Prophetic warning about party saved lives

With earring, unsaved David Ajala

By Allie Scribner –

David Ajala warned his friends not to go to a party one Saturday night in college, but two of them didn’t listen.

“I had this weird vision Saturday morning of a party scene. I saw bloodshed and people running out of the party, and blood all over their shirts, this panic,” David says on a Door Church LA video on YouTube.

Late that night, his ex-girlfriend Samantha called in a panic. “You gotta come get me. Everything you said is happening. There’s blood. People are running. There was some kind of fight. Someone pulled out a knife and started stabbing people.”

As a result of the prophetic warning, three of his friends got saved. Two of the David’s friends heeded his warning and didn’t go. Another went despite the warning but was spared harm. Still, the dramatic foretelling chilled them and persuaded them to get serious about God.

David Ajala with his family now.

David was born in Nigeria and had six siblings. His parents did well in Nigeria and traveled to the US and United Kingdom. Eventually, they separated, and his mother started over in the New York area as a librarian. David was only eight years old at the time.

He attended school in Pennsylvania. Because starting over was hard and New York was expensive, he grew up in poor neighborhoods, where kids got into drugs, violence and having children out-of-wedlock.

David fell into partying and sometimes spent seven-days-straight carousing in the underworld.

Eventually, his older sister got saved and talked incessantly about God. David believed in God but didn’t want to obey him. “You’d have to have an incredible amount of faith to believe there’s no God,” he says. “I just didn’t want to surrender to any kind of organized religion. I was happy doing my thing, living my life, fornicating. I didn’t want anyone to tell me what I was doing was wrong.”

On one spring break, his sister finally broke through. He listened more than argued this time. The Word and the Spirit touched his heart, and he accepted Jesus as his Savior and Lord the next day.

David Ajala (left) with Gerard, who got saved as a result of the prophetic dream.

When he went back to college, he knew he had to change. He dropped the partying and the worldly girlfriend.

When he saved his buddies from the blood bath at the massive party, they all wanted to get saved and baptized.

Today, David is an evangelist based in Tucson, AZ.

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About the writer of this article: Allie Scribner studies at Lighthouse Christian Academy near the Pacific Palisades of Los Angeles.