Burma: 30 tons of food, clothes and PPE’s reach refugees from war zone


By Mark Ellis –

One village caught in the crossfire

As if a worldwide pandemic was not enough, the world’s longest ongoing civil war continues in Myanmar/Burma with fighting in five states between the government and ethnic insurgents.

Asia Christian Services (ACS), in partnership with the U.N. and other groups, recently delivered 30 tons of food, clothing and other supplies, including masks to help prevent the spread of Covid-19, to the Palawah Refugee Camp in Rakhine State.

Truck delivers relief supplies to IDP camp near border in May, 2020 (photo: Asia Christian Services)

“In that area five tribes have been caught in the fighting between rebels and the Burmese army,” says Kent Odor, chairman of ACS. “We’ve had preachers kidnapped and killed by soldiers and rebels,” he says. “Two weeks ago a U.N. worker was killed on the way to that refugee camp.”

ACS empowers Asian missionaries to reach the unreached, plant new churches, and disciple believers, with over 150 evangelists and church planters spread throughout Burma. Beginning in the 1920s, three generations of the Morse family have taken the gospel to the Lisu and Rawang people groups and the ministry now has its sights set on reaching 50 remaining unreached groups.

Delivering relief in Jesus’ name (photo: ACS)

Brother Simon led the convoy from Yangon (Rangoon) on the three-day trip to reach the Palawah Refugee IDP Camp holding 50,000 people. “The refugees need food, clothes, shelter, bed nets, blankets, and plastic shelters for the monsoon season,” Simon says.

Brother Simon surveys rugged terrain (ACS)

Their team provided aid to one young woman who lost three brothers in the fighting. Her jaw was bandaged after suffering a strike from an RPG missile.

This young woman lost three brothers, was injured herself as a result of the conflict (ACS)

ACS is also partnering with Stadia to plant churches among the refugees. The church planters minister first to Buddhist children through new preschools, which provides opportunities for parents to hear the Gospel, which they readily accept when shared through acts of kindness in Jesus’ name.

One refugee who received aid (ACS)

The preschools convert into churches on the weekend to further connect families with the Good News of Jesus.


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