Twitter alternative offers safe platform for people of faith


By Mark Ellis —

Jason Miller


For Christians censored by Big Tech, a host of alternative social media platforms are springing up, including GETTR, which is a veritable Twitter clone – with notable improvements. Started by former Trump aide Jason Miller, the platform has taken off.

“We’re the fastest growing social media company in history,” Kaelen Dorr, former chief marketing officer for Trump 2020, told God Reports. After podcast luminary Joe Rogan mentioned GETTR on his show, Dorr’s phone blew up and the site added another million users within days.

Since their launch in July, 2021, they have gained five million users, according to Dorr. Their unique moniker blends two words – “get together” – to form GETTR.

GETTR is a global platform, because censorship has become endemic in many countries throughout the world, leaving users searching for a non-biased social network that fights cancel culture and defends free speech.

Users can write posts as long as 777 characters in length, upload images, upload and edit videos up to three minutes, and livestream as long as 60 minutes. Some believers livestream their church services, Dorr noted. Another recently added feature allows a post on GETTR to automatically be mirrored on Twitter.

“You can upload videos, but we’re not compressing them,” Dorr noted. “So what you see is what you get.”

Kaelen Dorr at NRB 2022

Many people are not aware of the dark practices of Big Tech’s money machine. “Tik Tok, Facebook, and Instagram have predatory algorithms that go after children, because they want to get them on the hook for all these things from the day they’re born until the day they die,” Dorr told God Reports. “They are not social media companies anymore. They’re data collection harvesters and they sell that data to predatory companies, and they become beholden to them.”

“We want to be a safe space for conservatives and especially for the faith community, because they’ve been coming after you.”

Gettr’s terms of service allows them to remove content that is “obscene, lewd, pornographic, violent, threatening, abusive, or illegal. “Just don’t come on the site and try to post beheading videos, child porn, or use the N-word,” Dorr said.

Dorr would like to see his former boss join GETTR. “My gut says he’ll join one day; we still have his account reserved for him and it’s in a gold briefcase under Jason Miller’s desk in New York.”


  1. Actually, Anonup is most like twitter, but with no BS. And no, ANON does not refer to Anonymous the hacking group, it refers to your own anonymity .

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