Egyptian surgeon, preacher passes to his reward


“The scholarly and professional community in Egypt has lost Dr Mufeed Ibrahim Said, one of the pillars of humanitarian generosity; a surgery professor who loved his patients, poor and wealthy, offering them the love of Christ and His healing touch.”

These words were posted in a statement issued by Cairo’s Kasr El-Dobara Evangelical Church, announcing the departure of Dr Said, Professor of Surgery and former Chairman of the Surgery Departments at Cairo University, and Senior Elder of the Evangelical Church.

Dr Said passed away in Cairo on 15 September after a long life of dedication and generosity, in service of the word of God.

His funeral service was held on 17 September at Kasr El-Dobara Church. He leaves behind his wife of a lifetime Laila Moussa Said, Professor of English, with whom he had a son Sami, a surgeon; and daughter, Hala, a paediatrician, and five grandchildren.

For the sake of one

Mufeed Said was born in Cairo in April 1930, the son of Ibrahim Saeed (1895 -1970), a professor of the Theological Seminary of the Evangelical Church in Cairo, and a renowned evangelical preacher who founded and served as pastor the Evangelical Church at Kasr El-Dobara in Cairo. The church was established in the 1940s and opened in 1950; it grew to be the biggest Protestant community in Egypt.

Dr Mufeed Said studied medicine at Cairo University and, in 1958, earned a PhD in surgery. He worked as a researcher at the US Navy medical research unit in Cairo in 1959. He became professor of general surgery at Cairo University’s teaching hospital of Kasr al-Ainy in 1970, and in 1989 was appointed head of surgery departments at the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University.

Dr Said was member of the General Committee for Promoting Surgery Professors, and member of the post-graduate studies committee at Kasr al-Ainy. He was also member of the International College of Surgeons (ICS), and member of the International College of Digestive System Surgeons. He has to his name many research papers in surgery, printed in local and international periodicals.

In Egypt, Dr Said was a practicing surgeon, and taught and trained surgeons throughout the years. He was famous for being eminently competent, understanding, and holding exceptionally high moral standards. He insisted on charging modest fees, and performing surgeries free of charge for the needy.

A colleague of Dr Said told of once asking him if he was not afraid of being deceived into performing free surgeries for persons who could very well pay for them. To which Dr Said replied: “I don’t mind being deceived by scores of patients rather than forgoing only one who is really in need.”

”Righteous man of God”

In the Evangelical Church to which he belonged, Dr Said was Senior Elder at Kasr El-Dobara Evangelical Presbyterian Church in Cairo, where he regularly preached for over half a century. Because of his brilliant preaching, he was guest speaker at most evangelical churches in Cairo and in cities and towns across Egypt. He was guest speaker at the annual Conference of the Arabic Baptist Church Boston and many other church conferences in the USA and Canada for the last 30 years.

Dr Said was an authority on teaching the Bible and on the Christian faith. His sermons were broadcast regularly over the Internet, the Radio and Satellite Television stations. His written articles were printed in most Christian periodicals and magazines in the Middle East, the EU and North America.

Dr Said was the pulpit interpreter for Rev. Billy Graham at the Cairo Mission, and more recently in Ottawa, Canada.

Dr Andrea Zaki, General Director of the Coptic Evangelical Church in Egypt, mourned Dr Said: “With deep grief, we bid farewell to the righteous man of God, Dr Mufeed Said, who departed our world following distinguished intellectual contribution and great spiritual service. He played a major role in serving the needy with a sincere Egyptian spirit.” Dr Zaki extended his sincere condolences to all members of Dr Mufeed’s family members, and the congregation of Kasr El-Dobara Church, and all his loved ones.

On social media

Many took to social media to mourn Dr Said.

Columnist Khaled Montasser, who is also a doctor, wrote: “A bouquet of love to the now absent but always present Dr Mufeed. Farewell my teacher: the beautiful, noble saint of a man.”

Dr Montasser described Dr Said as “a warm throbbing heart; a fount of tolerance, compassion, and profound love for all fellow humans and all creatures on earth.”

“I learned from Dr Mufeed,” he wrote, “that difficulties could be faced with a smile of contentment, the impossible conquered with a gentle look, and that God is indeed love.”

Journalist writer Maged Samir wrote: “Dr Mufeed, the surgeon of the poor, departed our world … Until we meet again in the better eternal life.”

Referring to Dr Said, the church of Nahdet al-Qadassa in 6th of October City quoted the Bible verse: “They were men of whom the world was not worthy,” (Heb 11:38). — Watani International