Young Iranian Christian beaten, stripped, mocked for her faith


By Mark Ellis —

Mary Mohammadi

Iranian Christians are requesting prayer for Christian convert Mary (Fatemeh) Mohammadi who is in Qarchak women’s prison, suffering from physical abuse she has suffered in detention.

Mary,21, was arrested on January 12th in Tehran during protests following the downing of the Ukrainian Airlines Flight by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

“For several weeks her whereabouts were unknown. Her friends and family were becoming increasingly anxious,” according to Middle East Concern.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA) has verified that Mary is in Qarchak prison and has been mistreated.. She was badly beaten upon arrest and also while being taken to Vozara detention centre, she was handcuffed back to back with another woman.

At Vozara she was forced to sit on the ground in the yard in front of the toilets. Later she faced three interrogators and was asked to respond to 30 questions. She refused to comply without a lawyer present.

“During the first 24 hours following her arrest she was denied food,” according to Middle East Concern. “Female officials forced Mary to strip and sit and stand several times in front of them.”

She was later transferred to the prosecutor’s office in Evin Prison, Tehran, and charged with “disrupting public order by participating in an illegal gathering.”

Mary was previously arrested at a house church in November 2017 and imprisoned in Evin Prison for six months, having been convicted of “membership in evangelical groups,” “engaging in Christian activities,” and “acting against national security through propagating against the regime.”

Since her imprisonment in 2017, Mary has been harassed and denied a university education.

“She has been very open about her Christian faith and has been campaigning for the legal rights of Christian converts in Iran and the freedom to attend a Christian place of worship.”

How to pray

Iranian Christians request prayer that:

  • God will be Mary’s comfort and strength and that he will heal her of the physical and emotional abuse she has endured
  • Mary will be allowed release on bail
  • God will convict those who abused Mary and others arrested and bring them to a place of confession and repentance

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