Demon-possessed refugee girl set free in Lebanon


By Danielle Argueta –

The Muslim uncle of a 17-year-old girl under demonic influence was upset when local missionaries arrived at the door of their home in a Syrian refugee camp.

It was the Islamic month of Ramadan, and she had reacted violently when a Muslim cleric attempted to help her, according to a report by Christian Aid Mission.

“The cleric had been met by the young woman’s screams and her aggressively pushing him away from the home,” a local ministry’s leader says. “As he began to leave, their daughter encouraged his quick movement from the property as she picked up stones and began throwing them his way. He left promptly and did not return nor seek out her parents.”

The girl’s parents mentioned she often would shout at no one and for no apparent reason, and she would throw objects at others. Being Muslims, the family requested a visit by a Muslim cleric for three days. But when he finally showed up, the girl repulsed him.

The Muslim parents then decided to seek help from Christian missionaries. When they showed up, the girl’s uncle was none too happy. Muslims often detest Christian missionaries.

Reluctantly, the uncle let the missionaries in.

They shared Scripture from the Bible demonstrating Jesus’ power and authority to confront and defeat the demonic realm.

“It was a powerful opportunity to share about prayer and its power,” the leader informed. “Recognizing that this presentation was completely different from their context – Islam, the one that had failed them thus far – they requested prayer to the Christian God. So with courage and humility, the leaders prayed.”

The girl was healed, touched powerfully by God in a way that set her free.

Understandably, her parents desired to learn more about Christianity.

“Everyone listened intently, including the formerly irritated uncle who met us the last time,” the leader said. “There is more work to do with this family, but progress is happening!”

Pray that the girl’s family will find freedom and salvation in Jesus.

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Daniela Argueta studies at the Lighthouse Christian Academy near Inglewood, California.