He speared missionaries, later found God’s trail


By Mincaye Enquedi –

Mincaye (screenshot YouTube)

(Editor’s Note: In 1956, Mincaye, an Ecuadorian Indian with the Huaorani or Auca people group, took part in an attack on five missionaries attempting to reach their tribe with the Gospel. He is believed to have speared both Nate Saint and Ed McCully during the attack. Two years later, missionaries made contact with the Huaorani, came to live with them, and Mincaye was born again and had his life transformed. This is his testimony, as told to Nate Saint’s son, Steve, who became a close friend. Mincaye graduated to heaven on April 28, 2020)

People, do you know how to walk God’s trail? He gave us his markings (the Bible) so we can see his trail. (When the Waodani used to kill each other they would be separated, but the children would follow their father’s markings so they could find him again.)

These are God’s markings (pointing to the Bible). He sent his Son down here, dripping his blood (pointing to hands) he marked the trail and with that same blood Father Creator can wash our hearts clean — like the sky when it has no clouds in it — so we can see this trail. You just have to follow the markings.

In my place where we live in the jungles I teach the people: If you walk your trail, where are you going to end up? Your name is not written there. But if you walk God’s trail, your name is already marked there and coming there God has made a place for us to live. It’s like when we go into a motel we have to write our name there to sleep. Your name is already written there in the place that God has made. You don’t even have to pay a room rate.

If you are not a ‘coming after one’ then maybe you won’t understand this. Ask God to clean your heart so you too can see it.

If you don’t walk God’s trail, he doesn’t know your name. You are going on your own trail. That’s bad, bad…it makes me cry.

My heart was dark, like my shirt, but the king calls to us. He is the strong one. He calls to us and calls to us: Come walk my trail. I want to be reunited with you.

God calling to me said, Which trail do you want to walk?

I finally answered, “I want to walk your trail.”

Why would I walk my own trail with no place waiting for me there?

God’s place is like gold. It’s a very good place. If you like gold, wait until you get to God’s place.

I think you are like me. You didn’t see this trail either. Somebody has to teach us to walk the trail. Somebody has to teach us the markings and we teach others.

When I was living badly badly then what happened? Star, Rachel, and Woodpecker (Betty), they came and they were the ones who taught me those markings.

My heart was dark like this (pointing to shirt). How could I see? Nobody had every shown me this trail. I didn’t know how to walk it. I said no to the King at first. But God called my own name to him. Now my heart is not dark anymore.

God sent his own Son down here to the dirt so he could show us how.

Why would you not want to be one of the ‘coming after ones?’

Why would you not want to walk the same trail that God’s Son, his only Son, marked for us with his blood?


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