‘Pro-Life Spiderman’ climbs urban towers to save babies


Maison Des Champs, the man known as “Pro-Life Spiderman” climbed the 588 foot

Maison Des Champs

Accenture tower without a rope in Chicago, Illinois this Tuesday morning.

Des Champs is directing attention to the non-profit organization Let Them Live, as he has with past climbs, in order to raise money for women in crisis pregnancy situations.

This particular climb is dedicated to helping support “Sierra,” a young mother of two who recently found herself unexpectedly pregnant.

Des Champs climbing (Instagram)

Let Them Live is setting a goal of $27,000 to help Sierra choose life for her unborn child and be financially stable by the time her baby is born.

Des Champs free climbing, no ropes

Des Champs has completed eight “free-solo” climbs so far including the Salesforce tower in San Francisco and more recently the Chase Tower in Phoenix.

His climbs usually result in arrest. Critics of Des Champs’ approach to activism come from both without and within the pro-life movement. To those who decry his free-solo activism as “too radical” Des Champs responds saying,

“The most radical thing you can do in the pro-life movement is nothing at all.”

View from Des Champs’ perspective

Let Them Live was founded by husband and wife duo Emily and Nathan Berning in 2019. They provide financial help and emotional support to women considering abortion so they might choose life insead. Nathan Berning describes connecting with Des Champs in the spring of 2022,

“Shortly after Maison climbed his first building to save babies, I found out he climbed the building to support Let Them Live. Today, he is climbing the Accenture Tower to save Sierra and her 17-week baby from abortion. We are so grateful for his support of our moms and babies!”

Live updates of Tuesday’s climb will be posted on Des Champs’ instagram account: @prolife.spiderman