Leading Covid vaccine candidates used aborted babies


By Mark Ellis —

Six out of eight candidates being fast tracked for a COVID-19 vaccine in America are unethically produced, using aborted baby parts in the development, production, or testing of the vaccines.

“There is a very high likelihood that the vaccine that will come out of Operation Warp Speed will be an unethical vaccine,” says Sarah Quale, the president of Personhood Alliance education. “They have used aborted fetal cell lines to create them and many of them have used aborted fetal cell lines to test them,” she notes.

On October 13th, the Personhood Alliance released their Official Position on Vaccine Ethics after a two-month study by their state affiliates, including Catholics and evangelicals, which was then physician reviewed.

“The original children who were aborted and used for this purpose were killed in the 1970s, but now pharmaceutical companies and researchers are creating new cell lines from newly aborted children,” Quale says.

There are many common childhood vaccines and adult vaccines that have been produced and tested using the cells from aborted babies. Because of the rush to produce a Covid vaccine, Quale believes it is much easier for pharmaceutical companies to use the aborted baby cells they have previously been using.

The vaccine candidates that have used aborted baby parts in the development, production, or testing include: AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Inovio, Vaxart, Phizer & BioNTech, among others listed here.

“There are remnants of the DNA of these aborted children in these vaccines,” Quale reports, to the extent that the FDA had to release guidelines on how much is too much.

Some of the ethical alternatives that aren’t used as often in research include monkey cells, chicken cells, synthetically produced cells, and even adult stem cells from consenting adults.

There is an unholy alliance that has developed between the abortion industry, the trafficking industry, and bio-medical science, according to Quale. By trafficking, Quale is referring to the exchange and trade of cells and tissues from aborted babies to academic researchers, universities, and pharmaceutical companies.

“These cells and organs and tissues are not used only to develop vaccines, there is a whole commercial market for the use of fetal cells and embryos. There is human experimentation happening, creation and destruction of humans in Petri dishes, there is cloning, these children are being used as flavor enhancers to test products, they are being used in cosmetics.

“They are commodifying these children who were intentionally killed,” she charges.

Quale is concerned the COVID-19 vaccine may be mandatory, without the possibility of moral or religious exemptions, which is a trend in many states regarding childhood vaccinations.

She has personally decided to refuse the vaccine. “I will not put any substance in my body or my children’s bodies that is derived from an aborted child,” she says. “That is my decision. I don’t take that lightly. There is a public health component to vaccinations, but this is a principled thing and we can no longer accept this practice.

“If we don’t stand up it is going to perpetuate itself indefinitely.”