Nepalese man freed from demonic attacks


By Deshu —


I was born and raised in a Hindu family and so we were all totally involved in idol worship. Unfortunately, I suffered greatly from demonic attacks.

I tried all kinds of medical treatments and made lots of sacrifices to our idols, but none of it helped.

My neighbors who are followers of Jesus began to share with me and encourage me. I visited when a group gathered in their home to worship Jesus. They were all wonderful people and they prayed for my healing. The Lord answered their prayers and I was miraculously delivered from the demonic attacks.

Nepal Annapurna (photo credit: Flickr–Jeanne Menjoulet)

The Lord became so real to me. I have placed my faith in Christ alone and have been baptized in water. I am so thankful to the Lord for His healing power and salvation. Please pray for me as I desire to see others find eternal freedom in Jesus.


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