India: Girl’s eyesight restored through Christian medical mission


By Nazarii Baytler —

She grew up fatherless in India. Her mother was poor, so they could not do anything when Ishwari started to have trouble seeing.

“I can see things that are very close to me, but far away things I am not able to see,” Ishwari said at the time.

“I took her to the eye clinic; they told me she needed surgery immediately,” her mother remembers. “But with my meager earnings, I could never afford it. I didn’t know what to do.”

Ishwari had a case of bilateral degenerative cataracts, a cloudy area in the lens of the eye. This eye problem can cause blurry and less colorful vision.

Without surgery, Ishwari could eventually go blind.

When Operation Blessing — a CBN associated donation program focused on demonstrating God’s love by helping people in need — found out about Ishwari’s eye disease, they gave her family all the necessary money for the surgery to save her sight.

Christian medical missions from Africa to Southeast Asia speak volumes about the love of Christ.

The surgery was successful.

“Now I can see things that are close and far away too,” Ishwari says. “I want to study well, complete my education, and get a job to take care of my mother and sister.“

“You gave my little girl a home,” her mom says in a CBN video. “As a mother, I could not pay for her surgery. But you took my place and treated her like she was your own daughter.”

Nazarii Baytler studies at the Lighthouse Christian Academy in Santa Monica.