Steroids given to president may cause side effects


By Mark Ellis –

The Christian doctor in Texas who says the Lord gave him a treatment protocol for Covid using inhaled steroids says the treatment given to President Trump may cause troublesome side-effects.

The president’s physicians gave him the steroid dexamethasone, which is usually given as an injection or infusion (drip) into a vein. Dr. Richard Bartlett has been using the steroid Budesonide, an asthma medication, inhaled through a nebulizer.

“Budesonide is a targeted strategy the Lord gave me as an answer to prayer because it is one you can give as a breathing treatment, so you are not getting the side-effects that dexamethasone delivered by IV,” Dr. Bartlett told God Reports.

The potential side effects from dexamethasone may include decreases in bone density and muscle mass, according to Dr. Bartlett. “It turns down your body’s ability to fight infection; it turns down the immune system if you get it by IV. It also decreases your wound healing ability.

“Dexamethasone does help but the downside is that it turns down your ability to fight infection, so it makes it easier to get a secondary bacterial pneumonia. The inhaled Budesonide does not have that risk,” he maintains.

Dr. Richard Bartlett

A meta-analysis of seven clinical trials of critically ill Covid patients, each treated with one of three different corticosteroids found a statistically significant reduction in death. Undoubtedly, the president’s physicians knew that the largest reduction was obtained with dexamethasone, with a 36% reduction in mortality compared to the placebo.

Last month, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) endorsed the use of dexamethasone in adults and adolescents who require supplemental oxygen therapy.

Dr. Bartlett is quick to note he is not part of the inner circle treating the president. Despite his different approach to the use of steroids, he remains hopeful about President Trump.

“The odds are in his favor. Most people will recover,” he says.

Dr. Bartlett advocates early intervention and treatment of Covid, as opposed to late care. “The CDC protocol is late care only. There is no treatment until you get severe symptoms and then you get the experimental medicine in the hospital,” he notes.

“President Trump got earlier care which makes me happy because my message is the common sense approach of early treatment.

Dr. Bartlett has been meeting with state leaders to advise them about his protocol, with which many seem unaware.

“I am also telling them the basic principle of late care only being offered to Americans. That was first employed by the communist government in China,” he observes. “It failed in China and Italy. It failed in France and Spain. It failed the people of New York. It has left death and destruction that can be tallied in its wake.

“There is a winning strategy that started in January in Taiwan and Japan and Singapore and Iceland. When I talk to these government leaders and I tell them that, many times they have never heard that, which is tragic that they haven’t heard there is a winning strategy. They haven’t heard about the tools including inhaled steroids.”

Dr. Bartlett has determined that some government leaders have been given poor advice. “In the Book of Esther, there is a bad advisor named Haman. Sometimes there are bad advisors in 2020. My message to government leaders is if you’re not hearing the truth, if you’re not hearing a winning strategy, then maybe you need a new advisor.”

Last March, God gave Dr. Bartlett the inspiration for his treatment. “When I asked the Lord about how to help, it was an answer to prayer he gave me Budesonide, aspirin, clarithromycin, and zinc.

“None of my patients have died using the same protocol,” he says. “I know there are thousands treated in West Texas with this protocol with great success.”

Dr. Bartlett believes the number of people sick or hospitalized with Covid will plummet when his tools are employed.

“The Scripture says to not despise small beginnings. It all started with one ordinary guy praying for the Lord to give me a strategy to help others when they are short of breath. It is a message that has bounced around the world several times.”


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