God pouring out His love on Gen Z Students


Bill Yount/FacebookBy Steve Rees —

A prophetic author and minister believes the confluence of two events – an outbreak of revival that’s spread from Asbury University to numerous Christian and secular campuses, and the release of the hugely successful Jesus Revolution movie – is a sign of God’s intent to send another Great Awakening to America.

Saved during the Jesus Movement of the late 1960s and 70s, Bill Yount’s life is marked by miracles, ministry, music and more. Turning 73 in April, he believes the Holy Spirit is moving mightily among Gen Z.

“I’ve been sent to the Scripture that reads, ‘When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord will raise up a standard against him.’ (Isaiah 59:19) I believe this is the standard now being lifted up against the enemy,” says Yount, a sought-after speaker.

Only the Lord has been credited with sparking revival at Asbury University on Feb. 8th when Spirit-led students worshiped, prayed and repented after listening to a simple message by a young teacher who thought he blew it.

“So he couldn’t even get the credit for it. It was God,” says Yount, of revival that’s broken out throughout the world.

After the outbreak spread, Yount told the Lord he felt left out of what He was doing around the world. What followed was a word of encouragement from the Lord for every believer.

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The Lord impressed this on his heart: Son, everybody on earth who has prayed for this gets the victory.

“Every saint of God that’s ever whispered, ‘God, touch our nation.’ It’s all went up in a bowl that’s tipping over now,” Yount told Ralph Ackley, pastor of River of God Church in Michigan on the Faith, Family and Friends podcast.

“I hear the Spirit say, It’s unstoppable.

It’s possible for men to get in the way of what God is doing but, looking at historical moves of the Holy Spirit, the Body of Christ has learned from her mistakes.

“Let’s come alongside these young people. Let’s mentor them and father them but be careful that we don’t take the stage. God’s on center stage now,” says Yount.

During the revival’s run at Asbury, Yount observed young and old people who were thirsty for a spiritual drink, even Spirit-filled leaders who came to receive from a genuine outpouring.

After 23 years of prison ministry, writing books, blogs and music, as well as speaking at Christian events, Yount possesses wisdom about revival and outpouring. “When God pours out His Spirit and the fire falls – and it’s falling now – I tell the Body, ‘Don’t touch the young people.’

“God’s pouring out His love again on all of us,” says Yount, but especially wounded Gen Z, youth and students.