Abortion smells like freedom?

The unmistakable humanity of the unborn (photo SEBASTIAN KAULITZKI/SHUTTERSTOCK.COM)

By Mark Ellis —

During the Republican National Convention, pro-life activist Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood executive, generated headlines when she stated that “abortion has a smell.”

In response, Cosmopolitan writer Danielle Campoamor dashed off an essay mocking the pro life message, describing the killing of her unborn child in glowing terms recalling pleasant fragrances she associated with the procedure.

Campoamar said her abortion reminded her of the flowery perfume the nurse happened to be wearing the day the college graduate — seven weeks pregnant — went in for the deadly procedure.

Strangely, she also said the abortion smelled like “a small cup of apple juice, which I had along with some saltine crackers when my abortion was over.

“It was the first ‘meal’ I was able to eat and keep down in seven-ish weeks. As I sipped on that cold juice and stuffed crackers in my mouth, I started to feel like myself for the first time since I held that positive pregnancy test in my hands,” she noted.

Campoamar said the abortion had “the scent of a brand-new studio apartment, which I moved into weeks later,” after she broke up with the young man that fathered her first child and began shacking up with a new boyfriend.

She described her relationship with the father as volatile and toxic, and the abortion allowed them to go their separate ways. But even if there were irreconcilable differences between the two, did that justify killing the child?

Perversely, Campoamar said the abortion reminded her of the smell of the barbecued ribs and glass of Maker’s Mark she had with the blind date that became her live-in partner of seven years and the father of their children, born out-of-wedlock.

The abortion also reminded her of the smell of the New York Times, perhaps the one smell that could reasonably be associated with such a grotesque distortion of God’s beautiful design for humanity.

With the selfishness that pervades her kind, she said abortion “smells like economic stability, a healthy relationship, my career, dreams realized, goals reached, and the ability to maintain my mental and physical health.”

Ultimately, she said abortion smells her like a human right. Like freedom.

She never mentions the responsible course, which would have been carrying her baby to term and giving another couple the immeasurable, inestimable gift of life through adoption.