Prophets double-down on prediction of Trump win


By Mark Ellis —

In the Book of First Kings, Adonijah, the fourth son of King David, fancied himself that he would succeed his father on the throne.

But God had other plans. While Adonijah was feasting with his supporters in celebration of his supposed accession to the throne, the rightful heir God chose, Solomon, was anointed king in Jerusalem.

And all the people went up after him, playing flutes and rejoicing greatly, so that the ground shook with the sound. 1 Kings 1:40

One leader thought he was the victor, then another inexplicably took his place.

Is President-elect Joe Biden celebrating too quickly? Is he a modern-day Adonijah?

A number of prophetic voices in the Christian community who predicted a Trump win have not reversed themselves. Instead, they maintain confidence that Donald Trump – in the face of improbable odds stacked against him – will ultimately prevail in one of the most unusual political contests in American history.

Author and prophet Kat Kerr doubled down on her prediction: “The rocks are about to

Kat Kerr

move and Trump will be President no matter what you hear,” she told Elijah List’s Steve Schultz. “It will start with a phone call and I can tell you, you will be shocked to see how much exposure comes from that, but Trump will win, He will be President of the United States, he will sit in that office for 4 more years and God will have His way in this country.”

Kerr says God is about to uncover corruption and evil that will bring about the reversal of the apparent results.

Prophet Jeremiah Johnson wrote to his followers:

Jeremiah Johnson

“Either a lying spirit has filled the mouths of numerous trusted prophetic voices in America or Donald J. Trump really has won the presidency and we are witnessing a diabolical and evil plan unfold to steal the election.”

Johnson previously had a dream about Trump running a race that he equated with the election. “And about 100 yards from the finish, he tripped and fell down and he could not get up, the crowd was spitting on him, they were jeering at him.” Two older women helped to supernaturally lift Donald Trump up and finish the race.

CBN’s founder, Pat Robertson, confidently predicted a Trump win during a 700 Club broadcast: “I want to say without question, Trump is going to win the election.”

Lou Engle, leader of The Call, says it’s time for the church to pray like Esther and that corruption and voter fraud will be exposed, according to a report by CBN.

“Expose, expose…that’s what happened to Haman, a three-day Esther fast and then a

Lou Engle

scene is brought forth where literally Esther exposes Haman and a sudden reversal takes place,” Engle said.

Chris Reed told Sid Roth on his program “It’s Supernatural” on November 11th: In a powerful vision prior to the election he saw George Washington put his arm around Donald Trump and say:

You are leading a second American revolution to free America from the grip of socialism, radical ideology, and an anti-Christ agenda.

Following Biden’s apparent win, Reed sought the Lord with a heavy heart and God impressed on him:

As I said before, I say to you again, watch Pennsylvania, particularly Philadelphia. What I said to the church of Philadelphia in the Book of Revelation, so I say to this generation in this season.

Reed grabbed his Bible and began to read from Revelation about the church at

Chris Reed

Philadelphia. (Rev. 3:7) The passage mentions a “key of David,” which Reed links to the story from First Kings with Adonijah cited previously.

“Here is a supernatural connection between King David and the bride of the king and the prophet of the king, and they confront David about Adonijah’s claim…The key of David is that David had the authority despite what Adonijah was saying.

“David says he doesn’t care what everyone is saying. He doesn’t care what Adonijah is saying…Despite the media reports, he said Solomon would be king.

“A door was opened that no one could shut in Philadelphia. The door that is being opened is the exposure of mass voter fraud and corruption that we will see across the United States…the door to that is being opened in Philadelphia.

“The modern news media is the equivalent of the false prophets of Baal,” Reed noted.

He urged Christians to stand firm, that our weakness will be perfected in the Lord’s strength, that Jesus will intervene to bring President Trump a second term.

Either these prophetic voices will be affirmed or rejected in the next few weeks. Will they be confirmed as true prophets or false prophets? Many will be watching the dramatic conclusion to a tumultuous season in American life.


  1. To refer to these charlatans as prophets is to cast aspersion on true prophets of the most high God. Are any of these willing to accept the same penalty ascribed by Gods law for those whose prophecies do not come to pass?

  2. It’s called a Nebuchadnezzar moment that the fake president is experiencing.As people honored Nebuchadnezzar & Herod
    almost as gods, what does your Bible tell you HAPPENED! You misguided foolish people-What was the first sin?
    Lucifer all puffed up with pride,so evil was created.Your false idol Trump is so puffed up with pride but you ignore,
    he lies but you ignore, christian should be calling him out but only silence. He has a televised cabinet meeting where
    around the table each member praised the puffed up fake president,never in my 60 plus years has there been anything like this before.At the Washington prayer breakfast which was televised the speaker before Trump expounded on CHRISTIAN
    VALUES or least faking them for sake of public exposure to not dishonor Christ but Trump got up & said he couldn’t do that.
    He was widely applauded. How many times over the years have I heard christians say the would be fooled by the antichrist but a reality TV star suckered them like nothing seen before.Have fun standing before God with your screwed up reasoning.


  3. God bless you and wash the mud of the swamp from your eyes. Lord said we are to have the faith even of a mustard seed.

  4. God bless you, Mark Ellis. May the Lord’s favor shine upon you. For anyone slandering you, rebuke their personalities. There are demons working in people trying to cause the spirit of offense. We MUST remember we’re not to judge lest we be judged. We’re to walk in love, healing and forgiveness ONLY as Jesus taught us. What you’ve written is absolutely correct. God is INDEED saying to Pray for Philadelphia and God is saying He will expose the corruption there. And, I believe God, not man. We pray that the Body comes together and all scales come off our eyes so we can work on one accord. It’s satan that divides and is the father of lies. It’s also satan working in the demonic to send attacks. Don’t take THOSE people seriously. Pray for them to change. It doesn’t matter what the devil SAYS or DOES. God’s voice wins and that’s all that matters! God ALREADY said we will be shouting victory and the enemy will be saying, “Not fair, not fair.” Hallelu-Yahweh! He said there WILL BE more evidence. For every believer, please stay encouraged and keep reading your Bible. God is causing a great shaking/quaking. Pray in tongues and ask Father God to confirm it.

  5. The truth shall be revealed very soon Kyle. and we shall see who has been listening to false profits. All will be revealed

  6. To Kyle – Your hatred for Donald Trump is evident and apparent – repent immediately!! I was told by a prophet 4 1/2 years ago that God had chosen Donald Trump to be President and that he would win. At first I didn’t believe it – but when he won 306 Electoral votes in 2016 I then believed. For 4 years the Evil Radical left wing – Obama – Schiff – Pelosi – Schumer – Hillary Clinton – Comey – all came after Trump with all their Evil power and might and GOD defeated them. Not Donald Trump but GOD. God wants Trump again and God will have his way. I don’t care what you say or believe. You spew out Evil just like Nancy Pelosi – you’re one of them. You see, in the final analysis , it’s not what you want or what I want – It’s what God wants. Trump has been ordained by God for 4 more years – get out of His way. Rev. Walt

  7. There is much more at play here than most people know. The bible’s true prophets were always Hebrew and appointed by God, and typically hated. Their messages were unwelcomed by most and they often found themselves under attack. The prophets of the bible usually didn’t even want the job. The so called prophets today do not resemble the prophets of old in any way, shape or form. By putting Trump in for one term and then taking him out, God has only shined a light on how broken Christianity in America is. We are about to see an awakening of God’s true chosen people and many well meaning Christians will come against this because of the centuries old misinformation that is seared into their brains. Those who truly seek truth will humble themselves, set their own perceptions and prejudices aside, and take the time to research the now tons of updated information available on the history of Christianity and Judaism instead of clinging to the archaic lies and opinions of those in the past who had ulterior motives. Today, dozens of highly accurate and well researched books are out such as “Undeniable” and “Hiding the Hebrews” by Dante Fortson, and documentaries like “Hebrews to Negroes”, which can no longer be dismissed as fantasy because the archeological, topographical, genetic, historical, and pictorial proof conclusively shows that there was a deliberate dismantling of God’s people and customs by the pagan worshipping Europeans because they did not want to be governed by God’s laws. Remember, the Gentiles were the one’s always corrupting God’s people with their sinful practices, which is why God told His people not to mix with them and eventually scattered His people like for four winds to the ends of the earth. Just like in the past, God now allows every leader to be elected for His use. We are supposed to pray for every leader appointed over us regardless of who they are, but you are lying to yourself if you believe that Americans prayed for President Obama as much as they prayed for President Trump. Racism is built into the fabric of America and is only better disguised now. Bible experts almost unanimously agree that America is the “Daughter of Babylon” described in the bible. Most of its people are destined to perish due to not just a lack of knowledge, but because many will refuse to even entertain examining what God is unveiling in our time. Instead of having loyalty to people because they are the same color, the same political party, or have the same unfounded fears, humanity needs to understand that God is trying to help us realize that through Jesus Christ we are all part of the same family. Truth can unite us, whereas people with selfish motives will only continue to divide us. Educate yourself and compare what you learn with God’s Word. Don’t just rely on the news and other profit driven entities to help you form opinions. May God be with you as you seek revelation of the truth.

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