Wuhan Christians witnessing in the streets, despite coronavirus risk

From CBN news

By Ryan Zepeda —

Wuhan Christians are evangelizing on the streets, despite the dangers of the coronavirus outbreak, CBN reports.

“There are Christians, a ministry in Wuhan, they go out to the streets. They’re very courageous,” said Lucille Talusan, CBN News Asia correspondent. “They give out masks and they say that they are Christians and they share the love of Christ and point to Jesus to bring hope to them and their families and the whole of China. This is really a breakthrough.”

Beginning with the Roman persecution, Christians have always risked their lives for the Gospel. Still the bravery of these Christians is notable since they are exposing themselves to health risks. They wear masks, which also helps them elude persecution from the authorities in China.

Chinese preach with masks.

Along with the free masks, the Wuhan Christians are giving out gospel tracts.

Coronavirus has killed over 1,000 people and infected 44,600 in China, most of whom are from Wuhan, where the virus originated. China built a 1,000-bed facility in 10 days to treat specifically patients with the coronavirus, and the entire province of Hubei — about 30 million — is on lockdown, not permitted to leave the area. The quarantine of an entire province is considered an extraordinary step.

In the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, there have been 27 confirmed cases of people who have contracted the virus. Most, if not all, had been in China, and specifically in the Wuhan area.

In an effort to halt the spread of the deadly virus, Chinese officials are using drones to spray disinfectant over public areas, address citizens through speakers telling them to put on masks, to wash their hands, and to go inside their homes.

“It is readily apparent that we are facing a test of our faith,” a Wuhan pastor told The Christian Post. “The situation is so critical, yet [we are] trusting in the Lord’s promises, that his thoughts toward us are of peace, and not evil (Jeremiah. 29:11), and that he allows for a time of testing, not to destroy us, but to establish us.”

Ryan Zepeda studies at the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Santa Monica.