Sixty-six sex workers invited to dinner, 50 receive Christ with joy


By Mark Ellis –

Sex worker in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe’s second-largest city, a free dinner for the city’s sex workers featured a presentation of the gospel and a result beyond the organizers’ hopes.

“We are happy for the 66 women who turned up for the dinner to listen to the Gospel of God and for the 50 women who gave their lives to the Lord and Savior,” said Pastor Chris Nxumalo, who partnered with African Enterprise to put on the outreach event.

The “Shining Stars Dinner” took place in Bulawayo during an evangelistic outreach organized by African Enterprise and The Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe.

Sex workers in Bulawayo

The outreach was aimed at providing residents “hope instead of despair” and “improvement of their moral state.”

“These ladies are angels,” said Guide Makore, a team leader with African Enterprise. “During the dinner they were screaming ‘Hallelujah’ more than the regular church-goers.”

African Enterprise will help the women rebuild their lives. “I am so happy to say we will help them with life skills like tailoring, baking, and hairdressing,” Makore said. “We want them to do things that will keep them off the streets.”

In 2019, the Bulawayo Mission reached out to 200 schools sharing the Gospel, reaching 55,000 students with the Good News. More than 17,000 young people made commitments to Christ during the outreaches.

National Art Gallery, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Their outreach also targeted six prisons, with 4,000 prisoners reached with the Good News and 3,000 lifting their hands to receive Jesus as Lord and Savior. The Shining Stars Dinner was held in September, 2019.


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