Controversial 1988 prophecy and the fall of Afghanistan


By Mark Ellis –

China offers diplomatic relations to Taliban

One of the most perplexing developments of the last few years is the rising influence of Islam on the Left generally and the Democrat party particularly. On one level they would seem to be ideological foes, yet as the solidity of this unlikely union continues to strengthen, it seems probable the Democrats will eventually jettison their historic commitment to Israel.

In a broader geopolitical context, bestselling Christian author and teacher Joel Richardson wrote a book laying out the scriptural basis for an Islamic Antichrist. He points to a controversial prophecy given in 1988 that may have a bearing on what is rapidly unfolding before our eyes – a marriage between radical Islam, the Far Left, and the communists.

The stunningly rapid fall of Afghanistan, the diminishing of American influence in the Middle East, the prospects for Afghanistan becoming the locus for radical jihad, and the rising sway of China in the region, all signal the beginnings of a dark empire from which Antichrist will emerge, with a dagger pointed at Israel.

The prophetic word was given in June, 1988 by charismatic minister Paul Cain, now deceased. It was based on a dream, in three-parts.

At the time the prophecy was delivered in June, 1988, the American presidential election was underway. George H.W. Bush had not yet chosen his vice-presidential running mate. He went to Kennebunkport, Maine to consider his choice.

Cain’s prophecy was this: Bush is not fishing; he’s hunting. He’s hunting quail, but quail will not hide behind the bush.

Two months later it became known that Dan Quayle was chosen as Bush’s running mate.

The next part of the prophecy also came to pass: Within one year of Bush taking office, I am going to deal a death blow, a serious punch to knock the wind out of communism.

On November 9th, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell, the Iron Curtain unraveled, and communism shriveled in Eastern and Central Europe. The Soviet Union dissolved two years later.

The third part of Cain’s prophecy was this: I am going to raise up the residue or remnants of communism and it is going to marry and join with the spirit of Islam. Together this will form an empire that will be led by the Antichrist. It will have tremendous power in Europe, but the church in Europe, particularly in London and Berlin, will rise up to oppose it.

“I have argued that the Antichrist’s empire and religion will most likely come out of Islam,” Joel Richardson says on a video posted to YouTube August 16th. “The Bible names the names of this coming Antichrist coalition that will invade Israel in the last days, just before the return of Jesus. When I look at those tribes, they are overwhelmingly Middle Eastern and North African nations.”

These are Muslim-majority nations of the Middle East and North Africa, Richardson notes. “The Bible doesn’t place Russia or China front and center in Biblical prophecy, but they may be part of the coming Antichrist coalition.

“What we are seeing in Afghanistan is the beginning of this profound marriage in the sprit between communism and radical Islam,” he maintains.

The nations that have the most to gain from a Taliban takeover in Afghanistan include Turkey, Qatar, Iran, Russia, and China.

“Iran is happy to get the U.S. off their eastern border, to get the U.S. military base out of Afghanistan. They will use the opportunity to push the remaining presence of the US out of Iraq. Even though Iran is a Shia regime and the Taliban are Sunni…Iran is still thrilled. Iran has always worked with the Taliban.”

Qatar, with its military base in Doha, the home of Al Jazeera, and in league with the Muslim Brotherhood, will support a radicalized Afghanistan and partner with the Taliban. “The leaders of the Taliban were photographed in Doha today,” Richardson notes.

“Turkey will exert its influence, as it’s been doing the last few years. President Erdogan has been projecting himself as a paternal leader of the Islamic world. He speaks as though Turkey controls Afghanistan. Turkey will extend its spidery fingers into Afghanistan to try to exert a measure of religious and political control. Turkey will use this opportunity to partner with Russia and whoever else they can to see the U.S. pushed out of northern Syria and the Kurdish areas.”

Russia and China are both happy to see the U.S. humiliated. “China has already acknowledged the Taliban as the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan, and they are treating them diplomatically like any other nation. It is embarrassing and shameful what’s happening.

“It is not like Russia and China are natural ideological allies (with the Taliban) but they share many mutual enemies. They are thrilled to see the U.S. evacuate the Middle East.”

Richardson believes we will see this Antichrist alliance forming in the months and years ahead, “the Islamic-fascists merging with the Marxist communist CCP, as well as Russia.”

Richardson points to another prophecy given recently by a Pentecostal minister he doesn’t wish to name, based on a dream:

“It was a wheat field at night and above the wheat field there was a bright crescent red moon with a star above it. Then he saw the harvest taking place. As it rose back up this bright red crescent with the star, the harvest continued. He said as he looked at it, it appeared much like the former Soviet red flag with the hammer and sickle, and it resembled the Chinese flag, and of course, the Turkish flag. In his dream, the star had six points.

“He said he thought it represented a merger between communism and Islam, which dovetailed with the word Paul Cain shared in the 80s.”

“If they represent the coming antichrist empire, in Revelation Satan is represented as the red dragon, he wants to devour the man-child, Jesus, but he is caught up to heaven. Before the dragon, which represents Satan, out of the sea comes the beast. The beast in many ways is a reflection of the dragon. The dragon and the beast are both red.

“When we talk about a red dragon in geopolitical dialog, people think about China. But when you look at the imagery of the crescent moon, it is incredibly similar to the Turkish flag.

“I expect to see a merger politically between China and the radical Islamic nations. I believe Turkey will emerge as the head of this coming Antichrist coalition.

“If events of recent weeks and years have proven anything to us, it’s that things can happen rapidly, overnight. The Taliban conquered the whole nation overnight.

“The Antichrist is not on the world stage yet, but these things could happen rapidly.”

Richard is encouraged by the fact that the harvest will continue under the nose of the dragon.

“The Lord is a thousand steps ahead of Satan. There will be another ISIS, another Taliban, another this or that, but the Lord is not shocked.”

His plan will be victorious, the reign of Jesus Christ over the nations, in righteousness, with justice, and peace.


  1. If Cain’s prophecy had spoken of the Church arising in Warsaw and Budapest (or the U.S.), it would more likely have come from God.

    • Yeah, because everyone knew radical Islam and Marxism would align themselves together 🤣😂🤣

      And that Bush would pick Quayle.

      Oh, and that the Berlin Wall would fall within a year of Bush taking office.

      I’m sure everyone knew all those things so let’s just dismiss it because you think the Church in London and Berlin couldn’t possibly be used by the Spirit to stand against Islamo-Marxism. Yep.

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