One hundred evangelical Christians serving in Israel’s army


The presence of around 100 Evangelical Christian volunteers in the Israeli army, including the children of Juergen Buehler, president of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, highlights a unique and heartening aspect of support for Israel. These volunteers, many of whom were born and raised in Israel, view the nation as their home and are committed to its defense and prosperity.

The warmth and acceptance shown by the IDF towards these Christian volunteers underscore the inclusive nature of Israel’s society. It recognizes the contributions of all its defenders, regardless of their religious background, seeing their involvement as a blessing for the nation.

In a touching display of dedication and sacrifice, IDF Sgt.-Maj. Urija Bayer, a 20-year-old German Evangelical Christian, laid down his life for the State of Israel. Urija, from Ma’alot-Tarshiha, was a valiant member of the Maglan Special Forces unit of the Nahal Brigade. His story is not just one of personal courage but also of a deep, familial commitment to supporting Israel and its people, especially Holocaust survivors.

IDF Sgt.-Maj. Urija Bayer

Urija’s journey to becoming an IDF combat soldier was fueled by a profound sense of duty and a desire to actively contribute to the defense of Israel. His parents, Nelli and Gideon Bayer, run the Zedakah, a German-Christian charity in Israel. This organization epitomizes compassion and reconciliation, extending support to those who suffered the horrors of the Holocaust.

The Bayer family’s roots in Germany, a nation historically responsible for unimaginable atrocities against the Jewish people, added a layer of profound significance to their decision to serve in the IDF. Urija and his siblings, all born in Israel but considered Gentiles, chose to serve in combat roles within the IDF, illustrating their deep-seated commitment to Israel. This act of service was their way of making amends and healing historical wounds.

Urija’s sacrifice is a powerful testament to the bonds that can unite people from diverse backgrounds in the face of common values and shared goals. His story is a reminder of the universal principles of justice, peace, and the right to defend one’s homeland – values deeply ingrained in the spirit of Israel.

In remembering Sgt.-Maj. Urija Bayer, we honor a hero who embodied the highest ideals of selflessness and bravery. His life and ultimate sacrifice are a beacon of hope and solidarity, illuminating the path toward a future where people from all walks of life stand together in defense of peace, justice, and the enduring values of the State of Israel. — Israfan


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