Fire ravaged home, only Bible survived


By Atul —
I received a Bible three years ago, but I did not believe in Jesus Christ. I used to worship the idols of the Hindu religion and I was very staunch in my Hindu faith. Six months ago, I moved to Bangalore to work.

One day, there was a huge fire in my home and everything was burned down to the ground. When the firefighters scoured my home to find anything that had not been burned, there was only one thing that was not destroyed – the Holy Bible. It was in good condition still. I took this as an indication that I should read it.

I prayed and as I began to read I quickly realized it is the true Word of God. I repented and placed my faith in Jesus. I have left all my bad habits and am in growing in the ways of the Lord. Now, I am praying for my village and desire to see every person place their faith in Jesus. Please pray for me as I labor among my people for the sake of the Gospel.


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