Muslim set out to disprove Bible, but a funny thing happened after he read it


By Alexia Hess –

Mubashir’s consecration to Islam was perfect.

“I was honored to be a teacher at Koran school in India,” he told International Christian Response. “I felt so full of satisfaction in both my role and my dedication to my path.

“My dedication to Koran was all-encompassing, all-consuming.”

In his zeal to strengthen the Muslim population in India (which registers at 14%, well behind the Hindu majority of 80%), he threw himself into studying comparative religion.

Cracking open a Bible to better expose its errors (he thought), he began reading the New Testament. It was a strange sensation. What he had been told about the Bible didn’t line up with what was written in the Bible.

Muslims in India

“I was amazed by the love and acceptance and forgiveness that I found in the pages of the Christian scriptures,” he recalls. “Jesus as God-become-man captured my attention. He became one of us in order to save us.”

Inevitably, he turned his life over to Jesus and became a Christian. He lost his job at the Koran school.

“My parents didn’t want to have anything to do with me,” he adds. “I quickly went with my friends and neighbors to share the good news, but they rejected me too.”

The rejection turned violent.

“The next thing I knew, I was being dragged out of my house and beaten so severely that I had to be hospitalized for some time,” he recounts. “With no job, I had no way to pay my medical bills and was frightened for my future.”

Thankfully, International Christian Response intervened and helped him start a new, independent life.

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About the writer of this article: Alexia Hess studies at Lighthouse Christian Academy near  Rancho Park in Los Angeles.


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