The synagogue reclaimed from the grip of Satan

Rabbi Michael Walker

By Steve Rees –

As intercessors from 120 nations and 100 languages ended the global Isaiah 62 Fast for Israel on Pentecost Sunday, a group of spiritual warriors from across Colorado culminated 21 days of prayer on behalf of Jewish people by convening in a historic synagogue.

Church in the City-Beth Abraham hosted worship, prayer, dance and biblical declarations from believers who traveled to Denver for the prophetic gathering, dubbed the Colorado Stands With Israel Initiative. The event was organized by Colorado Prays ( and churches aligned with it.

A Jewish believer in Jesus and pastor of Church in the City-Beth Abraham, Rabbi Michael Walker explained how and why the celebration was prophetic at the Culmination Event For ISA 62 Global Fast.

A little over 100 years ago, the synagogue was built in the heart of downtown Denver. The Jewish congregation that worshiped there placed a cornerstone, which doubled as a time capsule during the synagogue’s construction in 1921.

When the Jewish believers vacated the building in 1969, they removed the time capsule; and the synagogue ceased to exist as a place of worship.

Instead, what had been a house of prayer was converted into a rave nightclub. Then when satanists moved into Denver, the synagogue was used by the Church of Satan.

“God spoke to us that all these people were trying to do something to this synagogue that was built to worship the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” Walker said.

Noting that Jesus spoke in synagogues, Walker said his congregation of Spirit-filled believers agreed to return the house of worship to its former glory with a new cornerstone from Israel.

“Psalm 118:22, ‘The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone’ is what the Lord put on my heart.

“What Jewish person such as myself would have a problem with that? It’s in the Old Testament,” Walker said.

During renovation of the synagogue, the Jerusalem Stone Company relocated to Denver, pledging its support for the building’s restoration. Its altars, bathrooms and replicated Western Wall include stone from Israel, and priests from Jerusalem were present for the synagogue’s dedication.

Concurrent with building officials inspections of the synagogue’s restoration, Denver was conducting a survey of the city. Surveyors determined that the synagogue, specifically the cornerstone, is the center of Denver. It is part of the city’s records.

Word of the synagogue’s restoration reached a publication, the Intermountain Jewish News, which decided to inquire. A female staffer commented, “So you’re one of those Jews For Jesus” during a phone conversation.

Later upon visiting the synagogue to document with pictures the progress on the building, the woman told Walker, “I can feel the presence of God in this place, and we don’t even believe in God.”

Reaching 50,000 Jews in a four-state region, the newspaper featured Walker on the cover. “I got to share my testimony without leaving the synagogue.

“So having this event here at this time – for such a time as this – is very prophetic,” Walker said.

Initiated by Pastor Mike Bickle to spiritually buttress Israel from Iran’s nuclear ambitions, the fast drew 12,000 ministries to fast and pray for one hour each day from May 7th to the 28th.

The Isaiah 62 Fast, based on biblical references to watchmen on Jerusalem’s walls, surpassed its ambitious goal of raising 100 million intercessors for Israel.

“Have we grasped that in a moment – during the month of May 2023 – the nations stood up together for the first time in history?” asked Justin Frie, a leader from Restoration Church in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Sovereignly, God moved on the hearts of thousands of Colorado intercessors who participated at various levels across the state of Colorado during the 21-day fast for Israel.

“There’s prophetic significance to what’s happening in this hour. God has connected – through this fast – so many peoples’ hearts to Israel in a precious and tender way.

“I believe the Lord is stirring up His body in the nations to stand with Israel because pretty soon the nations, politically, will stand against Israel,” Frie said.

According to registration figures, some 120 million people signed up for the Isaiah 62 Fast for Israel. With unregistered intercessors joining in prayer, the numbers may be between 150- to 160 million.

At Restoration Church, where members prayed for 21 days with global intercessors, a Jewish man showed up to join them.

“This guy David goes, ‘I’m Jewish. My wife told me to come to this church’s prayer meetings because she thinks it’s great that we’re praying for Israel. I’m really being moved right now; I don’t know where I’m at. But I think Jesus is talking to me,’” Frie said.

“He texts me a few days later and says, ‘I’ve met the Lord and I want to be baptized,’” Frie said.

The crowd in Denver, emphasizing John 17 unity among believers, prayed for Israel, Gentile Christians, and an estimated 100,000 Jews who live in the Mile High City.

To view the gathering, watch here: