‘Great joy in the city’ as Jesus heals blind eyes


By Steve Rees —

A fourth-generation pastor, Scott Pearson echoes the Lord Jesus in saying the fields are ripe for harvest and – to reap lost souls – he says the church should look to the Book of Acts for inspiration and power.

Pearson, co-founder of a school of supernatural ministry, believes it’s time for the church to wake up and perform the works described in Acts.

For 20 years, Pearson has carried the presence of God outside the four walls of his church performing signs, wonders and miracles in the lives of thousands of people at restaurants and malls, on city streets, and even in a biker bar.

“It’s time to do more than just sit in a church service and watch others or hear about what others are doing. It’s time for us to take God outside the four walls of the church and bring the kingdom everywhere we go,” Pearson says.

His recently published first book, God on the Move, is like a modern-day sequel to Acts.

Pearson practices what he preaches. Once a week, he prays for the sick at a healing room where many people report complete recoveries from cancer and other illnesses.

For many years, Pearson’s taught courses on evangelism and supernatural encounters to Youth With A Mission (YWAM) students preparing for ministry during what’s called “Holy Spirit Week.” He hopes more opportunities arise to share testimonies of God’s miraculous acts.

Four months into 2023, God continues to supernaturally save, heal, restore and deliver people through Pearson’s dependence on the Holy Spirit who, he says, will move through anybody.

“God is waiting for you to say yes,” says Pearson, the founder of a group of Colorado house churches within the Bethel Leaders Network in Redding, California,

Subtitled “Encountering the Love of God,” Pearson’s book is filled with testimonies of salvation, healing, deliverance and multiplication of money.

A pastor who has known him for 15 years says the miracle ministry of the Lord Jesus continues through Pearson.

“His walk and testimony have been an inspiration to me personally and many in our church and school of ministry over the years,” says Peter Young, senior leader of Bridgeway Church in Colorado, which is aligned with Bethel.

A half-dozen significant testimonies of God’s healing power will fill the pages of Pearson’s second book.

One of the more exciting is a series of supernatural healing encounters that have occurred this year in a health club where Pearson works out.

He had just finished swimming and was relaxing in the hot tub when he noticed a woman struggling to get into the water.

“She had been in a significant car accident and had (undergone) a number of surgeries to repair the damage. One of her legs was severely crushed,” Pearson says.

After receiving prayer three times, the woman told Pearson the pain was gone. Then he prayed for an issue with her thyroid and other physical conditions.

“Later we learned her thyroid was functioning normally, and X-rays of her damaged leg revealed some of the hardware was no longer there,” says Pearson.

He also prayed for two more people in the hot tub – a man whose shoulder was injured playing sports and a male golfer suffering elbow pain.

“These were physical reconstructions that happened over a 45-minute period,” says Pearson, adding awareness of environment is critical in bringing the Kingdom of God to people, even in a hot tub. “Look for opportunities other people ignore,” he says.

Pearson is co-founder of the Bridgeway School of Supernatural Ministry, and the senior leader of Bridgeway House Churches.

Miracles weren’t integral to Pearson’s faith and practice until he and wife Lynea led a mission trip to Africa, where they met an apostle of the Lord in Zimbabwe.

There, Dr Ezekiel Guti anointed and ordained Pearson – who at the time was in Bible college back home – to minister in his churches. The apostle required that Pearson demonstrate ability to preach the gospel, heal the sick, and deliver people from demons.

Pearson qualified only in sharing the good news of Jesus.

“Dr. Guti had me get on my knees and then he laid hands on me. I felt electricity run through my body, sensed a new anointing, along with a transfer of power.

“It was one of the defining moments in my life and left me forever changed,” says Pearson, who then prayed for a blind woman.

“Words cannot describe my complete and utter amazement as I watched eyes form in the lady’s eye sockets,” he recalls.

The next year Pearson planted a church near Boulder, Colorado where he served as pastor until 2021.

Despite pursuing supernatural encounters like those he witnessed in Africa, Pearson infrequently moved in signs, wonders and miracles until a hot summer day in 2003 when he read Acts 8:6-8.

“The phrase ‘great joy in the city’ jumped out at me. It was joy born of witnessing Jesus’ miracles and talking about them with each other.

“I thought about the numerous trips I had been on over the last decade, and the amazing healing I had seen in whole towns touched by God and the gospel,” recalls Pearson.

A realization hit him like a ton of bricks.

“I didn’t want to go on talking about what happened in the past. I wanted people in my streets talking about what Jesus had done, about the miracles of people being healed, saved and set free,” Pearson says.

Hungry and resolved to see Jesus glorified through signs, wonders and miracles, Pearson closed his Bible and headed to McDonald’s for lunch.

In less than a half-hour later, Jesus healed bruised ribs and a heart, and saved a young lady simply through Pearson’s prayer and eagerness to share the gospel as he followed the Holy Spirit’s leading.

“If I had to rank Jesus’ top three miracles, I would say the McDonald’s story was pivotal,” says Pearson.

One of his favorite testimonies stems from the time Pearson ended up at a biker bar by following the Holy Spirit.

“I had never been in such a place before, and I was completely out of my element,” he says.

Pearson recalls the Lord wanted him to talk to somebody named Al inside the bar. So he walked up to a group of three men seated in the back and asked, “By any chance is there anybody at this table named Al?”

Indeed, Al was seated at the table; he had broken his leg and hip in a motorcycle accident, requiring four surgeries to repair the damages. After receiving prayer, Al began to walk around the bar.

“(Al) told me his hip was completely healed and that his leg was significantly better as well,” says Pearson.

He then asked about Al’s alcoholic son – prompted by a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit – who later quit drinking and gave his life to Jesus.

Another guy, JD, asked Pearson to pray for his injured fingers, which were healed by Jesus.

“To top if off, Jesus supernaturally protected me from drugs that were placed in my drink,” says Pearson. “JD told me that a third guy, Mel, put enough drugs in my drink to knock down a horse,” he says.

God is on the move, Pearson says, and He’s inviting ordinary people to display His goodness and love to a lost and dying world. This is a unique season in human history where all believers get to participate, he believes.

For more information about Pearson, email him at [email protected] “God on the Move” is available through Amazon.


  1. God is always on the move, He’s always looking for someone to use. I know people who say there’s a great revival coming, yet they miss every opportunity God puts under their nose in the meantime! Why should people suffer and die and go to hell, while we wait for a “Great Revival ?”
    “The fields are already white unto harvest.”
    People are ALWAYS in need. Let’s go!

  2. “God is on the move, Pearson says, and He’s inviting ordinary people to display His goodness and love to a lost and dying world. ”

    Yes, it is a “lost” and “dying” world. And, it is a world under siege. They are now, openly, promoting Satanism – as Entertainment. In this very face – of what they are now doing (boldly), it is time to come forward and Stand (without a doubt).

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