Unemployed Hindu depressed by Covid went missing, but prayers to Jesus brought change


By Mark Ellis —

Nirmal (photo credit: Biglife)

A young man named Nirmal grew up in a very poor Hindu family. After he finished school, he thought he would be able to find a job.

However, Covid-19 upended his plans and dreams and he was unable to find work. “This caused Nirmal to become depressed and mentally unstable. Even to the point that he left home and was missing for a week. His parents were very worried and could do nothing to try to find their son due to the lockdown,” according to a report by Biglife.

The family heard about a Christian woman in their area named Sister Sujata and called her to see if she would pray for their son.

Sujata shared the Good News of the gospel with them and they prayed earnestly for Nirmal’s safe return.

By some measures, Hinduism is the fourth-largest religion in the United States

A week later, God graciously answered their prayers. Nirmal returned home and his mental condition was completely normal.

The God to whom they prayed hears the prayers of Hindus as well as Christians!

In response, Nirmal and his entire family repented of their sins and placed their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

“The Lord has also provided a job for Nirmal,” according to Biglife. “He is so thankful to the Lord for his new life. Let’s pray for Nirmal and his family as they share this testimony and the gospel with others in their village.”


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