Boxer gravitated to fighting, in and out of the ring


By Michael Ashcraft —

Daniel Chand loved to fight. As a boxer in Greenwich, England, he was a champion in the ring. On weekends at the pub he liked to raise hell and often found himself in drunken beer brawls.

But then he got arrested for really hurting someone and faced eight years in jail.

“I remember being outside the court room and I prayed to God to give me one more chance,” Daniel told the UK News Shopper. “The next thing I knew, the trial collapsed.”

Chand, with his wife

Chand still loves to fight. But he has traded punching for preaching.

An earnest international evangelist, he has joined the ranks of a new generation of street preachers in London who have traded hellfire and brimstone for more tempered reasoning relying on apologetics.

And he loves praying for the sick — right there on the street or in the store.

“I remember walking up to a Muslim man who was limping and thinking that he might respond negatively to me because he was a different religion. I told him Jesus wanted to heal his leg. And he just looked at me.

Chand, preaching in the streets

“Then I prayed for him, and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. He was running up and down the DVD section.”

There’s nothing like an authentic miracle to authenticate an authentic God. No more need for explanations. The experience of God’s power convinces better than 10,000 words of sound reason.

“We’re not trying to force (people) into the Church,” Daniel says. “But we don’t water down the cross and eternity. That’s a must every single time. It’s not pushy; it’s always in love. Everything has happened by love, just loving people.”

In addition to preaching in the United Kingdom, he has preached in Poland, Pakistan, Austria, Abu Dhabi and Germany. He has a YouTube channel that focuses on heartfelt messages and documents miracles on the streets.

“I used to box in the ring,” he says. “Now I’m boxing sickness and demons.”


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