Algerian hated Arabs, but God changed his heart


Growing up amid political turmoil, Abdel-Nour witnessed violence and humiliation from the


Arab rulers of Algeria against the Amazigh tribes (of which he is a part).

“I was a racist,” he told SAT-7. “I disliked Arabs; I detested and hated them.” He fought against the Arabic language forced upon him. “At school, my grades were not good in Arabic because I hated it, so I dropped out of school. At home, when I saw my sisters watching films in Arabic, I turned off the TV,” he recounts.

Things began to change when Abdel-Nour met some people from a local church.

“They did not stop talking about Jesus Christ. I was a curious person, so I went with them to the church. I felt joy flooding my heart, but I did not realize who Jesus was. Later, over time, I believed in Him,” he shares.

Abdel-Nour surrendered his life to Jesus and was born again. He found God’s love, which had been missing in his life.

“Verses such as ‘Love your enemies’ (Matt. 5:44) had a big impact on me. I loved and meditated on the Word of God, and this strengthened my faith, so I accepted Christ as the Savior and Lord of my life,” he says. Abdel-Nour was baptized, and over time, the Holy Spirit worked to change his heart.

Remarkably, his hatred was replaced by love. “Christ has radically changed my life. God loves us as we are, regardless of our nationality and language.

“I began to love hymns in Arabic…God urged me to love what I used to hate,” he shares. His family noticed the change in him and showed interest, too. His father believed in Christ when he read the Bible Abdel-Nour brought home from church.

“Today I say that we are all brothers,” he declares. “When you believe in the God of love, He will fill you with His love and bless you.” – SAT-7


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