Female genital mutilation protected in 13 states (and in federal law)


America is making significant progress in ending the barbaric procedure of female genital mutilation (FGM).

In all, reports the national EndFGMToday campaign, 37 states have outlawed this terrible form of child abuse. Two states took decisive action just recently, when the Wyoming and Kentucky governors signed anti-FGM legislation into law, even as their states were struggling with immense economic and health challenges.

“Today, in the era of gender-based violence and the #MeToo movement, FGM, one of the most brutal gender-based acts of violence against little girls, remains protected in 13 states and in federal law in the United States,” said internationally renowned attorney and child welfare advocate Elizabeth Yore, who heads EndFGMToday. “This is rapidly becoming a national scandal that the greatest country in the world can’t protect little girls from this barbarism.”

States can no longer count on a federal mandate to prohibit FGM. Even though a federal law was passed in 1996, a Michigan judge ruled in late 2019 that it was unconstitutional. Therefore, it’s now up to states to protect their girls and women from this horrid practice that is recognized by the UN and World Health Organization as a human rights violation.

Additionally, Over 200 million women worldwide have been subjected to this cruel practice, and the CDC estimates that more than 500,000 girls are at risk of FGM in the U.S.


  1. Any culture or religion isn’t a true God based faith . It is man’s way of forcing female to be subservient to men .
    As a man I tell you the truth . Make this torture illegal worldwide , especially in America .

  2. Oh you have people that will claim we do this to little baby boys. But we do not CUT THE TIP OF THEIR PENIS OFF, they cut the sheath off. If you ever have seen a horse, that can’t keep it clean, you would damn well understand this process. The clitoris is not a huge piece of skin, they want women to have zero pleasure, they are used for a HOLE and nothing else. People make me sick that bring this argument up, there is no comparison. And you don’t have to do that either, they give you a choice.

  3. Actually equivocating male circumcision to FGM is like comparing it to an episiotomy. Circumcisions and episiotomies have health value that does nothing to the function of orgasm in males or females. FGM has zero health value with a 100% goal of interfering with female orgasm. So no circumcision is not genital mutilation like FGM is.

  4. Why were the 13 states allowing this procedure NOT NAMED? One would think something that important would be prominently displayed in this story. This is a barbaric practice and should not fall under any interpretation of religious freedom.
    As far as the dimwit judge who ruled in this case, he should be overruled in an appeal and removed from the bench.

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