What invasion was greater than D-Day?


By Jon Courson –

On June 6, 1944, General Dwight Eisenhower made a pivotal decision when he said, “Let’s go.” At 4 A.M., over 155,000 made their way across the English Channel in the greatest single military invasion in world history. Having been told that only one in three would likely return from the morning excursion, they landed on the beaches of France that were code-named Utah and Sword, Juneau and Gold, and most famously Omaha.

As they landed on the shores, the enemy already entrenched, began to fire round after round on those 155,000 brave soldiers. Ten thousand men lost their lives at Omaha Beach on that bloody, brutal day. Yet the Allied soldiers kept coming – wave after wave after wave – until they took the strongholds, the high towers from which the Nazi soldiers fired. Had the Allies failed, Germany would have dominated Europe, indeed the world militarily. But their success ensured eventual victory.

The greatest military invasion in the history of the world took place on D-Day. But an infinitely greater invasion took place the day God invaded the world in the Person of Jesus Christ. Monumental were the repercussions of the sacrifice and bloodshed on the beaches of Normandy. But they were nothing compared to the results of the sacrifice and blood shed at Calvary.

Satan’s plan of nailing Jesus to the Cross backfired totally because the only foothold Satan has on humanity is getting people to succumb to sin and thus turn over the authority of their lives to him. Therefore, because the blood of Jesus paid the price for the sin of all men, Satan’s foothold is obliterated. Yet even though the battle has been won, the battle goes on because the Enemy will not give up that which we do not take.

When the Allied invasion succeeded, Hitler and the boys in Berlin knew their days were numbered. They knew they didn’t have a chance – but they continued fighting to the bitter end. This explains the reason that although the outcome of the war was determined on June 6, more blood was shed in the year following the victory at Normandy than at any other time in history.

So, too, Satan knows he doesn’t have a chance. He knows that the one grasp he had on man is gone. He knows his time is running out. Yet so deep is his hatred of God that he continues to hang on to the territory he knows is no longer his. And he fights to the bitter end.


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Taken from Jon Courson’s Application Commentary by Jon Courson Copyright © 2003 by Jon Courson. www.thomasnelson.com