This PTA pushes transgender ideology


The California State PTA is co-sponsoring a bill that is swiftly making its way through the

Dr. Rachel Levine is one of a few openly transgender public officials in the U.S.

legislature in California. AB 957¬†seeks to establish a framework for parenting in the state by enshrining into law that failing to affirm a child’s self-identified gender will be considered detrimental to their well-being.

Under this proposed legislation, parents who do not affirm their child’s chosen gender identity may be deemed to be engaging in actions that can be equated with child abuse.

If AB 957 is signed into law by the Governor, parents will be compelled to adopt the state-approved stance on gender identity or risk losing custody of their child.

“The California State PTA’s endorsement of this law shows a complete disregard for parental rights, setting a dangerous precedent for other states to follow suit and appease the progressive transgender movement,” says Karen England, President of Capitol Resource Institute. “AB 957 establishes an ideological litmus test for parenting in California, and the potential impacts of this language are truly horrifying.”

This is the same PTA that was caught secretly partnering with Planned Parenthood to teach 5th graders gender theory and sexual education, while hiding it in their budget under “assemblies.”

Capitol Resource Institute’s President, Karen England, expressed her outrage at the PTA’s deceptive actions, emphasizing that parents should be appalled by this behavior.

Karen also asserts that the PTA has strayed from its original purpose of organizing bake sales and fundraisers for the benefit of children’s education and has instead become another organization promoting an extreme agenda.

“The collaboration with Planned Parenthood and the promotion of radical ideologies to be a complete betrayal, urging parents to demand the return of their dues,” says England. — Capitol Resource Institute (CRI)