Atheist started attending church, shocked when slain in the Spirit


By Benjamin Lahood –

Victor Saikouski turned to atheism after his father left the family and his mother moved around taking different jobs to fund the family’s needs.

“I adopted a world view of atheism and I truly believe that there’s no such thing as God,” Victor says on a Hungry Generation video. “It actually became to me almost as a sport to argue Christians and to deceive Christians out of their belief in Jesus because I was so radical for atheism.”

Victor was born in Belarus. When he was 14, Victor’s mother remarried but drank and used drugs with the stepdad, and they divorced also.

Eventually, Mom moved the family to the U.S. in search of better opportunities. She worked two jobs to make ends meet.

Years later, the stepdad moved to America and got saved. He reached out to Victor’s mom wanting a reconciliation.

Victor didn’t believe the man had really dropped drugs.

“We found it very hard to believe,” Victor says. “Me being atheist, I rejected that idea of church right away and I thought that man is a liar.”

Still as time passed, Mom broke down and got back together with Stepdad. Little by little, the family started going to church.

But Victor remained an unbelieving believer, even as he attended church.

“I wasn’t a solid believer. I was deep in my pride believing that there was no such thing as God and really married to the idea of atheism,” he says. “I became a ‘halfway in, halfway out’ believer. I was a certain person during Sunday service but a certain person outside of Sunday service, a completely different person.”

Then something remarkable happened.

“I had a supernatural encounter with God, with the Holy Spirit,” he relates. “On that night, as I was going through the prayer and getting prayed over, I just collapsed from my legs. I was on the floor for three, four hours just encountering God. God at that moment seemed more real to me than ever before.

“At that moment, God completely delivered me, completely set me free and transformed me from inside out.”

He was set free from unbelief and porn.

“Ever since I surrendered my life to God and took that step of faith from being an atheist to believing in God and believing in His power, that same power of God hit me and completely transformed my life and now I’m here today.”

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Ben Lahood studies at the Lighthouse Christian Academy near Mar Vista, Los Angeles.


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