California student went to Kentucky to play football, got hit by revival


By Mark Ellis –

Noah Skobis

There was only one college in America that wanted a southern Californian named Noah Skobis for their football team: Morehead State University, in Morehead, Kentucky.

Now he’s glad he went to Kentucky, because he got swept up in the revival at Asbury University, 90 minutes away. He first learned about the revival through a video posted on Instagram by Lindy Cofer, a singer, songwriter, and worship leader with Circuit Riders.

He was fasting on February 11th, when his roommate invited him to go with him to Asbury. It was 6:30 pm on a Saturday. “No, I’m just going to use this day to rest and fast and pray,” he told his roommate, but after he declined the invitation, God reminded him of a verse in Luke:

Then they said to Him, “Why do the disciples of John fast often and make prayers, and likewise those of the Pharisees, but Yours eat and drink?”

And He said to them, “Can you make the friends of the bridegroom fast while the bridegroom is with them? But the days will come when the bridegroom will be taken away from them; then they will fast in those days.” (Luke 5:33-35)

He felt the Lord impress on his heart: You can always fast for me, but you will not always have this experience of what I’m doing at this campus.

Noah called out to his roommate: “I changed my mind…I’m going.” They took off immediately.

When they walked into the auditorium that night, it was packed, but they managed to find two empty chairs.  “This worship leader was talking about the awareness of God,” Noah told God Reports. “He said, ‘We’re not going to play worship music to fit the people’s needs, we’re going to play worship music that honors God — that is for Jesus.’”

Asbury Revival (photo: Noah Skobis)

“The room had a unity of focus on God and there were no distractions. Just being in that room was very special. The Holy Spirit was obviously present,” he says.

Another speaker gave a message about consecration. “There was so much humility on that stage. There was unity and reverence for the Lord and what he was doing there. It was a move of God.”

Asbury revival (photo:Noah Skobis)

During the next worship session, a student nearby was delivered of demons. “A lot of people were looking over during worship because she started screaming, and she was being delivered of demons. There were little groups of people coming together and, some either crying or getting ministered to.”

“I was hungry for Jesus, to worship him. We were all focused on the Lord. Everyone was worshiping in unity and just super hungry for God. And then later in the night, they brought out bread and we took communion together. That was powerful…We stayed until midnight and then we got a little tired.”

Noah and his roommate when back the next day at 1 pm. “We got to get more of God. This changed my heart even more. God was more real than before. There was just a deeper revelation and the fear of the Lord increased over my life.”

When one of the speakers on the stage asked for a moment of silence and humility, the fear of the Lord overwhelmed Noah’s soul. “We all got on our knees and during that moment of silence something changed in my heart, the Holy Spirit ministered in my heart…this humility and reverence for God – who He is and what He’s doing.”

The impact of the two days stayed with Noah. “I was in awe of God. I felt his presence and thanking him, I felt a constant outpouring of His love on the way back home.”

Noah has been following the Lord wholeheartedly for the last three years. “My life really changed when I got free of sin and started to walk in the power of God and walk in obedience to Him,” he says.

 I came out here last August. So the fact that God is pouring out as I come here all the way from California is amazing, because I get to experience it. It’s just amazing that I would be somewhere where God started revival.”