The lecture covered two subjects of importance and interest to evangelicals and Lutherans—the authority of scripture and the apologetic legacy of C. S. Lewis.”

    To learn more about Montgomery, consult the Lanier Library that houses some of his archives and papers.